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"Queer" Gene Discovered?

3/31/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Queer as Folk" star Hal Sparks at an awards show this weekend -- and KISS member Gene Simmons.
Hal Sparks and Gene Simmons
One of them played a gay character on television and one of them often wears makeup.

We're just sayin'!


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Hal Sparks looks like a total ASS! He looked better gay...........

2363 days ago

larry doby    

too bad the GENE didn't hold back;

his dripping remains of a son is an even bigger tool !

2363 days ago


Hal is a talented actor, singer, and comedian. I've met him twice and he is very friendly and warm. Gene Simmons is a rock legend. Some people on this board and the freakin lame a$$ employees who get to bash people for a buck need to grow up, move on and stop worrying about everybody elses private business. I know the media loves to exploit people but that doesn't mean that we have to go along with it. I personally think bashing somebody is to compensate for our own insecurities. It's ok to not like them but why look like an a$$ talking crap about them? Find something more constructive (not destructive) to do with your time. And TMZ, how can you gay bash these people when I'm sure there is at least on who bats for the other team, on your team?

2363 days ago

Carrying a grudge are you?    

Who are they??

2363 days ago


Two of a kind for sure.They both look ridiculous and so not attractive. Why do aging guys make fools of themselves by looking like THAT??

2362 days ago


Hal's comments about this TMZ story on his myspace page say it best I think...

Thanks Hal :)

2362 days ago


KISS is his fave band of all time, so this is appropo!

I miss Michael too #15... hold me!!!

2362 days ago

OC Get A Life    

I am a huge KISS fan, and frankly growing up, I worshipped Gene Simmons and every member of the band. I can still name every album and recite every lyric to ever song, do not worry, I graduated highschool, went to an Ivy League college an work on Wall Street - but I still bang my head on the way to work each morning!

But, Gene Simmons today, is an embarrasment to himself, KISS, and his fans. The worst thing I have seen on You Tube is an excerpt from his reality show where he drives up to a gate with his grown daughter and son in the car and tries to hit on an eighteen year old security guard who has no idea who he is and when he realizes this he becomes beligerant to the young woman.

Gene, you are a mulit-millionaire, a rock icon, you have a beautiful wife, amazing kids, you say you have had sex with thousands of women, what else do you need to define your ego? You are starting in age to become the very thing that you so detested in youth.

Time to grow up, Gene, that does not mean grow old, it simply means get some dignity, and stop lecturing everyone about your commitment to Judaism and Israel when you are a walking testament to infidelity and immorality, we Jews have enough problems without having to explain the likes of you being amongst our ranks. Do not worry, Gene, you will still get into to heaven, I think that is why you chose Judaism, no hell, right?


2362 days ago


all you guys taht dont like him just shut up my gosh
and tmz do you have to be this bitchy? next time leave it to the trashy people you put on most of this stuff.

2362 days ago


K, Sorry Hal, but Gene has always repulsed me!! GAG, he's just gross, but then again i wasn't old enough to like him back in "his day",but I am an adult female in my mid 30's,so i'm not some silly young girl talkin smack, anyway Hal is hot no matter how long he grows his hair or facial hair, AND he's a VERY nice guy, i got to meet him one night after a show,and he talked to everybody that approched him, Gene is known for all the chicks he did, k to the guys that may be cool and he's your hero for that, and thats fine, but Hal was secure enough with himself to play a gay man, and that to me makes him a REAL man, he doesn't have to prove it by scwering hundreds of girls just to prove his masculinity.

2358 days ago


the only thing that is the same between them is the glasses...and that they both have longer hair.... i think it's ridiculous that TMZ would use these two in an "We're Just Sayin'"

2355 days ago
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