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Jessica Hospitalized -- Condition, Pissy

3/31/2008 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jessica Simpson has been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai for what we're told is a "minor kidney infection." That's a pisser!

Jessica's rep confirms the story, first reported by In Touch. The rep says Jess is fine and should be released today. We're told her QB BF Tony Romo is not with her, though.

Drink your Ocean Spray, Miss Simpson!


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To #38 Green face, oh my god! You did more than make my day! i haven't laughed that hard in ages. Great post and right on!

2358 days ago


Hospitalized for KIDNEY infection? Don't think so.........

2358 days ago


Who cares about this twit, she does nothing useful for society except show off....another attention whore

2358 days ago


Gosh, she gets a lot of kidney infections. This is not the first or second kidney infection she has been hospistalized for. Strange, Ashley has severe GERD, and Jessica gets kidney infections all the time........what would Fraud say?

2358 days ago

To #26    

An infection of any kind is NO LAUGHING MATTER. People DIE from infections.

Take it easy, ESR. I'm confident that the mortality rate for minor kidney infections is quite low.

2358 days ago

To #26    

Couldn't Jess just go to the doctor's office like everyone else? Or doesn't the so-called cover doctor appointments?

2358 days ago

To #26    

Oops, that's "so called PRESS" in my previous message. Sorry!

2358 days ago


#27 Lovin' it!!!! LMAO

2358 days ago


There is no such thing as a "minor" kidney infection. Any kind of Nephritis can be serious.

2358 days ago


Who goes to the hospital with a bladder infection? you just take medicine for it. She never would have made it across the prairie in the covered wagons.

2358 days ago


#52 - It's not a BLADDER infection. It's a KIDNEY infection. This goes beyond a simple unrinary tract infection. Nephritis or Pyelonephritis can lead to Renal Failure or even death if not treated quickly and thoroughly. She may have been hospitalized for IV antibiotics. It is a medical emergency!

2358 days ago


Ummmm -- I landed in the hospital myself with an untreated urinary tract infection (UTI). Didn't realize what it was, it acted like a flu bug. Had high fever and could barely walk but didn't have the more common burning/difficulty urinating . A routine urinalysis in Emergency picked up the signs of infection. Fortunately, an antibiotic was all I needed and I felt significantly better within an hour of the drip containing the antibiotic, although it took more than two months (including a wonderful relapse and several more weeks of antibiotic) to kick it entirely and to get back to normal walking (balance was affected). I had bad side effects from the antibiotics, so it wasn't much fun. Between the disease symptoms and the antibiotic side effects, I wasn't able to work for many weeks.

If the kidney is involved rather than just other parts of the tract further down such as the bladder, it can be especially dangerous.

The most common cause is colonization of the tract by E. coli, which are virtually impossible to avoid no matter how careful you are (and you can get them into the kidneys via other routes such as ingestion of contaminated food). Men get UTIs also, but they are more commonly a problem in women. About 10% of the cases are due to other microorganisms besides E. coli. In my case, my immune system was overloaded by other recent illness - usually our bodies take care of stray pathogens, but sometimes things do get out of hand. The toxins from the E. coli released during their normal life and death cycle can really do a number on you if there are too many of them.

Cranberries in any form seem to keep the E. coli from attaching to the urinary tract tissues, although avoid anything heavily sugared. Needless to say, I keep drinking some cranberry juice (or taking concentrate supplements) every day-- no desire at all for a recurrence. Hope people send Jessica cranberries instead of flowers...

2358 days ago


WEll this is the most insenstive group of no names in a long time. Good grief. This is no laughing matter here. have some compassion people!!!

Male or female this is painful as hell. If you are dehydrated it is even worse. Of course she was kept in if she had a high fever & was dehydrated. She woudl need IV's & you don't go home with those. If not hydrated kidneys shut down & lead to other issues that can be very harmful.

The majority of you get a grip. The ones that make some sense here & knwo what there talking about great job!!! Geez.

2358 days ago

Tony's mom    

You know how you can tell if TMZ likes you or not? If they don't, they find the most unattractive, unflattering picture they can find and put it on their website.


2358 days ago


God wasn't punishing her for the cowboys. She was the cowboys punishment for being a lousy team.

2358 days ago
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