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UCLA Snooping on Farrah Too?

4/2/2008 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett got snooped on by a UCLA Medical Center employee last year, just like Britney Spears did after her stay there -- and Farrah's lawyers think the National Enquirer and other tabs may have gotten the dirt on her cancer as a result.

According to the L.A. Times, the Enquirer ran a story about Fawcett's cancer returning last year, which appeared before Fawcett had even told her son and closest friends. The hospital fired the employee who had checked out Fawcett's records, says a Times source.

Farrah's lawyer didn't say whether she would sue UCLA, but called the situation "ugly." UCLA says it's checked out any improper reviewing of Fawcett's file, but didn't find any breach.


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guess who    


2397 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

that sucks...she especially needs her privacy right now

it's bad enuf that it's "anal" cancer

2397 days ago


Ok, what the hell happened to the HIPPA laws? Does that not apply in hollywood or something? I am a nurse and that is soooooo against the law in Tx. Maybe Hollywood doesn't believe in that but here you would be in some serious trouble for that. Google HIPPA if you don't know what it is. God Hollywood SUCKS!

2397 days ago

OC Get A Life    

As offensive, criminal, and civilly damaging the breaches of Ms. Fawcett’s and Ms. Spear’s private medical records by everyone from doctors to common service personnel at UCLA and other American hospitals are, the reasons they have come to light is the celebrity of the involved individuals, the fact that the breaches led to media stories on the aforementioned individuals, and the fact that these individuals can afford very effective and very expensive legal counsel. However, given the fact that these hospitals obviously do not have rigid hiring or background investigative standards of their employees, one must wonder about the reasonable threat to any attractive young female who enters a hospital for medical treatment and all her personal and private information is available to any hospital employee who may have a criminal history or a criminal intent. Since, this is endemic to UCLA and other hospitals and they have as yet refused to install any security protocol or software to restrict access to patient information, one has to wonder how many crimes have been committed as a result of breaches of patient information, but no link was ever established?

2397 days ago

OC Get A Life    

The way I see it, you have to be one of the stupidest people posting on TMZ today, and that is quiet and accomplishmet, after decrying the fact that Ms. Fawcett has been violated by UCLA hospital and her private medical records have been revealed, you then proceed to reveal the contents of those very records on the internet again? MORON!

2397 days ago


If an employee does this they should not only be fired but should be sued. Maybe if they had to pay that would make people think twice. This is the one of the areas that I think celebs should have privacy..

2397 days ago


she has ass cancer. does that mean she walks around with a crap tube stuck in her rectum? Enquiring minds want to know

2397 days ago


TMZ taking the high road on this. I hope.

2397 days ago


ANY cancer is bad (where ever it may be located). It is personal and is nobody's business unless the person dealing with it chooses to make it so with family and friends. Smart remarks about a cancer patient's serious situation are completely out of line here.... walk a mile in their shoes and then open your dumb faces.

2397 days ago


did she get ass cancer because of getting too many ass-reamings from the Six Million Dollar Man or from Ryan O'PhaagNeal?

2397 days ago


For people who make fun of the type of cancer she has, frankly, I hope you get it. Right back at ya, babes. See how funny you think it is then! Jerk-offs. And at least call it by it's real name: rectal cancer.

2397 days ago


Morgan - first of all it is HIPAA (frequent mistake) and it those laws apply to the healthcare workers or anyone with access to the medical record - which is why the staff were let go, put on suspension - etc.... Nowadays it is relatively easy to find WHO was in what record and when, and whether they had authorization to be there... but you know that. However, once the story is out - too bad so sad... I am thinking maybe the laws need to be extended to ANYONE... anyone is subject to fines and IMPRISONMENT if those HIPAA laws are violated... UNLESS that person has made a public statement FIRST in regards to their medical condition... it is the ONLY fair solution. And it could be anything from a pregnancy like Lisa Marie (until it it obviously shows), bipolar disorder, or having a mole removed from their butt... Their medical record is THEIR PRIVATE RECORD, AND ANYONE BLABBING ANY INFORMATION - TRUE OR UNTRUE - IS SUBJECT TO PENALTIES... at least that is where I think the laws SHOULD extend...
So therefore Harvey would have NO Amy Winehouse impetigo story, no bipolar Brit scoop, no nervous breakdowns, no drug treatment stories - PERIOD!!! Boy, Harvey's little site here would dry up and blow away if he had to do THAT

2397 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Muhammed, we have been reading your inane postings over the last few days, and it is obvious that you are a borderline illiterate caucasian (white for you dumbass) male living in a trailer or his parents basement and likely on welfare or using that well known phrase "would you like to super size those fries". Now, if you want to really generate some hate for Muslim people, then why don't you join the John Hagee church for Aryan idiots, but to try to post such nonsense just makes you look like the jack off that you are - by the way your tin foil hat just fell off - and isn' it time for your lithium?

2397 days ago


Farrah is the greatest, I really hope that she gets well soon. It's been over 2yrs that she's been fighting cancer.

I've been a fan of Farrah since Charlie's Angels and have been lucky to see her in person a few times over the years.
I hope she gets better and is able to move on with her life.

As much I like to hear how she's doing I can understand that this is private battle and the rags really should respect that let her have the chance to deal with this privately.

2397 days ago


Muhhamed, STFU! You aren't impressing anyone and no one cares. Get a life you imbecile.

2397 days ago
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