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Obama Strikes Out With Voters

3/30/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaNo, he can't! Bowl, that is.

Barack hit the lanes in Pennsylvania yesterday, where he bowled a 37. He did, however, don a size 13½ bowling shoe. You know what they say about candidates with big feet ...

Big tax breaks!


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BALLS! Said Hillary,if i had them i would be King.

2368 days ago


I love how the Libs say that the "rich" who get tax breaks don't deserve them.
Firstly, the top 5% of taxpayers pay over 80% of the revenue that the government gets from taxes so I would argue that they are probably paying 20 times their fair share.
A flat tax at 15% across the board for EVERYONE would be great as it would reward those that work hard or take risks or have special skills which would revitalize the economy (see parts of Eastern Europe for recent examples).

High taxes on rich or poor kills initiative and jobs.

2368 days ago


Obama is a racist....don't be fooled

2368 days ago


Obama is a racist....don't be fooled.

2368 days ago


I don't think I can stomach ONE MORE cutsy-cutsy fuzzy wuzzy story about Obama. The ONLY reason he is ahead in delegates is because the media, including AOL, refuses to be as tough on him as they are with Hillary. All I read is stories about what a liar Hillary is, and you are looking at the biggest liar and fraud that the American public has ever been subjected to, and NOTHING IS SAID ABOUT IT. The ONLY place you are hearing about the lies Obama tells, including the fact that the man has attended a racist church for 20 damn years, and DENIED that he even KNEW the things Rev. Wright was preaching is on conservative talk radio. Why isn't Brian Willians IN HIS FACE about it? Why isn't CNN, MSNBC, Keith O. and all of the other "big names" in reporting, making an issue out of the lies Obama has said? WHY?? And why aren't the Republicans having a field day with it? Oh, it's because they are waiting folks, they are waiting for the Democrats to "fuzzy wuzzy" that man into the nomination, and then all HELL is going to break loose on the American public. EVERY SINGLE LIE, is going to come out, and why? Because they KNOW that Hillary isn't that well liked, but she would beat John McCain in an election because we KNOW more about her than anyone possibly NEEDS to know. Yes, she has baggage, but NOTHING like what Obama has. I predict, if Obama is the Democratic nominee, McCain is going to win by a landslide. Obama's background, lack of experience, and his LIES are going to catch up with him,and the American media is no longer going to be able to ignore it. You have a war vet, a former POW, an AMERICAN HERO, vs a man who has publically stated that wearing an american flag pin is "false patriotism". You have a man FILMED at a function NOT putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem and making like it is NO BIG DEAL and it is OPTIONAL. Tell THAT to the parents of the 4000 dead soldiers from Iraq! Tell THAT to the 47,000 parents, wives, sons, daughters, of the men who died in Viet Nam....the war that McCain was a POW. How about the remark Michelle Obama made regarding NEVER being proud of her country in her entire adult life...just 7 short years since 9/11 and all of those NY firemen and policemen GAVE THEIR LIVES trying to save their fellow citizens. Really, do you think ANYONE in their right mind is going to vote for the false prophet? Let's see if the Leahy's, the Kennedy's, and the Richardson's explain HOW THEY GAVE THIS ELECTION AWAY to a Republican when it should have been a SLAM DUNK for the Democrats to have the White House.

2368 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Can't you people read? I didn't say I was going to vote for Obama. I'm just sick of all the illegal immigrants our tax money is paying for. As a matter of fact, I'm voting for McCain. He seems to be the only one who sees the immigrant problem.

2368 days ago


All talk and no do...and McCain cannot beat Hillary in the presidential race, he CAN beat someone named Hussein that has been a 20 year member of a church that spews hatred and refers to his grandma as a typical white...AKA bigot...American. The media that is controlled by the Chaney/Bush good ol' boys have done EVERYTHING possible to serve this election up to Obama....because it is in thier best interest to have him in a race against McCain. The good ol boys network retakes the white house, its buisness as usual...our young people keep dying, our poor people get poorer and the middle class disappears. Hillary Clinton is our only hope to end this miserable mess. It will take more than smooth talk, we need a strong, brave, tenacious go getter that doesn't know the meaning of can't or quit! We need Hillary Clinton for President!

2368 days ago


wow, what's that thing called....? oh yeah! photoshop.

2368 days ago


Big tax breaks?
You have got to be kidding. At a minimum, he wants to repeal the last set of TAX CUTS introduced by Bush which would mean an automatic TAX INCREASE to earlier higher levels -- if you are making $45,000 that is an automatic $480 out of your pocket. The WORST thing you can do if you believe as Obama has said that the economy is "in trouble."

Like most Dems, he puts ideology ahead of common sense.

2368 days ago


This is for Mik...Hillary doesn't need BALLS. She has BRAINS!

2368 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

I switched from being a democrat, which ive been since able to vote, to Green party. Obama is an embarrassment.

2368 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#72 Pardon me while I gag.

2368 days ago


Barack Obama is a liar and a snake. If he steals the nomination (which he doesn't deserve), he will unequivocally lose the election in November. What an idiot!

2368 days ago


to the ellenpaige pr1ck, what a typical neocon...always the first to start whining like a little bit*h and always the only one who doesn't know when to stfu. you're not doing your people any favors by speaking politics on a trash gossip website ya know.

2368 days ago

Mr. Hat    


Stay out of our Pennsylvania bowling lanes.
They are dangerous places.

2368 days ago
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