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Whitney Takes "High" Road

4/3/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They may have had one of the most bitch-tastic break-ups ever, but Whitney Houston is done slinging the s**t with Bobby Brown, who is allegedly going to fling the dirty sheets off their marriage in an upcoming biography.
Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown
Bobby, among other things, is reportedly saying he married Whit in part to quell rumors she was involved in a relationship with her female assistant. He also says she was whacked out on drugs.

Whitney's rep tells TMZ, "Miss Houston is sad that Bobby feels the need to say such things but she chooses to take the high road and will not speak badly about the father of her child even if it's to set the record straight."

The NY Post says Bobby's autobio is supposed to pop next month.

UPDATE: We spoke to the press agent for the book, and she says it'll be out in June, and that it's being sold right now through something called Atlas Books. The publisher is an outfit called Down South Books.


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Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

I would say they were happy at one time.
Both have flushed their careers down the toilet.

2392 days ago


good job Bobby...thanks for keeping alive all the worst stereotypes.

2392 days ago


Does he really think people believe him? C'mon Bobby, you've mad a fool out of yourself for years, give it a break already....

2392 days ago


show me the receipts

2392 days ago


Bobby needs his ass whipped. I'm sure he's just bitter cause he's broke. Go on Whitney... out class the ass!

2392 days ago


I had forgotten about the rumors she was bi. Big deal if she is. It wouldn't surprise me if she did get married to kill the rumors.

2392 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


2392 days ago


I can't wait to buy the book. It will be some good readin. Honestly, I think it will be so funny. He will make lots of money, as long as he shares it with his kids.

2392 days ago


Why put your children thru this. I hate when people bash eachother and get the children involved. SELFISH!!!!

They were both on drugs what can shock people I mean come on they made an ass of themselves already nothing new to read in the book anyway Im sure

2392 days ago


How about confirming the author of the book? There is no way in hell this crackhead wrote a book. Shame on Whitney for getting involved with this loser anyway. Everybody tried to warn her, but she was too smart to listen. She'd be a lot richer and further along in life if she had never gotten inolved, much less, married to this leech.

2392 days ago


This book will be on the 75% off sale table the day it's released. Who really gives a care what Bobby Brown has to say about anything much less his marriage to Whitney Houston? He's a low-class, ugly, talentless, drug addict. He claims Whitney married him to clean up her act. That's bull! He married her to clean up his and add some class to his ghetto behind. But guess what? It didn't work. Whitney really slummed it when she married him but at least she woke up and dumped him before he continued to ruin her life. She's moved on and now he's trying to make a buck off her name yet again. I hope nobody buys his book and it ends up in the dumpster behind his publisher's office where it belongs.

2392 days ago


Marry to kill rumors? Ok, if that's your thing, do you. But why scrape the bottom of the barrel?

2392 days ago


I have to say that some of the statements in this book are hilarious, including that Whitney married HIM to clean up HER image. Her image was fine before she got involved with him. It went in the trash after she started hanging out with him. When it came to light that she was seeing him, everybody was concerned about his effect on her, that she was losing focus on her career, etc. He was the '90s version of KFed.

He also alleges that SHE turned HIM on to coke. If it's true, I find it hard to believe. He was widely known to be a disruptive force in his boy band and known for his rather vulgar-at-the-time onstage antics. (The antics pale in comparison to today's performers, i.e. Akon ,etc. but still.) That doesn't necessarily make him a cokehead but it's not like Whitney was trashing hotel rooms or appearing incoherent onstage back in those days.

He also says that he "only" gave in to the groupies that threw themselves at him "a few" times, as if his infidelity wasn't all that bad considering how bad it COULD have been.

He's a joke. He's writing a book because he's broke and doesn't have Whitney's royalties to sponge from anymore.

2392 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

I once did coke with Bobby Brown off one of his baby mama's asses back when he was in New Edition!

2392 days ago


Crack is Wack !!!

2392 days ago
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