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Bundchen or Buncha Skanks!?

4/1/2008 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ya got two pretty boy NFL quarterback single dads, who could practically have any woman they want. But while Tom Brady has basically settled down with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Matt Leinart's living it up -- four chicks at a time!
Tom Brady, Matt Leinart
So the question, and really think this one through -- Whose cleats would you rather be in? Leinart's, where you get to booze with a hot tub full of random skeezers? Or Brady's, where you spend all your time as Gisele's bitch?

Choose wisely, Grasshopper.

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Brady is her b***ch, nothing more. I can have her back anytime I want. Ask my Mom. Sorry Gi.

2396 days ago


HARV, Seriously! Gisele is a sweet jewish girl. Look at those Eyes, that tookus, those shoes. OYYY!

2396 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

As usual, TMZ grade school dropout writers have been totally disrespectful & rude. ATTN, TMZ MORONS: one of those girls is Matt Leinart's sister, and those are her sorority sisters who were invited by his sister to come over for a barbeque. However, the chimpanzees writing this story couldn't tell the truth & had to call these girls skanks & skeezers. Hey TMZ dumbasses, are these girls doing girls gone stupid? Nope. Are they stripping or hooking or showing up in a braindead pearASS hilton porno flick? Nope. All they're doing is smiling with Matt. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, TMZ.

You owe these girls an apology, TMZ wussies.

2396 days ago


Bundchen looks like a boy, so Tom Brady is probably happy.

2396 days ago

LA Raider    

Any of you turkeys who picked Giselle ought to be tar and feathered. Any frat boy worth his keep can tell you that in the world of women, four 3's equals a 12. Giselle is but a ten. Didn't coach teach you anything when he was flailing as your math teacher? Plus, all the babes in Arizona have wicked tans and firearms. No Brainer!

2396 days ago


Skeezer is the right word...what a bunch of skanks

2396 days ago


I think TMZ reporters are straight up envious of Gisele's so-called "Bitch." BIG TIME.

2396 days ago


Leinart will have AIDS or an STD soon with all the running and sleeping around he is probably doing. Or will get someone pregnant and be in a heated lawsuit because of it.

2396 days ago


wtf?? some dumazz made the pronouncement that these girls are fresh and young. Like older women aren't hot and what else?? He's implying they're old, worthless and used up????? Like he'd have a snowball's chance in hell with Giselle, HA.
That type of thinking makes me sick, and I bet the person who wrote that is a spring chicken.... right... probably some ole gross geezer lusting after teenagers who won't give him the time of day.

2396 days ago


and just how tall ....i mean short is this matt nerd ..oh yeah he is a nerd he is a friend of nerd nick lacheyy nerd alerts !!!! losers you think these so called slu...i mean women would show any interest if u didnt have $$$ short man !!!

2395 days ago


Funny how you say being in a solid relationship qualifies Tom as being Gisele's bitch, with so many athletes/celebrities whoring around, I find it refreshing that they enjoy each other so much so that they go to the grocery store together.

2395 days ago


#16 FYI Giselle dumped Leo and he admitted that probably it was the biggest mistake of his life to let her go. Giselle moved on first and so did Leo later. Not quite as you picture it. I really liked Giselle and Leo as a couple that`s why I wanted to correct you.

2395 days ago


Lilly gives us the link of the quote where DiCaprio actually says that. Otherwise is pure BS on your part.

2395 days ago


Oh my God. A man grocery shopping is a bitch? Then my boyfriend must be a bitch too. So I guess if doing "normal" things together and being solicitous of your girlfriend makes you a bitch.....then I LIKE BITCHES. Give me a break. Better a "bitch" than a man whore sitting in an STD crockpot.

2395 days ago


#44, why don`t you ask a link from #16 that proves that Leo left Giselle to hook up with a younger SI model? Otherwise what #16 wrote is BS. Everyone leaving these comments acts like he or she knows all about these celebs and their private life without proof. What you know is what you read in the media mostly coming from `sources`. You seriously think that either Lilly or anyone else can prove what they believe based on what celebrities actually say? You could question half of these comments like #41 that Giselle is the `Brazilian Hoover`. Why don`t we ask her to give us links to people in the modeling world to actually prove that?

2395 days ago
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