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Priscilla's Doc -- Cry For Me, Argentina

4/1/2008 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who injected Priscilla Presley's face with motor oil has a hot date -- in immigration court.

Dr. Daniel Serrano -- actually a doctor in Argentina, a nurse here in the US of A -- must appear on April 9. We're told federal officials are trying to get the faux doc deported on grounds he committed "moral turpitude." We're thinking that's a good label for someone who screws up hundreds of A-list faces that once resembled actual people.

The feds also want Serrano out because he's a convicted felon. The dude just got out of federal prison for smuggling a non-approved FDA drug (what he called a "miracle" wrinkle remover) into the country.

Argentina -- HIDE YOUR WOMEN!


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Do you really think you can beat this dead horse back to life? Yah, you probably do.

2394 days ago


dis she de-flate her face, cuz in the other pics it looks inflated

2394 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

The fake Doc should get a couple hefty "beef injections" while in prison, THEN ship his sorry butt back home.

2394 days ago


OK - did all these women get injected on the same day??? Because if not - did they not see the results of the first women who were botched??? Once I took one look at Larry King's wife with holes in her face I would have been outta there!

2394 days ago


Get all those women together, arm them with syringes full of motor oil, then release the creep a mile from the border, pointed south. Nobody would have to bother with any deporting stuff.

2394 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

------------------Still pi**ed about the Eliott yamin -last sentence comment ! heartless !---------------------------

2394 days ago


Have him serve his jail time first. Then deport him.

2394 days ago



2394 days ago

a fan    

Priscilla looks awful. Like a mummy. I'd get rid of him soon.

2394 days ago


She sure looks good on Dancing With The Stars. It barely shows. Besides, I have admiration for anyone who slept wit the King!!!

2394 days ago


David Cook: "You Know I Love You"
Kristy Lee Cook: "Two Doors Down"
Michael Johns: "Islands in the Stream"
Carly Smithson: "Jolene"
David Archuleta: "Travelin Thru"
Ramiele Malubay: "9 to 5 "
Brooke White: "Coat of Many Colors"
Syesha Mercado: "Eagle When She Flies"
Jason Castro: "I Will Always Love You"

2394 days ago

All American Girl    

Why would these people with money go to him? They have money and could check on this guys past. How stupid of them to put there health and beauty in danger. You get what you reap!

2394 days ago


everyone wants a good deal and i'll be that's what lured these ladies. it sounds like a horror film come true, seriously.

I'm rooting for David Cook and the end.......

2394 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Prescilla Presley is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, forceful, women in the entertainment industry, and the criminal actions of this individual have likely scarred her for life, and thereby damaged not only her lifestyle but her ability to manage and expand her business enterprises. Just remember that when Elvis died, his estate was worth only about two million dollars, through sheer devotion, hard work, and intelligent investment, Prescilla Presley made Graceland and the Elvis name brand worth several hundred million dollars, not to mention her many other business enterprises. She is a great example for young single parents and entrepenuers everywhere,

The profoundly sad part about this entire matter is that due to the entrenched lobbying of the American Medical Association, the penalties against anyone, physician or not, for commiting any such acts, is minimal if anyting at all. Similarly, with the Banking and Securities lobbying groups making those that have left millions homeless in America not facing any form of criminal or othe saction. It is time for the next administration, whomever that is, to change the laws and protect citizens from doctors, lawyers, bankers, traders, and the rest of the lobbying elite.

Now, if it suits your lack of intellect and compassion, you may continue to mock Perscilla Presley for what she is enduring right now, but take this into consideration, imagine somone injecting industrial grade silicoe directly under your skin, that material uncontained will then begin to flow according to temperature, movement, blood flow, and muscle flexing, and it cannot be removed without numerous and repeated surgeries which will render the patient disfigured, furthermore, that will still not remove all of the silicone which is known to cause cancer and many othe ailments.

I now leave you to your comments and consciences,

2394 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

They should lock the freak up!

2394 days ago
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