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Miley's Lost Pooch? B**ch, Please!!

4/1/2008 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It all sounded a little too pat. The always perfect Miley Cyrus on the hunt for a lost dog, looking perfect with the perfect happy ending. Only thing is -- we're just not buying it.

Miley's aunt supposedly lost the pooch and Miley sprung into action. But who spends all that time creating elaborate poster art when there's a dog running lose on the street? And watch the video -- do they really look worried or is it just bad acting worthy of "Hannah Montana?"
Miley Cyrus: Click to watch
Sorry, Miley. Not buyin' it. If you've got a lost dog on your hands, you get your a$$ out there and you find that damn thing! You don't doctor up a bunch of decorative art student projects and hope it finds its way back. You said it yourself, the dog has one-inch legs, how far could it have gone?

But the kicker? Who jettisons a dog you just found in the street to go to the Ivy? Really?

Lara Flynn Boyle Is Lookin' Swell

We know Diddy doesn't go by Puffy anymore -- someone else has that title.
Lara Flynn Boyle
WTH Happened to your face -- click to launchWTF happened to Lara Flynn Boyle? Has someone been injecting silicone used to lubricate auto parts into her too?!

Matt Leinart Bongs Like a Mutha

Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart has gained the strength and endurance to hang out with ... chicks in a hot tub!
Launch photos got this photo of Mattie boy partying it up in AZ with chicks and beer bongs. But here's the deal. He parties hard, but we're told Matt is also a really good dad. He flies home from wherever he is to see his kid, and is even in an ongoing fight with baby mama Brynn Cameron for more custody.

Party on, dude!

Oprah Kingpin Was Mental Over Dental

Roger KingTV titan Roger King's wife, Raemali, is suing his former dentist for faulty bridgework -- by the way, King is also dead.

So why, you ask, would the widow of the King World empire (yes, as in "Oprah") sue a tooth jockey? According to the lawsuit, Raemali King claims Dr. Deborah Davis held a drill to Roger's head and it was all about money. According to the Palm Beach Post, Raemali claims Dr. Deb wouldn't complete Rog's bridgework unless he forked over extra cash.

Raemali says Roger suffered "physical and emotional injuries" that deprived her of his "support and services." So let's get this straight ... the guy who put "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy" on the map wouldn't pay his dentist bill. Holy molar!

We talked to Dr. Davis' office, and they weren't aware of any lawsuit.
Frumpy Oprah -- click to launch

Dorothy Hamill: 'Memba Her?!

In 1976, Dorothy Hamill became famous for winning the gold medal in women's figure skating at the Innsbruck Olympic Games. A hairstyle was born. Guess what she looks like now!
Dorothy Hamill


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gym diva    

I realize that TMZ is a gossip column...but please! I would hate to know that you were talking about my daughter the way you are talking about Miley Cyrus. Come I since some success jealousy!

2405 days ago


Maybe you should learn to spell and then try and make a case against TMZ. I see nothing wrong with it. It's in the first ammendment and you can't do anything about it.

2405 days ago


Quite frankly she didn't look too upset the dog was missing...yet ANOTHER disposable item for a teen with more money than brains.

2405 days ago

Beckie King    

Leave Miley alone!

2405 days ago

TMZ hater    

Why don't you people get a life. It was a dog and not even Miley's dog. She was helping her aunt. Don't you people have anything better to report about?

I know! Why don't you go tear dcwn some dying person or some poor homeless person. You people all think you are so perfect. You make me ill. Get a LIFE.

2405 days ago

the TRUTH    

The story is a little off -- the DOG that was lost is Miley Cyrus.

2405 days ago

tht guy    

celebrities, i swear......

2405 days ago


TMZ staffed with flamers?

Most people don't automatically think bad of everyone and talk crap about them.

Miley seems to be a good kid. Hang around Britney & Paris if you want to talk trash.

Dorothy Hammill is fighting CANCER again . . . just leave her alone.

2405 days ago

the TRUTH    

I see that the opinion censors are out destroying First Amendment rights again -- I have the RIGHT to name my DOG Miley Cyrus -- it LOOKS just like her.

2405 days ago

lol did yall forget?    

um.. it's april fools people.. if it's fake, i'm sure it's just an april fools joke.

2405 days ago


Come on now TMZ, how upset would YOU really be after finding your lost dog? I'm assuming you would be happy, like they were! Almost every younger (sometimes older) girl ALWAYS makes some sort of nice, extravagant poster when it comes to finding their lost dog or cat, because it draws more attention to the sign. Come on, your in marketing, TMZ out of all people should now what its about! Another poor excuse to pin something on someone because you need the ratings, publicity & money. Complete, worthless stab at nothing of a story. But will tell you this! You did boost Mileys rating, guess it back fired on ya huh... lol

2405 days ago


She doesn't look to concerned because as she even says herself it's NOT HER DOG! IT's her aunt's dog! I feel so sorry for all the celebrities that are in the limelight 24/7. And seriously, who cares anyways? Good for her that she took the time to make a poster to help find her AUNT"S dog!!!

2405 days ago

concerned parent    

If you'll listen to the video Miley says it is her Aunts dog and her Aunt is the one that is happy. Ya'll are just mean.

2405 days ago


A 15 year old famous young woman should be paving the streets to look for a dumb dog. With the way how the paparazzi is she wouldn't have barely made it one block (obviously with the pictures taken of her hugging someone.) She is not Paris or Lindsay always looking for attention and would go to no lengths to get it (especially Paris.) TMZ I love you guys, but you are more recently becoming absolutely pathetic.

2405 days ago


I love the way everyone speculates on whether or not Miley will end up like Britney! Well when she is being harassed by the media the way she is... One day she has the nerve to eat a FF and the next she is "faking" her dog being lost... I wonder too! How can anyone let alone a teen handle all the unnecessry criticism?????

I also love the way so many on these articles post "no one cares" , "She has no talent".... Well apparently a LOT of people care. Her concerts sell out, her toys fly off the shelf and of course YOU feel the need to come here and post so YEAH there are people that seem to care.

Leave her alone, when you can sing, act and make the money that she has, you would have the right to judge her. Or should I say when you out in the REAL world and not hiding your mug behnd a computer screen you have the right to say she is ugly

2405 days ago
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