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Being Bill & Hill Doesn't Blow

4/4/2008 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill and Hill could have been just another couple of retired Prez old farts, figuring out how they would pay their $2 million legal bill for that ... Monica thing.

Turns out, a little scandal pays off in the, er, end. Thanks in part to books about their lives, Billary just reported $109 million in income over the last seven years.

That's a whole lotta cigars and blue dresses, folks.


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Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

"kong", Your comments are right on in response to "olderbabe." Guess olderbabe is still dreaming that she will be the next recipient of Slick Willys' cigar dipping fetish! LOL......
To the rest of the posters claiming that only Republicans hate these two phoney A**h***s, guess again!!! I am/was a dem until this sorry excuse for a woman/wife/mother threw her fat ass in the ring. Don't like or trust Obama either, but she scares the hell out of me to think she might even have a chance of sitting in the oval office. I am sure her SICK husband already has another young, infatuated intern waiting in the closet or bathroom for him. Wake up people!!!!The Billary duo is dangerous to this country and our future. I would rather put my dogs' name on the dem ballot than see this b***h in office.
At least my dog (unlike bill and Hil) does'nt piss where he eats or sleeps.

2356 days ago


I think that's cool! Good for them!

2356 days ago

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2356 days ago

Bill NM    

This pathetic pair is not paying their campaign bills despite all the money. It's going to take the "jaws-of-life" to pry her out of the campaign, and after Shrillary loses the nomination, a larege number of small businesses will probably never get paid.

2356 days ago


People are never pleased....I've not watching television this weekend due to all the pundit snakes crawling all over their personal financial details.

Yes, I voted for Senator Clinton during the California Primary and want them (both) back in the White House. He can be the United Nations Ambassador and, also, support her Presidential Cabinet in finding a cure for the economic problems here in the United States and discovering a way to paydown the 9 or 10 trillion dollar debt that grew from President Clinton's three-digit billion dollar surplus left when he departed office. I'd rather forgive a blue-stained dress event than live through (minimum) seven more years of an Iraq War which is destroying our economy OR having a First Lady who is not in tempo with the American citizens and a reverse race bigot, i.e. Mrs. Obama. If Obama does get the nomination, he and the DNC are making a big mistake if he does not select Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

2356 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

It's amazing to know that the same people who are slamming Bill and Hillary are the same ones that voted for him the second time around. You were able to overlook his flaws then, until your glazed eyes were set on " I'll say anything to get a vote" Obama.

It's amazing how the black community embraced Bill and Hillary throughout both campaigns and frankly idolized him afterward....until Obama. We'll just call it AO - after Obama.

Geraldine was not that far off. If he were all white...would the Obamamaniacs still be singing his praises for ....oh that's right...nothing...he has proven nothing...he has been in the Senate for a year and a half before he ran and still did absolutely nothting in the year and half that he was there.

Obama, his wife and his young children attend white hating church services. His only loyalty to this country came when he decided to run for the Presidency. He doesn't even have loyalty to his white granny that raised him. Which makes sense on the loyalty issue with him.

No great choices anyway....I'm voting for the lesser of the three evils....McCain.

2356 days ago


I agree totally with #15. I don't care what Bill did our financial situation, was a heck of a lot better than it is today and so was my bank account. Unemployment is at an all time high, we can't afford gas, and I am sick of paying for the Iraq was and being told a big fat lie about how safer our country is--OH PLEEEZE!!! Get rid of the republicans, and put in a democrat it is true Obama hates whites, and has attended a white hating church all his life and has nothing good to say about his grandparents who raised him. He is rude and can barely handle the public. He is always stressed out. Does anyone really think he can handle the stress of being President?? I do not.

2356 days ago


What are they hiding by not releasing this last years reports?

2356 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Although I don't like or trust Obama either, get the response here back on track! This Article isn't about Obama, it is about the lying Billary duo who are hell bent at any cost to americans to get Slick Sick Willy Boy back into office for a third term.
For those of you stating how great our country and economy was during slick willys' 2 terms, I don't know what planet you were living on, because it was not great at all. Look back at the high unemployment rates while he was in office and the out of sight high interest rates. He brought shame to the office of the presidency, he lied under OATH while president and sat with a straight face on camera declaring to all of us, the american people "I did not have sexual relations with THAT WOMAN, Monica Lewinsky" and at the same time, Hillary was shrieking in her grating witch type sounding voice that it was all a RIGHT WING conspiracy to bring her husband (cough, cough) down. He later had to admit he was caought with his pants down.. LOL.. Billary duo is dangerous for the american people and for that matter so is Obama. like one of the other posters stated, I will vote for the lesser of the three evils. McCain. Not that I am a super fan of his, but he does at least come to the table with far MORE EXPERIENCE. As far as Hillarys' SO CALLED EXPERIENCE while she was in the white house, what a laugh.. My husband of 25 years was a very successful attorney, and although I occasionally worked in his office, that did not quality me to appear in court to represent his clients. WAKE UP and see this billary lying pair for what they are. They are handing out cups of kool aid to the american people just the same as JIM JONES did to his followers in the 1970's. I am certain many of you posting here remember how his followers believed his bull*** and where are they all now? DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Throw out the kool aid folks!!

2356 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Now before anyone seriously believes that the paupers that left the White House without enough money to even purchase a home, which was done for them by the former DNC chairman and senior member of Senator Clinton's election staff, have actually declared all of their post-presidential income, please read and incorporate the entire Tax Act of the United States of America. President Bill Clinton has been lobbying for Chinese and Arab interests, as soon as, he left the White House, and as any American professional who has worked in those countries will tell you, your entire income will be deposited in off shore numbered accounts to avoid detection and taxation by US authorities.

Secondly, the mere fact that the Clinton campaign at one point made the outrageous comment that Senator and President Clinton were too busy in the campaign to do their taxes and therefore would not be able to release them immediately, now is clearly as ludicrous as all professionals in that industry said it was then, do the Clintons expect Americans to believe that they themselves did taxes on $105 million dollars of income when they have been incapable of having an positive savings after working for over 20 years in public and private sectors from the WalMart board of Directors, to the Governors Office, and to the White House?

Finally, the lies, manipulations, and destructive natures of the Clintons have permanently damaged their legacies, and their supporters are deluded if they believe that Senator Clinton has any chance to win the primary process. But, passion and hate are a dangerous and blinding combination - and so - rational argument is wasted on the Clinton supporters - it will simply have to be an emotionally and intellectually crippling experience that they will not be able to avoid - but not because they were not warned or offered alternatives by the entire DNC. As for the Clinton's the DNC and the superdelgates are now starting to realize the serious long-term ramifications for party survival - and that spells disaster for the clintons - the spelling being - BARRACK OBAMA 2008 - Hope over Hate.

2356 days ago


maybe bill's been bending over too.

2356 days ago


Get over it. Bill had his affair like a million other pigs out there. But for the love of God get over it. Obama is the real questionable person here. Why does everyone stay away from pounding him? He went to a church that hated whites and our government for 20 years. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

2356 days ago


LOL @ 109 million oh yeah Hill knows all about poverty, the ecomomy blah, blah, blah... Undercover Repubs...

Oh and I am soooooooo sorry, but the inference blacks are voting for Obama because he's black... doesn't work. Blacks liked Bill's no inhalin', cigar smokin' and Monica loving ass... NEVER HILLARY.

2356 days ago


Thought about it Gracelee... Wright's church is about RISING OF BLACK AMERICANS ....and a conveniently edited sermon by the media... Its no longer questionable why Hill didn't want to give up the tax goods.... that's what this post is about.

2356 days ago


Not all black people voted for Bill because he was white and they gave a damned about Hillary. (still don't)
If you're honest... repubs vote for repubs and demos go with demos... but all of hills repub buddies behind her has the eyebrow raised and NOT TRUSTED... especially not making up stories, making statements and LYING ON ALL COUNTS.

2356 days ago
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