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Dave Navarro -- Your Questions Suck!

4/1/2008 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Navarro trashed our questions yesterday -- and, you know what, he was kinda right.

Yeah ... Heather Graham wasn't too happy with that plastic surgery question yesterday either.


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Well I watched with the intentions of not liking it but he actually made sense. He also seemed kinda cute? Never thought I would say that. Maybe it's just my mood today.

2373 days ago

Kelly Ann    

After the cheap shot you took at McPhee and Hick's at the expense of Elliot Yamin's grief without apologizing, just removing the offensive line... ever start to think he's right? Maybe you need a TMZ overhaul, get rid of the idiots and bring in some fresh meat as they say.

Get back to what you once were.

A more honest alternative to trashy tabloid entertainment shows.

Now you're getting worse than those shows you use to try to rise above.

2373 days ago

mrs. brand    

Oh my god he is so hot.

2373 days ago


OMG I LOVE DAVE NAVARRO. I usually don't like that type of guy, but he's so awesome... and he's actually one smart cookie... and right.

I mean, come on... you're asking a metal dude, "Will you be on dancing with the stars" , "Ever concidered Botox?"

You get this one chance to ask anything you want and DWT Stars is the only thing you can think of? argh. Its painful to watch sometime.

Best line ever... "What show asks the worst questions?" "Well, I guess whatever show you're taping for!"

2373 days ago


The fact is they are photographers, or snappers if you will - not true journalists! GOSH Dave, figure it out! They can't walk and chew gum at the same time! You've seen them! How in heck do you expect these people to come up with an intriguing question to boot? Obviously, it doesn't REALLY matter. TMZ's success is a testament to that.

2373 days ago


AND are always hitting on ALL the guys cute or not, smart or dumb, crazy or (your fav-) insane, real or silly, silly girl. Couldn't think of anything else to say. MUST just be your MOOD.

2373 days ago


Oh yes Hideous, you have me figured out. lol! Sorry, ya can't ruin my mood!

2373 days ago


He was oddly HOT!!

2373 days ago


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2372 days ago


I have a question for Dave Navarro... Why in the world would he ever split from one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood?... Carmen Electra! A perfect body, that beautiful smile and those dazzling eyes... I think that the gods of Ancient Egypt somehow had a hand in shaping her extra-ordinary beauty... Carmen Electra is without a doubt the 'Cleopatra' of this millenium!!

2372 days ago

John in San Diego    

Damn the bitch wears a lot of makeup during the day!

2372 days ago


yeah you guys ask the dumbest,obnoxious and most repetitive, pointless questions,its pretty pathetic and shows what morons you all truly are.your show is even worse, I mean your not even funny being that way,so whats the point??You need to hire professional writers to script questions for celebs and for your show...NOBODY cares what that room full of ugly people with no sense of humor or intelligence has to say about celebs.

2372 days ago


What a has been gender bender loser he is!!!!

2372 days ago


I have always been strangely attracted to him--I know how you are feeling!!

2372 days ago


Botox? You're reporter must listen to Howard Stern because "his" reporter asked a botox question. Oh, that's right, you all admit to listening to HS so we know you got the question from his show.

2372 days ago
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