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Parents Slam J.Lo Over Posh Nursery

3/29/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People mag's spread on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins has shocked some staffers at Parents magazine.

The peeved peeps posted an open memo to J.Lo citing numerous baby safety hazards. But TMZ spoke to Kimberlee at Boo Boo Busters, a child safety company, and they say J.Lo is totally in the right.

Where Parents criticizes the nursery for having canopies and bows on and around the cribs -- suffocation hazards -- Kimberlee Mitchell, owner and found of Boo Boo Busters, says that for newborn babies like J.Lo's, this is not a concern. She says, "When your baby starts sitting up, at around six months or so, that's when you remove any canopies or mobiles." Emme and Max are barely a month old.

The blog's memo also went so far as to berate Lopez for not having window guards on the nursery's windows. Perhaps window guards weren't very photogenic? After all, in one of the magazine's pictures, Jenny from the Block is pictured feeding her baby ... in an evening gown.

Next time Parents might want to wait to nail J.Lo and Marc Anthony until they're seen driving erratically while dangling the twins out a car window.


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cer a mom of twins...I know how proud parents can be! The nursery is awesome!!! So many of us out there would have given an eye tooth for twins...lets all back off a bit and let the parents of those beautiful twins enjoy the you really think that they would allow danger to seep into their babies nursery?? Give them some credit...I doubt at this time they can roll over let alone CHOKE or Fall from a window...COME on I'm sure the no no's will be changed as they grow!!! ;)

2336 days ago


Start your childrens values out wrong, and you get what you paid for.

2336 days ago


J.Lo and Marc: Pay no attention to what these people say negatively. Jealousy is an awful trait; those who cannot have what you have are so jealous they make themselves sick with envy. Enjoy the babies, the room, and the fact that you can give these children everything! Continue in both your professions, and enjoy the rewards they bring. Congratulations to both of you young people.

2336 days ago


Maybe she's on some kind of medication that could be passed through her breastmilk. Maybe she can't produce enough milk to feed them. There are some legitimate medical reasons why breastfeeding is not possible or not a good idea. What about mother with HIV or HepC? Should they risk passing on a virus to their kids through breastmilk? Sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits. Some people just need to shut up and mind their own business.... What pisses me off is mothers who spend their time writing self-righteous crap on message boards instead of taking care of their kids

2336 days ago


I guess when people tell you you are great and you let it go to your head, even when you know there is more talent in what you flush down your toilet, you can do what ever you want. They are, both JLO and MA, rich nobodies puking materialism on newborn babies who will grow up demanding the world bow at their feet just like their parents. Totally pathetic. What little respect I had for either of them is now less than what I have for the turds their spawns crap in their gold plated diapers 4 times a day, which by the way neither of them change. They have one of their 4 nannies do that. Even heard they hired a woman to breast feed for her at 10 grand a nipple. Celebrities need a hard kick in the ass to bring them down off their self constructed pedestals

2336 days ago


Good Grief... I picked up the magazine and thought the house JLo and her husband share and how it is decorated is tasteful, elegant and in no way harmful. I assumed the decor of the cribs was at best, for the photo shoot. I am sure they don't always wear those clothes.... I am sure it was set up for the shoot. Give them a break. They would do nothing to harm those adorable babies. God Bless Them. I've always been such a huge fan of JLo and her smile and warmth and infectios laugh..... You will be a wonderful mother.

2336 days ago

Punkie grrl    

#86, # 85 is still correct, maybe what was best for them was not to breastfeed due to and illness, that GASP the general public and trash mags aren't aware of. I tried and tried to breast feed my daughter after 3 months but my wells went dry too. Some just can't do it.

2336 days ago


Good for her! Why do you work hard if you can't give your children things? I am sure she gives to charity, we do as well. My husband is an affluent banker and we have twin girls. We did the nurseries up as well. What is money for. We put our girls in seperate rooms though. They wake eachother with the crying. THE NURSERY IS BEAUTIFIUL!!! It is terrible other children are underprivileged, but what is she supposed to do? Put her kids is a shack? GO JEN, I AM BIG ON CRYSTAL TOO!! LOOKS GREAT!!!

2336 days ago


so much much jealousy it's sad...really sad that there is so much negativity in the world!

2336 days ago

loyal reader    

LOL the carebears comments is HYSTERICAL! i happen 2 luv jlo and her man; however, when i saw the photos.. i thought.. wow! these kids could die in this room with all the hazzards... then i thought, but it is pretty, BUT WOW.. these kids could kill themselves with all these hazzards... doesn't money buy sense anymore???

2336 days ago


How much money did YOU give to charity last year? I don't understand whre people get off thinking that they have any right to ttell anyone else how to spend thier money. I would LOVE to be able to give my kids everything they ever wanted. Good for her for working hard and being able to do that

2336 days ago


For all of you who criticize.... you are just JEALOUS.... what is worse than anything is you all rearing your Big, Ugly, Green With Envy Faces here to spew hate. She has money.... so what? Jealous you don't? Yep.

2336 days ago


bottom line is all of our kids HAVEEEEEEEEEEEE to be cuter than her kids, god, they gotta be, c'mon!!!!!!!!!!!
she's gonna have to put a lotta bling on THEM to cuten them up!

2336 days ago


Lee: You are cruel and inhuman!

2336 days ago


You know, I actually used to feel sorry for JLo, never liked her music, and she has no other talent except hip hop dancing.--when Ben affleck stood her up and decided he did not love her enough to marry her. She was humiliated and I pitied her. But then when she came out with her anti-PETA clothing line (AFTER PETA schooled her), and then played her part in breaking up Marc's family with Dayanora (sp?), I just could not stomach her anymore. She is still pathetic. Marc is no Ben affleck but I think he really does love JLo.

She is lucky to have him, and lucky to have been blessed with motherhood. Now is her turn to give back--at least start out by doing right by your own offspring-BREASTFEED! There is no medical reason she found to make her decide against breastfeeding. Someone else said it--she is just afraid her boobs will sag, and she doesn't want to be tied down.
What a selfish b**ch. Actually, someone should tell her breastfeeding would help her lose some of her fat a*s. She will never be anything more than a flygirl.from "in Living Color."

2336 days ago
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