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America's Favorite Unwed Pregnant Teen Turns 17

4/4/2008 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's pregnant baby sister, Jamie Lynn, celebrated the eve of her 17th birthday by hitting up a Louisiana JC Penney on Thursday -- with her soon-to-be baby daddy Casey Aldridge. Awww. What great role models.

The expectant parents are allegedly engaged. They're the teen Brangelina!


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You guys (paparrazi) nearly killed Britney! Leave this one alone, actually please leave both of them alone.

2393 days ago


1. Don't care. She could turn 70 and I still wouldnt care. I fail to see how her turning 17 qualifies as news.

2. TMZ, please stop these idiots and their millionairefriends website scams. Their English is so awkward, only a moron with the IQ of a slug would fall for it.

3. Apparently someone has issues with Kanya West. I say this because this message is on just about everyday here, on any given subject. I think we get the picture. You can stop posting it now.

2393 days ago


Jamie Lynn 4 years from now...

3 little babies and working the drive-thru at the Kentwood McDonald's.

2393 days ago


Who gives a flip bone slapper dink, pooping on a crapper stink?

Poop stains don't run in the rain, they just flip on a flappity doo

2393 days ago


You used "baby daddy" and didnt even use "baby bump" once ????? Whats the matter with you, TMZ? You know the rules. One overdone, overused cliche' is never enough.

I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you, just shocked!

2393 days ago


At least she's keeping her baby. I'm sure there are plenty of famous teens that have been pregnant, we just don't now because they did not take responsibility for there actions. But now she knows better and should not have any more until she is happily married.....Oh ya and of legal age!

2393 days ago


"You gonna have fries with that hamburger, sweetie."

2393 days ago


Maybe she should be the new face for TROJAN!!!!!

2393 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Hi TMZ. I like the seemingly sarcastic remark "What great role models." I suppose the people at TMZ feel themselves to be better role models? I think not. Which is a sad commentary in and of itself. Leave the Spears family alone. Let them do something worth reporting on. THEN post what you want. Stop making mountains out of mole-hills.

I tried once to post this comment before but it kept getting rejected. So one last try. I'm done. I'm through with TMZ. The banality of what you report has finally broken me. I really don't see any story where you seem to think there is one. Seeing the snide, rude, sometimes cruel and definitely tasteless comments by both TMZ and SOME of the posters on this site discourages me to no end.

This will be my last posting on TMZ. You've lost me. I've tried to give you a chance TMZ. Instead of trying to be one of the best gossip / celebrity news web sites, you (TMZ) seem to strive to see just how low-brow and juvenile you can get. You deserve the asinine and vitriolic comments you promote in your readers.

To all who read this, good luck to you. This site is off my favorites list and I am moving on.

Tell Dallas, Kelli, Lawdawg and all the other cool posters that I said G'bye and good luck.

I'm off to read a book or two in an attempt to raise my IQ level back to it's pre-TMZ level.


Nor Cal Reader.

2393 days ago


everybody acts like shes the first 16 year old ever to get pregnant look around and u will see there is alot girls getting pregnant even younger then 16 so leave her alone,i'm not saying what she is right or wrong she did it so let her be with her man and baby. bye happy birthday jamie lynn

2393 days ago


IGNORANT LITTLE SLUT ..................

2393 days ago


Leave her alone....17 AND pregnant ONLY comes once in a lifetime..jerks!!!

2393 days ago


Tiresome little no class trollop.

2393 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I agree with the 'leave them alone' sentiments. She's having a baby; she's shopping with her baby-daddy--great, all is well in Kentwood.

2393 days ago


Give it a rest TMZ .You put these stupid juvenile quotes on .
Then of course you have the nasty people commenting about a young girl whom they don't know.
Harvey has been on News shows feeling sorry for Britney and glad she is getting help.
Now all his group can do is Slam the woman, her sister and family,
Sad Sad Sad people you are.

2393 days ago
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