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Oprah Kingpin Was Mental Over Dental

4/1/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roger KingTV titan Roger King's wife, Raemali, is suing his former dentist for faulty bridgework -- by the way, King is also dead.

So why, you ask, would the widow of the King World empire (yes, as in "Oprah") sue a tooth jockey? According to the lawsuit, Raemali King claims Dr. Deborah Davis held a drill to Roger's head and it was all about money. According to the Palm Beach Post, Raemali claims Dr. Deb wouldn't complete Rog's bridgework unless he forked over extra cash.

Raemali says Roger suffered "physical and emotional injuries" that deprived her of his "support and services." So let's get this straight ... the guy who put "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy" on the map wouldn't pay his dentist bill. Holy molar!

We talked to Dr. Davis' office, and they weren't aware of any lawsuit.


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2306 days ago


Is this lady crazy he's dead she got millions let it rest will they have to exhume the body to see if the bridgework was shotty

2306 days ago


I have to pipe in. I don't like to speak ill of the dead....but.......
This guy WAS the BIGGEST A-HOLE IN THE WORLD. He was a sloppy drunk, coked-out, obnoxious man. He gambled in the casino I used to work for, and I dealt with him too many times that I would like to remember. He crapped in the closet in his room more than once by sitting on the folding luggage stand like it was a toilet. He screamed at all everyone and said the most horrible things to patrons and employees. He traveled with his heart dr (some hookers too)ALL THE TIME because his coke habit was so bad that he feared he would drop dead any second. He gambled with a MOUNTIAN (literally) of USED SNOTTY tissues next to him on the gaming table because his nose wouldn't stop running. He ran back and forth to the bathroom to do his drugs, threw ashtrays at our waitresses and dealers, and best of all.....he would barf on the table he was playing at and the dealers would call in a new table top to be placed in front of him. The SOB wouldn't even get up to wipe his mouth or clean himself up.
This man was a disgrace. I feel sorry for his wife, and I hope she knew a different man then most people out in the public did. She should rest easy now that she doesn't have to babysit that slob anymore.

2306 days ago

I agree with, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME"....    

Well unfortunately everything you said is pretty accurate. See I also dealt to him in Atlantic City, NJ. But I also massaged him when I worked at another casino in his suite (#4355). He was a billionaire. So he had the best of the best. He was pretty difficult, but I also saw another side of him during the massage. Which we didn't complete. Anyway. If you all only knew half the dirt that goes on in Atlantic City, and or Vegas. You'd be shocked. I've seen the most popular athletes in the world, Legends, walk in alone, and out with hookers. ETC....R.I.P. Mr. King

2306 days ago


I was wondering who Roger King was. I kept noticing that after every Dr. Phil show, there was always "A Memorium to Roger King" shot. I emailed Dr. Phil cause it was driving me crazy who Roger King was. Never got a response. Thanks TMS.

2306 days ago

Once a rethuglican , ALWAYS a rethuglican    

If you only knew the real story behind Roger and the King family , this dentist's piece pales in comparason ...

2306 days ago

dental maven    

I knew RK and my wife was a patient of Dr Davis. Roger was a difficult person who could afford the best, demanded the best and was willing to pay for it. Debby Davis is a money grubbing ,mediocre dentist, very far from the best. Unfortunately in the Boca Raton, FL. area, the "pickins are slim."and at that, she is still among the worst. Roger finally came upon a tougher nut than himself. I hope Raemali cleans her out, or at least causes her malpractice insurance to skyrocket.

2306 days ago


UH>>> You don't get anything for free. Every time I walk into my dentist or doctors office I pay before I'm seen. The only place I dont post a payment first is the emergency room. As for shotty dental work. If he waited too long, no one could save him from a dental infrection. YES PEEOPLE< TOOTH ABSCESS AND DENTAL DECAY KILLS! Little tip from your friendly hygienist.

2306 days ago

Dr. Davis Victim    

I was a patient of Dr. Debbie Davis, and I commend Raemali King for continueing her husbands fight against this so called dentist.

In my own experience with Dr. Davis I found her to be a bully, and she did really lousy work. I had to go see another dentist to redo the work that Davis did for me ( 2 crowns).... The second dentist couldn't believe the crappy crown work, and also told me that I was over-payed by at least 1/3.... Whne I had complained to Davis about my crowns she did nothing to try and correct the problem, she just told me that " I wasn't used to having crowns and to just get used to it".....I would not recommend Dr. Davis to my worst enemy, and I hope Mrs. King does not back down. Davis has done this to too many people that don't have the money or the energy to take her to court. You go Raemali!

2305 days ago

Lame Story    

I'm putting money on the fact that the last two comments about the Dentist are from the King family and/or their team. This is a lame story that no one else would normally comment on. Bitter waitresses and servers are a different story because they are treated like crap by people 24 hours a day and you can't blame them for being excited to get to vent finally.
By the way... he "demanded the best" meshes with all the other comments. But Dental Maven then contradicts him/herself. If King "demanded the best" (and "was willing to pay for it") then why would someone like King, who has lived in Boca for a while and knows PLENTY of Boca's prominent people (who could easily give him a decent reference I would guess), go to someone who has a reputation for being the "worst" of the "mediocre"? Makes *no* sense.

2305 days ago

davis patient    

This is BULL****!!!!! How do you know what you are reading is the truth??? I am proud to be a patient of Davis Dental & Dr. Debbie Davis, and have been for YEARS & YEARS & YEARS!!!!
Dr. Davis is an artistic GENIOUS who does GREAT work!!! My cosmetic work done by Dr. Davis was OUTSTANDING & LIFECHANGING ( IN A GREAT WAY)!!! I find Dr. Davis & her entire staff to be caring, loving & compassionate!! Blessing to Dr. Davis & her staff!!!
ANYONE who says otherwise is LYING and just plain JEALOUS!!!
-a devoted patient of Dr. Debbie Davis

2305 days ago


I've been a patient of Dr. Davis for the past 18 years. Her work & ethics are outstanding. She's an absolute perfectionist when it comes to her dentistry & any Dentist or anyone who says otherwise is lying. Is what Raemali King saying the truth?? Why would she sue a Dentist when she just inherited millions?? Leave Dr. Davis alone--- Raemali- you're nothing but a greedy money grubbing person. grateful for dr. davis

2305 days ago

So Many Crowns I'm Practically Royalty    

Dr. Debbie Davis is a perfectionist. She is totally professional and has only her patients' best interests at heart. I have so many crowns in my mouth I'm practically royalty. I have never had a problem with any of her outstanding dental work. She and her staff a kind, compassionate people who care only about their patients welfare.

2305 days ago

laura bruce    

I have worked for Dr. Deb for the better part of 9 years. The nasty things being said about her are hurtful & quite simply untrue. Our office philosophy is to treat our patients as well as we would our own family, with compassion, sensitivity, caring & respect.
I cannot comment on former patients, like Mr. King, due to patient confidentiality; HOWEVER, I CAN comment on & defend my boss & FRIEND.
Deb's dentistry is impeccable. We have patients fly in from all over the world to have work done in our office. I doubt seriously that someone would fly in from Switzerland if her work were "shoddy" or anything less than AMAZING!!!
Deb is often talked about & misunderstood because she has not conformed to the dental industry's "men's club". Deb is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever known!!! She is a peaceful warrior in what is often a chaotic & crazy world. I consider myself truly blessed to call her not only my boss, but a TRUE friend. Knowing what Deb has been through already in this lifetime, I am certain she will sail through this media attack with grace & dignity. I believe we reap what we sow. We do all we can each moment of each day to be the best we can be & do good for other people. I hope that those who truly know Deb will rally around her & support her through whatever comes next!!!!

2305 days ago


Everyone should have cosmetic work by Dr. Deborah Davis. Her work is like owning a masterpiece in ones mouth

2305 days ago
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