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Nickelback Singer to Cops

Blow Me!

4/2/2008 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad KroegerDon't ask Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger to blow in your face -- especially if you think he's been drinking!

According to Kroeger's lawyer, when Canadian cops stopped the singer in June of 2006 for speeding in his red Lamborghini Diablo, a cop asked him to blow in his face to see whether or not he had alcohol on his breath.

The lawyer also argued that cops waited too long before taking a breath sample, which the cops blame on Kroeger. They say he was pissed about having to leave his $175,000 ride on the side of the road.

Chad was convicted. He'll be sentenced May 1.


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Good point.

2395 days ago


Wow, you are all drinking the haterade aren't ya? This article is about drinking and driving, not your music selections, aholes! Get some education and learn to post responsibly and article related. And stop drinking so much haterade. It will put you in an early grave.

2395 days ago


I don't hate Nickelback. I even went to a concert of theirs. It was alot of fun. I'm just frustrated that Chad would take this matter so lightly as do every other celebrity that has done the same damn thing. They don't want to be a role model but what do they think is going to happen when they have themselves plastered all over the media. They all seem to come from poor homes and now are making millions who wouldn't look up to a person like that? Yes it's a parents responsibility to raise their children with morals and values but its hard when there are knuckleheads out there promoting drinking, drugs and every other stupid thing then get away with doing it. Every parent can shut off the tv, ban magazines, music, internet and every other media promoting venue out there and where would these celebrities be? Handing out fries with your happy meal. WE the public put them where they are and they should have enough respect for us by behaving in a responsible manner. Remeber Chad, I own a part of your lambourgini, if it wasn't for me and all the other Nickelback fans, you would still be peddling soccer magazine subscriptions. Give US some respect.

2395 days ago

i hate hollywood    

i appologise for my previous statements about canada, it is a fine land and has some great snowboarding and skiing to offer, amongst other things but, claiming that celine dion is something "good from canada" is really just lie. Common, you know she sux it. And I still think Chad "fake last name" Croger sux and should have his ass beat for ever picking up a guitar and standing infront of a microphone. p.s. " canada has appologized on several occasions for Bryan Addams" =) Actually, the more America continues to spiral downhill to $hit, the better canada keeps looking.

2395 days ago


Yes, America is spiraling downhill! Come to Canada, we have universal medicare, whether what income level you are. We also have gun control!!! We do have some awesome rockers, but you Americans can keep Pam Anderson cause you deserve her!

2395 days ago


Oh they grow them men up there in Canada FINE AS HECK !!! I'll be right up .. mmmhmmm

2395 days ago


America. Home of the Grade 3 kids plotting to kill their teacher. Something to be proud of.

how does that feel? Not to good huh. Quit bashing other countries when yours is no better. It doesn't matter what country you are from there are good people and bad people in every country. Don't judge an entire country based on a few stupid people.

2395 days ago

Hard Rockin' Granny    

I would venture to guess that everyone that has posted here to be an average age of 15. At that age anger is more important than intelligence, common sense, Love, Peace and Respect... let's do that one again... RESPECT... in all forms. Respect of someone having their own opinion, Respect for someone to have their own love of a type of music, their own respect to find someone attactive, respect to enjoy the internet without being flamed. Yes... what most here are doing is called "Flaming" which use to be a beautiful art form using words. Look it up and educate yourselves on the correct way to flame. The most awsome flame is when you can knock someone down a few pegs without foul language... without calling someone names like STUPID, Lame, Gay... etc... but to use intelligence and in an educated way tell them to go to HeII and let them think they are going on a great trip. So don't worry little pumpkins.... you too will find respectful intelligence when you grow up. At that time you will look back at these posts and wonder why god repossessed your brain.

2395 days ago


I agree with Granny. So now posters insult each other's country?? All time immature low. Some TMZ posters are just too young to be commenting here...don't your parents have some chores for you to do??

2395 days ago

johnny appleseed    

I'd love nothing more than to see Mr. "I can't write a song that sounds different than 'How You Remind Me'" get knocked down a few pegs.

Sadly, time in the slammer isn't being tossed around... but a fine is. I hardly think that'll do the job that's required to bring this wannabe rockstar back to planet earth.

(Point of interest... Nickelsuck fans do realize that every song *does* sound like "How You Remind Me". Right? Just checking.)

2395 days ago


Sorry GRANNY, don't act like the Mother of the comment board. Freedom of speech allows these people to convey their thoughts, good or bad. Whether we like what they write or not. People write whatever they want because they sit behind a keyboard with their own sense of anonymity, no one knows who they are IN PERSON. Don't categorize ALL POSTERS either, you are no better by classifying everyone in a stereotype of adolescents. Some people post here or any other forum area for the need to feel heard, that's why there isn't just chocolate and vanilla. I was sent this link because I happen to be a fan of the band and their music. And Im in my 40's, a far cry from 15! This article that was posted here on TMZ is about DRINKING AND DRIVING, not the band, Nickelback.

2395 days ago

Robin Shhirley Lebeau    

I'm a huge NickelBack fan and I personaly would advise anyone that doesn't like NickelBack to stay away because what I said last night I ment it for all of us fans not just for me. I would like to meet Chad andNickelBack when they come back to Florida. I love Chad as a fan I don't like the idea that he did a dui but to me he a good guy and they did something for a couple of charities with their song If Eveeryone Cared and if that's not helping somebody I don't know what is. So quti being selfish lets pray for Chad and hope that things work out ok for so that they can put their sixth cd out next year which I read in an article.

2394 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

LOve him

2394 days ago

Robin Shhirley Lebeau    

I'm a huge NickelBack fan and I advise anyone that doesn't like NickelBack to stay away. Chad made a mistake but I still love him as a fan and what I said last night over the radio was for all of us fans. because I'm waiting for their sixth cd to come out sometime next year also. So lets just pray for him and hope things work out for him.They use their song If Everyone Cared to help witha couple of Charities and that was nice. We need to look at the good things that Chad did Not the bad thing that he did.I've done some bad things in my life also that I'm not proud of but my family loves anyways.

2394 days ago


I'm with ChadEx, give the guy a break. Yes he broke the law but what other dumb celebrity hasn't? And I'm sure he won't be the just deal!

2393 days ago
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