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Bertinelli -- Forget Jenny, Pass the Popovers!

4/3/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A very hot-looking Valerie Bertinelli was busted coming out of BLT Steak in West H-Wood last night -- and let's put it this way, she wasn't eatin' four ounces of fish.

So we had our spies in the restaurant and here's the low down. Val went to the back room with a bunch of guys in suits for what looked like a business dinner. We couldn't see exactly what she was chokin' down, but on her way out she confessed to having a mouthful of meat. BTdubs, other items on the menu: popovers, potato au gratin, bernaise and blue cheese sauce and the delectable peanut butter chocolate mousse.

In fairness, Val's on the Jenny Craig maintenance plan, which means she can occasionally chew the fat.

And speaking of maintenance, we asked Val what she thought of Priscilla Presley getting injected with motor oil. Response: Priceless. "This isn't a talk show, it's not Oprah." The irony is, it looked like Valerie was having a meeting with producers from her rumored upcoming talk show -- i.e., she wants to be Oprah!


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H B Rider    

So Valerie went to dinner and ate some food. Wow! Now that is news we all needed. The real irony is this...TMZ actually thinks the question Valerie was asked was a good, hard hitting question when in fact the general public thinks the TMZ staff are just a bunch of stalkers asking some really stupid questions. That is fact. Also, speaking of asking people about being injected with motor oil, has anyone at TMZ asked Harvey Levin if he likes being injected with KY Lube every night? Just call him "slick". I'm just sayin'!

2362 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

leave her alone, she's doing great and looks great!

2362 days ago


Oh stop and leave her alone to eat dinner.

BTW....just finished reading her book AMAZING

2362 days ago

hanjob solo    

This just in....Van Halen's Tour has actually been put on hold so that band members can spend their time slapping donuts out of Val's mouth...All those years ago, I would dream every night of eating Val...Now it looks like she wants to eat me...

2362 days ago


You can eat this way if you do not do it all the time; it is quite simple.

2362 days ago


Wow, you caught Valerie Bertinelli coming out of a restaurant. Stop the presses. Come on guys that is so lame. And just because something is on the menu does not mean she ate it. I think she and Tom look amazing.

2362 days ago


"'chokin' down"?????? You guys are such pigs. Val worked hard to lose weight and looks great. Leave her alone. (Harvey, go on a diet!)

2362 days ago


what, Harvey Levin is Gay?

2362 days ago


gay as pink ink.

2362 days ago


For the love of GOD leave her alone! She looks awesome, stunning, and is a WONDERFUL woman/mother. Let her be happy. If she gains the weight back, she knows what she has to do. BACK OFF!

2362 days ago


World News Today:

Woman Eats Food and doesnt run to bathroom to vomit!


Stop the Presses!


Leave her alone. So she ate some food, Everyone eats. And everyone poops, too. Get over it!

2362 days ago


can someone tell me what BTdubs means???

2362 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Seriously, this 'BTdubs' stuff is just lame as hell!!!! Talk about sounding instantly like a big douche, just use this phrase!!!

2362 days ago


Valerie is adorable and very classy to the obnoxious paps - when she didn't have to be. She is a success and her book was so good - really amazing.

2362 days ago


Wow - you guys are real hand jobs. I can't believe that no one is safe to eat a dinner or take a piss without you idiots. Please don't be surprised when this operation ends up getting shut down because your zealousness is just above and beyond ridiculous.
I mean puhleaze, WHAT are we to expect next?! doododododododododoooo ddooooo Breaking TMZ NEWS - Star eats Food!!!!!!!! Britney changes Tampon at Texaco!!!!!! George Clooney S*hits on TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You people are really getting sickening noww.....

2362 days ago
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