Miley's Lost Pooch? Bitch, Please!!

3/31/2008 6:25 PM PDT
From the start, something seemed waaaay too fishy about Miley Cyrus' whole "lost dog" routine. The unnecessarily extravagant signage, the complete lack of real concern, the ridiculous funeral defense? Seem like a shameless attempt at publicity to you?!

Sorry, Miley. Not buyin' it. If you've got a lost dog on your hands, you get your a$$ out there and you find that damn thing! You don't doctor up a bunch of decorative art student projects and hope it finds its way back. You said it yourself, the dog has one-inch legs, how far could it have gone?

But the kicker? Who jettisons a dog you just found in the street to go to the Ivy? Really?