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Anne H's BF Busted -- Check Mate!

4/3/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: We're hearing that this may be a big misunderstanding. We're told Follieri went willingly with police officers -- no handcuffs -- to work out the check fiasco. His lawyers, we hear, are sorting it out and he is now out of police custody.

Anne Hathaway's Italian stallion was just arrested by NYPD for allegedly bouncing a real big check his ass couldn't cover.

Police tell us Zac Braff-alike Raffaelo Follieri was popped for one misdemeanor count of issuing a bad check -- he's still in police custody, being booked. A source tells TMZ that the check was written for around $250,000, and when the bank said insufficient funds, it wasn't even close. Apparently, the devil wears knock-offs!

That's hardly the end of the bad news for Follieri. A DC court just ordered him to pay almost $250,000 to a PR firm that he still owes for work they did.


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The Icon    

"The guy wrote a $250,000 check that bounced and it is a misdemeanor? "

Here in the state of Illinois, this would be considered a Class X felony. Thats serious.

2330 days ago


This guy is a real loser. I remember reading an article in the Wallstreet Journal about how Raffaello Follieri was being sued by a man who claims that the funds that he entrusted Follieri with in a business deal to redo Catholic churches in Italy was used for rent money($40.000/per month), private jet rides, expensive clothes, etc....... He allegedly never used the money to get the churches refurbished. From what I understand, he settled with the man but that man claims that it was a real estate scheme and he was defrauded out of millions.

This dude is a fraud and the fact that she is with him even though she knows what all he's done is disgusting. I really never liked Anne's acting style or her arrogant attitude when interviewed. And the fact that she so wanted to shed her uber innocent "Princess Diaries" image by wearing a sheer shirt without a bra several times, until she got a films that would allow her to go topless.. on purpose. She wanted to break the mold so badly that she was in that embarrasing movie "Havoc".

2330 days ago


"Anne Hathaway's Italian stallion was just arrested by NYPD for allegedly bouncing a real big check his ass couldn't cover."

If I wrote that, I'd be highly embarrassed. You guys write like high school punks. Grow up.

2330 days ago

spread the love    

#8 - it's because tmz edits comments....

re: this story. this guy is a major loser connected to all kinds of shennaningens....tmz's instincts are right on to cover the whole thing start to unravel on this... hope anne doesn't lose a chunk of change on this relationship.


2330 days ago


6. Good for me that he did this; now maybe I'll have a chance to date Anne. lol Love me some Anne Hathaway, you go girl!

Posted at 3:43PM on Apr 3rd 2008 by wasted days and wasted nights

I wouldn't hold my breath, buddy. There have been allegations for a long time. The lawsuit brought on by the man who financed Follieri was reported on at least 6 months ago and she's still with him. Google Ron Burkle sues Raffaello Follieri and you can find a lot of articles about it. Interestingly enough, Burkle was one of the biggest fund raisers for Bill Clinton and after Bill Clinton finished his presidency... He went to work for Burkle at one of Burkles companies...Now Bill has severed all ties w/Burkle since all the scandals.

What a tangled web people weave, but her boyfriends been a loser for a long time and she has stuck by his side, so I doubt even this will convince her to dump him. It's pathetic and sad.

2330 days ago


I feel soooo dirty.

Either he's $250,000 in the hole, or the "pay us now" request from the P.R. firm was coincidentally another $250,000, meaning he's $500,000 in the hole. Jig is up man whore.

2330 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This is all good with me. After they break up, I am gonna bang her on the rebound!

2330 days ago


This guy's had too many incidents of fraud for it all to be a "misunderstanding". He's got to have some dirty laundry. She seems like to be a pretty level headed girl, so why she's with him -- much less gushing in interviews about him -- is beyond me. Maybe she's a bit of a wank, also.

2330 days ago


Raffaello Follieri is a boy. A man does not have his clothing, food, bed, car, rent, all paid for with stolen money. He is being sued by Ron Burkle, a pr company, American Express, former employees, individual investors, etc. Text book self destruction. Anne, can you be that foolish?

2328 days ago
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