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Coach to Matt: Pros Before Hos

4/2/2008 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After checking out his superstar QB in action on the 'net yesterday, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt did a little playa hatin' of his own, saying he was "disappointed" in Leinart's behavior.
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Hey coach -- he's a good-looking, 24-year-old, multi-millionaire! What did you expect!? If you want a QB that stays away from the tail, draft someone fugly!

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Chipmunk cheeks Vanessa was probally there passed out drunk. Rumors are Nick is sick of her freeloading and party girl lifestyle. Maybe this is his way of telling her to start packing because he found a new, younger s!ut.

2331 days ago


Nick was always a cheater, esp when he hangs with Matt. He chased after a bunch of young blondes in Sept and cheated with Vanessa during his relationship with Jessica. Since when does Vanessa pass up a party??

2331 days ago


this guy is so overrated and will be forgotten about in a few years max, he was on a good TEAM in college.

2331 days ago


oh the burdens of the young...
just use protection....all of you. check id's, and don't drive after a party like this one

2331 days ago


...If by "superstar" you mean an overhyped backup on a bad team

2331 days ago


I have known a now retired nfl superbowl winner, pro bowl player, and soon to be hall of famer, for years. He lived by me, our children attended pre-school, elementary and high school together. He has hit on me for years. I was married, now divoraced. He has chased my car down with male and female friends in car, he comes by my house, and blatantly groped me in bars. I have never seen a word posted about this anywhere. I think he is still married, and the stories I have heard from him. I agree if it was a woman, she would be all over the news and have a whore label. But, hes a nfl football player?!

2331 days ago


These girls are under age and on top of that they are the biggest sluts in AZ!

2331 days ago


Why is Nick Lachey in this picture?

2330 days ago

So what!    

Some of you people should get a life. Who cares what Matt does? Who cares what Britney does? Leave him alone and worry about your own pathetic life!

2330 days ago


this is ridiculous would we rather have him at a strip club shooting people or killing someone for driving drunk. he's young, its the off season give me a break. what you dont think other people dont do this or worse. why did people think he is a choir boy he does have a child out of wedlock. he isn't getting arrested for this, this was in his home leave him alone please people get your own life and stop being jealous.

2330 days ago


he is grown in his own home and partying safely. He is not doing illegal drugs or anything else illegal or dangerous. What is the isue it is the off season. If he cant party at home then where should he go...the strip club?

2330 days ago


Look, I'm 24 and I'm a good looking guy, not like leinart, but I'm nowhere near fugly. This is what young men do. Some have different perogatives but what would we say if this was a movie or rock star doing this? Don't forget that leinart is and will be Iconic because of his looks and status. He's a millionaire out having fun. Has everyone forgot their own college days? As Bob Marley said, no stoner jokes cause that would just make you ignorant,"who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect-and I don't live to be,but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean"For those of you who want to judge take a long hard look in the mirror

2330 days ago

Confused and 40.    

Wow. Should he be reading parenting guides with ice tea? Maybe he was reading parenting books in the morning and listening to podcasts during his workout on how to raise a genius... Why are you angry at him and calling the girls skanks?

2330 days ago


If this wasnt a football player it wouldnt be a big deal! Whatever

2326 days ago
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