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Being Bill & Hill Doesn't Blow

4/4/2008 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill and Hill could have been just another couple of retired Prez old farts, figuring out how they would pay their $2 million legal bill for that ... Monica thing.

Turns out, a little scandal pays off in the, er, end. Thanks in part to books about their lives, Billary just reported $109 million in income over the last seven years.

That's a whole lotta cigars and blue dresses, folks.


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Seems like Bill Clinton has gone crazy from syphilis. Ranting and raving like a sociopath....

2372 days ago


Inhaled for the first time this week.

2372 days ago


If we give 'em another 109 million, will they STFU and go away?

2372 days ago

Diane Mitchell    

Let's put it this way , I'd rather have a president who screwed a woman , than one who screwed the country . I don't like the word excuse me for using it , but doesn't most of the leading men in Washington have mistresses also ? Why the big deal other presidents have fooled around also . We are suffering economically today , and our men are dying in Iraq what does this have to do with Clinton ? Let's get our priority's straight . I don't trust McCain and Obama at all , in fact they would be a disaster runing our country right now . It's not hard to figure out why ?

2372 days ago


The American public at large has had enough of shrill Hillary and her charismatic but criminal husband.
They are so power hungry they refuse to do the right thing, pack up their tent and go away. It is shamless to pimp out the daughter too, creepy actually.

2372 days ago

OC Get A Life    

lite up - your passion and intensity - is only surpassed by your ignorance and hatred - but that is irrelevant - if you wish to vote for anyone other than Senator Obama then do so vote for Senator McCain or Ralph Nader but VOTE participate in the blessed democratic process that the rest of the world envies in the United States of America. And, to paraphrase Dr. Rick Warren, of the Saddle Back Church, your misinformation, misdirection, and outright lies about the campaign, character, and faith of Senator Obama and his family is not simply un-Christian, it is fundamentally un-American. But, the first one to defend your right to vote would be the first one you would attack, Senator Barrack Obama. I think Senator McCain is a patriot and a great public servant and if he is your choice, then so be it. And, if Ralph Nader a well spoken public advocate is your choice, then so be it. But, VOTE, be part of the process, not simply part of the noise and then a lump on the couch in November 2008, America was built by patriots not noisemakers.

2372 days ago


I love the Clintons, but what does this have to do with TMZ?

2372 days ago

as i see it    

#51-I definally will be voting,I have for the last 10 of them.

2372 days ago

as i see it    

I forgot to add that I agree with lite-up, that person is not the only one who feels that way.

2372 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

For the first time I find myself laughing and agreeing with FlBiker. Keep it up, you are on a roll tonight.

2372 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

They have all that money, how about becoming president for free???

These two will do anything for power - that's how they get off!!!!!

2372 days ago


Bill Clinton has lost his mind he feels so entitled to another run at the White House.
I feel kinda sorry the way they have pimped out Chelsea....

2372 days ago



Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief strategist apologized Friday for meeting with Colombian officials pushing a free trade agreement that the presidential candidate opposes.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the strategist, Mark Penn, met Monday with Colombia's ambassador to the United States

2372 days ago

Mary Worth    

Billary wants us in Iraq and will continue spending our tax monies on the illegal invasion.

Billary scares the h out of me!

Do we honestly believe that Muslims are going to let us get away with all that? I hope we do, but imo; they're just bidin' their time.
It looks to me like we're heading for WWIII.

2372 days ago


clinton supporters please check your facts, i admit obama has his faults but can you vote for someone who's husband sold nuclear chips to the chinese government. your entire platform is based on your ability to answer the 3am call. at 3am you didn't even know you husband was doing god knows what with a intern. how can you run my country? think about it.

2372 days ago
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