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Jay Leno: I'm Sorry Gays

4/1/2008 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Tonight Show" host Jay Leno has apologized for asking a visibly uncomfortable Ryan Phillippe for his "gayest look" during an interview last week. Homey don't play that!

In a statement to People, Leno said "In talking about Ryan's first role, I realize that what I said came out wrong, I certainly didn't mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize."

Jay made the remark in a lame attempt to make light of Ryan's first acting gig as a gay teen on "One Life to Live."

Unfortunately, Leno has yet to apologize for 16 years of unfunny opening monologues.


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bill park    


2333 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

To you people who are bashing Jay Leno: If you don't like him, why do you watch? If that really dull, silly, unfunny O'Brien really does come on the Tonight Show, I hope Leno goes to ABC. I can't imagine life without Leno. No matter what the day is like with all the craziness, I know that Jay will put me in a good mood and make me laugh.

2333 days ago

I love Dave    

#29 Carson did not pick Leno. His choice was David Letterman. That is why he appeared on Dave's show and not on the Tonight show after he retired. He also sent jokes to Letterman which Dave performed on the night Johnny passed away.
Read the Late Shift.

2333 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Why do Gays whine all of the time? Grow some balls ! Oh, sorry, guess that's impossible.

2333 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

I find nothing even remotely funny about Conan O'brian...He's about as funny as a fungal infection.

Andy Richter was rather amusing though which is interesting because we Germans excel at most things but comedy has never been one of them!

2333 days ago


Too much politically correct B.S. Forget all this sensitivity stuff and lets move on. Lets be real here. Most people aren't "Gay" and they view gayness as something of an aberration. It is abnormal behavior in the fullest sense of the word and these folks who have all "come out of the closet" have brought this all on themselves. I think Leno is funny most of the time and a good "Gay" joke is funny! Jokes about African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Chinese Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Mexicans, Arabs, Jews, whatever, should be fair game and we need to be able to laugh at our ownselves and stop being so mambly pambly whimpy! However, we should never resort to inflicting physical abuse upon one another or threatening any group in our society with acts of violence and destruction of their property.

We are just too thin skinned and becoming a society of whimps and cowards. Lets all become strong, recognize our short-comings and vulnerabilities and accept the fact that none of us are perfect. If we spent more time joking about our failures and imperfections and less time insisting on our legislatures passing laws to protect us from ourselves, there would be less class warfare, less racism and less sexism. Lets laugh when the jokes on us and concentrate on the bigger issues that confront all of us.

2333 days ago


I hardly think TMZ is an authority on unfunny comments.

2333 days ago


I never got Jay leno. He is not funny...and never has been. Not easy on the eyes either. Why is he on TV???????????????

2333 days ago


why should jay apologize to someone that is going to burn in hell?

2333 days ago


Jay Leno makes the mistake of not listening to his guests. Presenters in other countries do a far better job than Leno, there are YouTubes of Jonathan Ross ((UK) check out his interview with Tom Hanks, hilarious), and of Rove in Australia; both much better and inovative presenters who do not rely heavily on script writers as in the case of Leno. Some of Leno's interviews are so contrived it's cringe making.

2333 days ago


I never could see any humor in anything Leno does. I always watch Letterman.

2333 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Seal2, that is a very erudite and well written textual defence by a caucasian male of the entire industry and culture based on the acceptance of bigotry, racism, homophobia, mysoginy, anti-semitism, and general hatred, as being somehow justified by pointing to a lack of character strength in individuals who are incapable of finding humour in the denegration of their minority group. What utter and complete nonsense, I have heard that at private schools in Europe and at Ivy League campuses here and now on Wall Street - and you know what the amazing thing is - Seal2 - it is always caucasian males who are making the argument. Makes one wonder why? Would it be as valid an argument to the Aryan brotherhood if they had faced lynching, slavery, and segregation as the African Americans did? Or internment, rape, and theft of their property by the state as Asian Americans did? Or the return by force to Nazi Germany, McCarthy trials, and constant allegations of conspiracies as the Jewish people have? Or the rape, glass celing,voting rights ban,lack of equal opportunity as women have? Or the murders, assaults, tortures, and discrimination faced daily by the homosexual community in America? I believe if any of these experiences were shared by the Aryan brotherhood, we would never hear another bigoted comment, or defense of hate speech in America by any caucasian male.

True humour and wit are the product of an enlightened intellect, but prejudice and bigotry are the province of a disturbed and limited mind.

2333 days ago

Homeless dude    

As usual, TMZ loves to rag on everyone whenever they make a mistake. Of course, TMZ NEVER makes mistakes right??? Right............NOT! If I had your lame paparrazi in my face whenver I went out, I'd be talking s**t and throwing blows too! TMZ abuses the 1st amendment like no other! At least prostitutes give pleasure when they work, you guys just love to bring nothing but pain, all at the expense of others. You guys are the ultimate in LAME!

2333 days ago

howard supporter    

Love, love, love Jay Leno ....the reason Harvey of TMZ is upset with Jay is because Harvey is gay or so says Rosie O'Donnell. I reas TMZ because it is very accessible but as for as I am concerned NBC nd TMZ are losers is comparison to Jay. Jay is like a landmark that has been around for a long time NBC is stupid id they replace him with Conan. I know he will be on TV somewhere and where Jay goes I follow.

2333 days ago

big whoop    

Beth you are RIGHT ON - TMZ it will be a very long time before anyone takes your slack about APOLOGIES.

2333 days ago
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