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Whitney Takes "High" Road

4/3/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They may have had one of the most bitch-tastic break-ups ever, but Whitney Houston is done slinging the s**t with Bobby Brown, who is allegedly going to fling the dirty sheets off their marriage in an upcoming biography.
Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown
Bobby, among other things, is reportedly saying he married Whit in part to quell rumors she was involved in a relationship with her female assistant. He also says she was whacked out on drugs.

Whitney's rep tells TMZ, "Miss Houston is sad that Bobby feels the need to say such things but she chooses to take the high road and will not speak badly about the father of her child even if it's to set the record straight."

The NY Post says Bobby's autobio is supposed to pop next month.

UPDATE: We spoke to the press agent for the book, and she says it'll be out in June, and that it's being sold right now through something called Atlas Books. The publisher is an outfit called Down South Books.


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Whitney, your relationship with Bobby reminds me of Ike and Tina. What has been done cannot be changed but what you do from this point on is something that you can do differently! I have watched as your God given talent grew and in saddness watched it fade away. You still have that talent and it is time for you to use it once again for both you and your daughter's sake. Bobby has nothing to do but dis-credit your lives together there by hurting the one who needs love and security the most.....Your child! I will pray for you and your child to have the courage to go on in your life without having to prove your worth because of his book.

2396 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

This proves that "When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas."

2396 days ago


If it gets published, find it in the$ store, three for a $.....

2396 days ago

Vintage '51    

You can polish a turd but it's STILL a turd! Can't imagine anyone wanting to read about what Bobby has to say.

2396 days ago

Over It Already    

How sad - BB is trying his best to make a buck and since no record or reality show producer takes stock in him any longer, he's exploiting the mother of his child. Bobby, get off of the alcohol and take responsibiltiy for thyself. I'll be praying for you baby.

2396 days ago


I hope nobody buys this book.

2396 days ago


She was beautiful and gifted....

Because of her willful behavior, she threw away a gifted talent and the potential of a great career for a loser who took her more deeply into drugs! Maybe now she can figure it out....he's a loser and took her to the bowels of the Earth! "The Bodyguard" was one of the most memorable films produced!

2396 days ago


Who in the heck does B. Brown thinks he's foolin? He was getting high before, during and after he met Whitney. She's no angel either. She was doing her thang too before they hooked up as well.

2396 days ago


Thre's very little which has not been said about Whitney Huston, the most positive being she left his loser by the curb where he belongs. She DID this, and WAS that. Well it's a new day Bobby, so make it while you can, because once this $$ is gone, you are DONE, and Whiteny will be flyin' high without your punk ass.

Reminds me quite a lot of Ike and Tina Turner. Super Star and loser. With any lick Bobby will join Ike and not even be able to cash a check.

2396 days ago

I am me    

What a pathetic individual BB is !!!

2396 days ago


Take the HIGH road Whitney! Don't even dignify this piece of garbage. I am amazed Brown is still walking the streets!

2396 days ago


Doncha be goin' talkin trash 'bout WHITNEY!

2396 days ago


Hahahaha... SHE married HIM to clean up her image?!?!? What a joke!! He must have woken up from his latest binge and thought it was still April Fools day. Too bad she ever got with him and too bad she let him drag her down for all those years, but KUDOS to her for stepping away and CLEANING UP and not further subjecting her child to the crazy life they had. She's still got talent, so the record isn't over yet. Oh yeah, I wonder who the REAL author was. Bobby Brown writing a book? Please! The only reason it took so long to get written was the length of time it took to find some low-life to write it for him.

2396 days ago


Bobby Brown is at the bottom, and the bottom line to all this madness is : HE's BROKE!
Bobby who cares if Whitney is Bi, you are an alcholic crack head, that would do anything to make money.

2396 days ago


Yeah and it was his idea to put her all drugged out on a reality show. He disgust me!
His daughter must be embarrased by him!!!!!!!!!!

2396 days ago
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