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America's Favorite Unwed Pregnant Teen Turns 17

4/4/2008 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's pregnant baby sister, Jamie Lynn, celebrated the eve of her 17th birthday by hitting up a Louisiana JC Penney on Thursday -- with her soon-to-be baby daddy Casey Aldridge. Awww. What great role models.

The expectant parents are allegedly engaged. They're the teen Brangelina!


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WHO writes this crap!?!?!?!

2392 days ago


#33 ~ You are one SORRY excuse for a human being not to mention a tad immature! Grow up!

2392 days ago


Dude my hometown had the highest pregnancy rate in the state of Minnesota.. you wanna see a bunch of knocked up 14 year olds..

2392 days ago


NorCalReader ~ I am not far behind you!

2392 days ago


Ok. So there are posters on here who think that its absolutely fine for a 16 or 17 year old girl to slut herself around and get pregnant with a child that she is undoubtedly way to immature to raise properly. Hmmmm. Yeah. That makes sense. The scariest thought is the number of young girls who will follow in this spoiled sluts footsteps. Way to be a role model Jaime Lynne.

2392 days ago


so i just wanna know how she's a slut just because she's pregnant at 17. all you ignorant hypocrites that call her a slut were probably having sex at 17 also, you just happened to get lucky and not get pregnant. so she messed up, big deal. at least she's taking responsibility for her actions and trying to be a good mother to this baby instead of killing it like most people today think is an acceptable option. by the way, it isnt. and so what if they're getting married, good for them. if they really love each other, THEN LEAVE THEM ALONE!

2392 days ago


#37 See your another one who resorts to calling names about a person you don't know.
Yet you Judge and condemn.
No one is saying it alright for a 16 year old to be a unwed mother.

2392 days ago

thats right    

this little girl is a pig, and so is her mother for not watching what she does she is going to end up like her dumb ass sister this entire family has issues god bless the kids these people bring into this world they are going to need it. And why isn't this guy in jail isn't he like 19 20???? Whats wrong with this picture???

2392 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I am so sick of these rude comments you people at tmz come up with. Do you honestly think that anyone of you there are role models for anyone? Hiding behind your tacky comments, too afraid to take a look at your own life, so you get paid to trash other peoples. Great role models you are.

2392 days ago


It's a well known fact that Jamie Lynn was quite promiscuous. I guess some of you have decided to forget that part. Casey didn't want to be with her originally because she was fooling around. Guess you forgot that too. I bet sweet anhelic Jamie Lynn is already working on what mag to sell the first baby photos to.

2392 days ago


WOW.... some of you guys are acting as though Jamie Lynn is the FIRST 17 year old to have a baby. PLEASE. I'm just proud of her for accepting responsibility and I'm glad she's in a committed relationship. I hope they're very happy! I hope they stay in Louisiana. If Brit would just get her hiney back here she'd find out just how much every one really loves her. THEN MAYBE she'd get her head back on and leave the craziness of being a celebrity.

2392 days ago


Its so sad that TMZ cant report on any thing good.
Like the fact Jamie Lynn has taken a diffult situation and made the best of it.
She could have easily have had a abortion and went on with her life.
Like so many women in Holly Wood do.
I give her credit for making the right choice.

2392 days ago


#42 LOL You get all your WELL KNOWN FACTS from reading TMZ !!!
What a LAUGH!!

2392 days ago

just me    

news flash!!! That isnt a LA JC Penny's. It is in MS. Leave them alone already.

2392 days ago


Wow, there area a lot of lame ass, uptight people on here. The girl made a mistake, let it go. She has done nothing to draw attention to herself, she is not her sister, so leave her alone. I hope you all have daughters that get pregnant at 17 and I hope everyone judges them and calls them a slut.

2392 days ago
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