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Lachey Wishes He Was an Invisible Man

3/30/2008 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Want to get a celeb to turn red? Ask him about an alleged affair ... right in front of his wife.

He didn't dance around the question of an affair with his "DWTS" partner Cheryl Burke -- he just ran away from it.


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2399 days ago


Wow......real tasteful, TMZ. I'd have liked to have seen him clock the pap, but then he's more civilized than a pap......hell, George Clooney's pet pig is more civilized than a pap or TMZ.

2399 days ago


He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo guilty!

2399 days ago


Leave the guy alone none all damn bussiness

2399 days ago


C'mon TMZ, it appears to be a slow, uneventful, lame week-end, so liven things up by putting up an article about the award Harvey won last December.

2399 days ago

Not True    

I'm glad he didn't dignify the ridiculous and inappropriate questions with an answer. He's a class act and he knows it. He's not playing your game, TMZ.

2399 days ago


That bastard cheated on his wife, and like so many dumb women, she is standing by him. I hate women like her.

2399 days ago

Ms. Sugar Walls    

Ok number 6

we see that you have major issues with her..Maybe it is because you are like her, or you know someone personally like her! (MOM)

OK! Just look at his wife! I don't mean to sound shallow, but I mean if you have to spend your nights lifting her Fat, roly poly, greasy porkchop eating @ss..all of the time..I would cheat with a hottie like Cheryl anytime! He knows that he did Cheryl..It is ok..His wife knows too!

2399 days ago


Ms. Sugar Walls.....Don't quit your day job.

2399 days ago


If he doesn't deny it with his wife right there, I'm afraid he is GUILTY!!

2399 days ago



2399 days ago


Get on some JUICY stories that we know are for real------Find George Clooney and confront him with the pics of his tramp-for hire girlfriend who we know for sure lied when she said she used to be a model. DARE YA!!!!!

2399 days ago


I think Drew's wife is pretty, didn't they just have a baby??? Why should he have to deny this ridiculous rumor over and over again? If he denied it once, that's good enough. Stop beating a dead horse.

2399 days ago


He has denied an affair with Cheryl. Cheryl has denied an affair with Lachey.

How many times, and in what locations, must they deny it for you people to believe it?

Just because YOU would have cheated doesn't mean they did.

Some people marry for LOVE.

I hope your wife knows you are a fair weather partner! If she has a baby and gains some weight you're going to run on her! Some partner you are.

2399 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Drew cheat on his wife? Hell yea! do you blame him? I would hit that dancing girl with both barrels, take photos and video and show everyone that will look. Drews wife was pregnant during his dancing with the stars days and probably wasnt giving him any. A guy has to clean the pipes somewhere and why not with your dancing partner? Especially if she was as hot as Drews. Drew is so talented and has everything going for him, unlike his has been skank ass brother Nick. Drew makes his own money and is very well liked among the population. Nick on the other hand lives off of his ex wife Jessica's alimony money and treated her like crap while they were together. Hell yea Drew........We are proud of you for hitting that, wether you did or not! Drew rocks! Nick sucks out the fart hole!

2399 days ago
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