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All Fingers in Brit Case Point to TMZ!

4/3/2008 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we just got our mitts on a bunch of papers in the Britney Spears custody case, and it appears Brit's former lawyers are using TMZ to prove who was leaking info like Brandon Davis at a beer fest.

According to a declaration filed by attorney Hillary Slevin, she seems to be saying what triggered her firm's interest in a gag order was a bunch of stuff we were putting on the website.

ITEM: "On December 12, 2007 ... I was viewing the website known as At that time I saw that had set up a streaming video in front of a building where counsel for respondent, Mark Vincent Kaplan has his office."

ITEM: "The video continued to play throughout the morning ... At approximately 10:50 AM the text stated that Petitioner (Brit) would not be appearing for her deposition because she was ill."

And it goes on and on, suggesting that K-Daddy's lawyer may have been the leak. Note to Hillary: How do you think we would get information about why Britney wouldn't be attending the depo -- How would he know? Of course, we're not sayin how we got it...


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Hasn't it long been known Harvey and Kaplan were in bed together? The Commish gave praise to TMZ's investigative work instead of questioning who was the leak, that alone should have caused Brit's side to ask for the Commish to be removed. It has been more then obvious that Kaplan has been leaking info from the get go and the Commish has been turning a blind eye to it.

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2290 days ago


Somewhere in the procedings the commish stated that he was seeing tmz's site, seems they (kaplan/commish/etal) love the limelight even more that Britney......eons ago it seemed the procedings were slanted to the Kdeadbeat side.......any wonder the woman was having a breakdown!!!

2290 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

K-freak is just a loser....brit is better off w/o him and his vampire of a lawyer

2290 days ago


Kudos to Post #1 & 4.

2290 days ago


I meant 1 & 3. . 4 as well, you know, but 3 for the most part.

2290 days ago


well its about time i new this day would come. why it took so long i dont know but i am glad it finally has happened. when the judge is sitting up there and saying he was on tmz wtf is that and kaplan u have alot coming to u b ready to pay back all that money u stoled. at this point its not about the money its about taking away brit from her kids u and kfed r going to pay bigtime.... i am sooooo glad brit finally has a real lawyer... go brit go brit. get your babies and love them and take care of them bc all kfed wants is money he dont even wanna deal with them his stupid nanny tooo shes an idiot 4 taking that job she must owe alot of money...

2290 days ago

She looks great    

the legal profession in los angeles is replete with slimy negligent wanna-be-in-the-spotlighters - just like the medical profession

and, what's up with harvey levin and that creepy kaplan ....?

2290 days ago


I bet TMZ is SO proud right now.
I hope your as* GOES down!!! Just like Perez Hilton's is now with Jive!!

2290 days ago


I have been saying all alongthat there was something going on with that judge.Everything has gone his way. Never mind that he is handing out 2000.00 tips for a 35.00 burger. The judge makes Brite pay all his fees fdor those bottom feeders,makes her pay child support, allimony, dop drug testing nd he has to do nothing but play with the kids now and then and spend Brits money. SOund to me like the leakis coming from the judge and Kfeds team. Pay off much?? Fine TMZ, throw the judge off the bench, make those attorneys pay for Kfeds legal fees themselves and repay Brit and then disbar them.

2290 days ago

larry doby    

as stated before, isn't it interesting how there's less & less on

UNFITNEY since adNOTHING & sCAM luftNUTS aren't around ?

both sellouts;

2290 days ago


Like I said in eariler comments. I don't care how much you care about her. All the lawyers and judge and sam and dumbfed are in this together. Dumb fed wasn't planning on having the kids for twenty years by himself to raise. Works out great for Brit for now.

I told you so

2290 days ago


BINGO! Yep, that would be you mindless, jobless suckers. DUH!!!!

2290 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Oh you cool bastards. Yaou have got the excvlusive inside track. If I were you I would pat myself on the back. Oh wait.

My guess is this is just more fabricated bull

2290 days ago


go britney!!!

woo hoo


2290 days ago
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