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Amy Winehouse Needs This Guy's Number

4/4/2008 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite a past marred with booze, drugs and who knows what else, Dennis Hopper somehow made it to 71 years old, looking great.

Yeah, this is the same guy who was found wandering naked in the Mexican jungle after a cocaine binge in the 80s. His "Easy Rider" co-star Jack Nicholson, one year his junior, should be ashamed.


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Yeah, I'm sure Jack Nicholson is really ashamed that the juvenile TMZ staff doesn't find him attractive. I'm sure Jack would find you to be nothing but amusing little losers.

2372 days ago


I love his acting. Sometimes I'm not sure he's acting, actually.....

2372 days ago


Hopper's a hypocrite like most of the "flower" generation. Peace, love, hate the government and especially hate money.
Now he's doing commericials for a fiancial institution talking about 401k's!!! F-in hypo!

2372 days ago


According to a Rolling Stone interview I read - Hopper's been sober for 25+ years. Remember this lesson kids, drugs may not kill you, but they can permanently damage your reputation. If it wasn't for his shady past, maybe people would be talking about his creative accomplishments instead.

2372 days ago


"F### Heineken...PABST..BLUE.. RIBBON!!"

2372 days ago


When I started seeing him in those 401k commercials I realized he has gotten pretty hot in his old age.

2372 days ago


The man is lucky to be alive. Cocaine, alcohol, pot, LSD, cigarettes, and probably a few late night stops at the pharmaceutical (sp) factory was his diet for a long time. But he doesn't look that old, and it's not all plastic surgery. He's probably had some, but it doesn't look like it's excessive.

It might just all come down to genetics. Either you got it or you don't.

2372 days ago


He looks -- classy. Even a little sexy... Sure, like sammi says, Dennis is a big sellout, but he probably needs the dough for his old age... He made some good movies and he's clean (I guess). The dude didn't ask to be photographed, like some of these H-wood publicity ho's. Live and let live!

2372 days ago


Live life to it's fullest and NEVER regret ANYTHING!!!

2372 days ago


I'd love to know why people are giving Dennis Hopper grief about selling out. The man wants to get a paycheck every now and again. I don't know if any of these folks have checked the calendar lately, but the "flower generation" was..hmmm...35+ years ago??? Let a man move on, will you??

And just for the record, Dennis Hopper is also well-known in the art gallery circle, as he produces much of his own artwork, and collects fine art as a hobby. Sounds pretty creative and classy to me. For someone who danced with the devil as a younger man, he seems to have really found a healthy balance in his later life.

2372 days ago


Dennis Hopper as Billy in "Easy Rider"

"Hey, man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody who needs a haircut."


2372 days ago


Dennis Hopper rules!!! He's one of the few actors who hasn't watered himself down over the years. And he looks great.

2372 days ago


TMZ-- Why are you so mean & nasty to some people? I don't see any halo over your head, babe.
TMZ needs to grow up and quit being so juvenile. I watched about 5 minutes of your TV show and it was STUPID.
Click, changed channels.

2372 days ago


This man exudes such a sexuality, love it!!!

2372 days ago


Hey Dennis
when are you going to repay JACQUES STERN (Baron Rothschild) for the time he paid for you to go to rehab during the Easy Rider filming so the film could be finished?

2372 days ago
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