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Obama Strikes Out With Voters

3/30/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaNo, he can't! Bowl, that is.

Barack hit the lanes in Pennsylvania yesterday, where he bowled a 37. He did, however, don a size 13½ bowling shoe. You know what they say about candidates with big feet ...

Big tax breaks!


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He's just another Idiot    

It's too bad that Hillary doesn't have the Class of Margaret Thacher. Remember the Prime Minister of England? She was fabulous. As a matter of fact, Hillary doesn't have any class at all. I hate to see her on TV - struting around and screeching like a Magpie. I don't love any of the candidates but I guess John McCain is the best of the three.

2359 days ago


I vote for obama, he make change, make change good, not know how, but he make good change. man on tv say so, so it must be true.

2359 days ago

justice for daniel    

Regarding the candidate of CHANGE. "My friends, we live in the Greatest Nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join me as we try to CHANGE it."............HUH?.............. What is wrong with that statement?

2359 days ago


That damn tie! Prevented him from scoring a perfect game.

2359 days ago


I'm what you would call a true independent. I am a single mom who has never received welfare, food stamps, unemployment, or child support. I worked and put myself through college while rarely needing a sitter for my child (I worked at home and went to college while she was at school). It seems to me that when you accept money/assistance from someone, you give up a certain amount of control or choice to that person. I pay my taxes and am a good citizen. No, I'm NOT boring either. When a politician says the government needs to collect more taxes to give the money to bail out mortgages or fund more public assistance, it really aggravates me. Granted, there are a lot of people who truly need government assistance, but not many of these people need to be on welfare for years. Short-term assistance is fine but unless a person is disabled, there should be limits to the vast majority of government aid and funding. The government needs to stay within a budget and not just repeal the tax cuts we all waited so long to get. Somehow, I don't see Hillary or Obama doing this. McCain has long called for budget enforcement and that seems to be a solution to our economy in the long run. He's not too old and he has definitely given far more for our country than either of the dems who are running this time. The dems needed to get a quality candidate and instead opted to run on race and gender rather than qualifications. I also think McCain would be a more honest leader than we have had in a long time. He seems to speak his mind even when it would sound better to give the popular canned answer. Obama has the gift of gab, what one might call the "audacity of verbosity" but I have not heard much of substance. Hillary's facts are turning out to often be fantasy. America was created by and for people who were proud and hardworking, not for people wanting to be taxed to death. Exorbitant taxation was why we rejected English rule after all. After weighing all the options, the dems just aren't offering much to me at this point. Obama may play basketball and he should stick with that. My cat could bowl better than a 37. That's just embarrassing.

2358 days ago



2358 days ago


#192 - That's exact;y what I hear when I hear Obama speak!!!

2358 days ago


you guys can post your opinions and comments directly on the candidates website pages if you use Or any other pages......All users of can read these personal comments, and the website will not even know the comments are there (unless they use iComment too). Check it out, I am attaching comments there too..I want my opinions to be heard, do you want yours to be heard?

2358 days ago


say what you want about Obama but he's gonna win. i had more than one dream about that. oh yeah by the way taxes are already high my dears and look at gas prices they are not obamas fault it bush's fault, i bet when obama wins yall go blame the gas prices on him too i bet, when they were high to begin with. maybe obama will try and clean up the mess bush left while he was in office.

2358 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I love it when bigots and ranting looney neocons out themselves. they don't even sound like reasonable people. I say keep it coming loonies - you only make the anti-obama people look idiotic as a whole

2358 days ago


I was born by the river in a little tent, and just like the river, i been running ever since
Its been a long time coming but i know a change go come, oh yes it will!
Its been too hard a living, but i'm afraid to die, cuz i dont know whats up there beyond the sky,
Its been a long, long time coming but i know a change go come

I go to the movies and i go down town, somebody keep telling me, dont hang around,
Its been a long, a long time coming but i know a change go come, oh yes it will!"


2358 days ago


WOW, so this is where all of the scared white bigots hang out. Guess what, Obama's going to the white house, so go hang yourself!!

2355 days ago
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