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Hard Candy!

4/4/2008 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 61-year-old resurfaced outside the legendary 21 Club in NYC on Thursday, looking classic.
Candice Bergen
In 1967, Candice and her political activist pals temporarily shut down the New York Stock Exchange by throwing dollar bills onto the market floor.

Prior to the grisly incident, Candice lived in the L.A. home actress Sharon Tate and four others were murdered in by followers of Charles Manson.


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Did she age at all?

2372 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Masters of the blurry picture!

2372 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

She's still alive? I thought she was dead. Who knew?

2372 days ago


Knowing the history of that mannequin doesn't make him any less creepy.

2372 days ago


She is STILL a beauty!

2372 days ago


Be kind. She's a legit talent, has had some delightful, memorable roles, and is a gorgeous, first class lady.

2372 days ago


She is NO WAY 61. She may have been 61 at least 5 years ago!

2372 days ago



#3 - YES, actually Terry Melcher, the music-producing son of Doris Day, was the intended target... he dissed Charles Manson, saying to the effect that Charlie had no musical talent... and Charlie always remembered Terry Melcher, and that is who LAPD thought was really the actual target... I grew up near that area, and that's the real story...

2372 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Kara- What history?

2372 days ago

Area 51    

Charlie McCarthy's got a woody.

2372 days ago


What kind of freak likes a wooden doll more than his own daughter?

2372 days ago


terry melcher was not the intended target. perhaps originally, but if you read 'helter skelter ' by the manson trial prosecuter, vince bugliosi, there is a part which talks about how manson himself went to the tate house before the murders and spoke to the owner, rudi altobelli, who was there in the guest house. he also went to the main house and saw sharon tate before he was directed to the guest house. after speaking with altobelli, manson knew melcher did not live in the house anymore.

2372 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Hey TMZ-- That "creepy mannequin" you referred to happens to be Charlie McCarthy. A ventriloquist doll. Charlie starred in radio, television and movies before ANYONE at TMZ was even BORN!! Charlie (and Candice's father Edgar Bergan) was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. I believe they even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He (Charlie) is also IN THE SMITHSONIAN!!

Given the chance, TMZ would have called Abe Lincoln "that weird tall guy with the stupid hat."

Read a history book some time will ya? Or better still, read Candices' autobiography. She grew up with a wooden doll that was a bigger celebrity than she EVER became. Edgar loved that doll because it was an extension of his own personality. I'm not saying that he was the best father in the world, but he was a huge celebrity at one time. Canice was just his kid at the time.

And I find it interesting that my previous posting (which did not have any obscene or malicious content) was deleted. Don't like being shown up TMZ? Very childish indeed.


2372 days ago

Lana Caine    

A class-act if there ever was one. And a refreshing change from the skanks/tramps/hoes who have reached "celebrity" status today. And yes, she is 61. She'll be 62 next month.

She was hilarious in "Starting Over" singing "Better than Ever". Riveting in the TV production of Jackie Collins' "Hollywood WIves" as Elaine Conti, the neglected trophy wife who resorts to shoplifting to gain attention.

Almost in the league of an Audrey Hepburn or Dina Merrill. Almost.

2372 days ago

scissor madness    

Did anyone notice how much her mother looks like Drew Barymore?

2372 days ago
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