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Tone Loc is a Funky Cold Cheap Bastard

3/30/2008 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tone LocThe only way Tone Loc can get a gig anymore is if a bar owner gets taken for a ride.

Two small Michigan bars were scammed out of a total of $1,400 last summer after a man posing as Loc's manager promised the rapper would play at their establishments. Why this con man didn't pose as the manager of a popular rapper -- one from the 21st century, perhaps? -- is a mystery.

Fast forward to this year, where Tone's real manager heard about the misfortune, and out of the kindness of his heart agreed that the rapper would play at both bars -- for Tone's regular fee.

Clearly Sir Mix-a-Lot, Young MC and Kid 'n Play were all too busy.


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Little Chyna "Girl"    

If you sent someone payment in full (in a money order no less) before a show then I recommend that in the future you cut grass, wash cars or walk dogs. You're not capable of running a business ... DUH!

2344 days ago


sounds like he's a stand up guy to offer to play the bars after they were scammed...besides nothing he has done, or not done, lately is as sad as hearing biz markie sing a pepto bismol add on the radio!

2344 days ago


Your title is a lie. Ton Loc is not the bastard here- he ended up doing the right thing!!! TMZ sucks

2343 days ago


To Amy in Illinois - I am also a bar owner in Illinois and booked a national act. They asked for 50% 30 days prior to the gig. So you are wrong. The national act also showed up. The rider required that we send a wire but in stead I sent a check.

You don't know what you are talking about.. You should get the facts unless you are telling me you are an expert on all national acts and their payment requirements.

2343 days ago


Hi TMZ, This is Tone's Real manager, Bobby Bessone. First of all, you took this story from a newspaper in Michigan. That newspaper interviewed me and I gave them the story. You should have called me for the interview instead of pretending it was yours. Unfortunately, they quoted me wrong as Tone "went down in price" to do these shows and to help these people out. He did not go for his usual fee. As you know, some interviewers forget things that were really said and quite a bit! Regardless of this, why slam someone when they did nothing wrong?

Believe it or not, Tone plays a lot of festivals and colleges across the country and performs anywhere from 300-3,000 people. I would like to extend an invitation to you on any of our future shows so you can see how professional and fun Tone is but only if you say something positive about the experience! Let me know?

2343 days ago

Grant Allendorf owner Supersounds Entertainment (Vt)    

We are doing a large anniversary of our company (30 years in the DJ biz) and are looking to book Tone for an event this summer. Can you contact me or post your phone number, e-mail so we can get booking info? Burlington Vermont loves Tone!

2343 days ago


Looks like TMZ lost some viewers and

Tone Loc rekindled some fans.

I almost forgot about these very cool songs. I think I'll go add Funky Cold Medina and Wildthing to my ipod play list.

2342 days ago


Smart move for Tone Loc to perform at those bars. I think that fake manager wanted to cash in on Tone's fame by booking shows at those places. But when it's Tone himself and his real manager booking it on their own, it makes the fake one look like a joke. It's good that Tone is still peforming 19 years later after Wild Thing and his Loc'ed after Dark album were major hits.

2342 days ago

Judy Johnson    

My name is Judy...I am the owner of the first Michigan Club, Bumpers Bar & Grill, that was scammed by the phoney, pretend Tone Loc booking agent. I am fairly certain that I was not the 'first' to be scammed by this degenerate, but the first to follow through and contact Bobby Bessone, Tone Loc's real manager, to inform him of the incedent. The con artist, 'Jennings' from Chicago, presented me with professional contract and riders and requested that down payment be mailed to a Chicago address. These are all normal booking procedures.
We are extremely excited about the April 12th 'Tone Loc Live' Show at Bumpers as are many of his Detroit area fans, as proven by the tremendous ticket sales. My appreciation to Bobby Bessone and Tone Loc who have been so accommodating in booking the Michigan shows and adjusting the normal price so that we would not be out the money scammed by the Jennings parasite.
Thanks Anne for your comment to Amy from Illinois. All national acts require a down payment before the show and balance at the time of the performance...just a little 'common business sense' for you Amy. And to the college guy who claims that Tone was booked and didn't show...was your booking agent named Robert Jennings?

2342 days ago

Dre Gailbreath    

You guys are REALLy stupid. I have met Tone and his manager Bobby Bessone several times. I have seen Tone perform several times. I know them both to be generous, upstanding people. Tone is an incredible artist. Screw a comeback. He's still here! His old stuff is still great. Hell, I hear it on the radio every day. Whoever this guy scamming the bars is, I hope he's caught. But you guys suck for not giving credit where credit is due. This guy is a rap legend. Have some respect. What has TMZ done except slam people every chance they get. Did your writers even get a GED, or are you just palying by ear?

2342 days ago

Dre Gailbreath    

Dear Joni, you're a bitch

2342 days ago


Wow TMZ!!!... You really are low life my father use to say....When you have nothing good to say....You should say nothing at all!!!!!!............................

2338 days ago

Funky Cold Medina    

Ha! I'm so glad Tone's manager called TMZ out on this. Tone is obviously a wild thing and a decent stand-up kinda guy. TMZ - you suck!!!

2323 days ago


We went to one of these shows - it was great!! Tone and his crew were great sports and we had a blast despite a very diverse biker-ish crowd (who also seemed to love it). The place was sold out, the crowd had a great time and Tone was a great sport. We went more for the novelty than anything and I gained a new respect for this guy.

2323 days ago
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