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Owes Jenny an Apology

4/4/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Queen Latifah out at the Grove yesterday, Valerie Bertinelli in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

Queen, Valerie
They're both spokeswomen for Jenny Craig, but do they both practice what they preach?


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Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

Queen been on Jenny for what 10min how much weight do you expect her to loose in 10 min. You guys over at TMZ need to loose lots of dead weight lots, starting with your staff.

2391 days ago


I think they both look great.. I never really thought Valerie Bertenelli was even fat to begin with.. and Queen is fierce either way! :)

2391 days ago


Pay attention to the commercials. Queen is not on Jenny to lose tons of weight.

2391 days ago

el polacko    

wait a minute.... latifah is cheating on her girlfriend with valerie bertinelli ?!? you know how those gay gals like 'em beefy !

2391 days ago


TMZ, you're a bunch of punks. Go crawl back into your hole.

2391 days ago


i am on the diet now and I lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks. You can absolutly eat at a restaraunt if you follow the guidelines of the food breakdown. TMZ, educate yourself before you run your mouth.

2391 days ago


Queen Latifah just recently started the program. What do you expect? Just because she's not on crack like others who lose weight too quickly and look like crap. Come on TMZ. You guys are beginning to reallllly suck. All ya'll need to remember that karma is a b*tch.

2391 days ago


Hey Guys, I am on Jenny Craig, have been over a month and lost 14 pounds so far. The thing is you don't just eat their food. After you have gotten used to the system of portion control, you can eat out at Restaurants at times. Also it is not denying foods. It is eating a small portion instead of a lot. There is also Free Foods and limited that you can eat whenever (most vegetables and some fruits) So they may not be cheating if they are truly on the diet.

2391 days ago


It still amazes me how people feel the need, the compulsion, and have the audacity to comment on someone else's body size and shape. This is a pathetic commentary on today's society. There is nothing more worthwhile to talk about? Why are we so obsessed with body size? Who gives a crap if someone was seen eating a french fry or enjoying a full fat latte at Starbucks. I suffered from an eating disorder for many years trying to maintain a tiny size 2 on my 5'8'' frame. My natural body weight is a beautiful size 10/12, with beautiful, womanly curves and I have finally reached the point where I love every inch of my body and I love myself unconditionally. It would be a much kinder world for everyone if we could all just accept each other for exactly what we are right now. Don't minimize who we are as people. We are all much more than the number sewn into our clothing.

2391 days ago


Honestly, cut it out with the weight comments. As if life isn't hard enough for celebs who are too skinny, too fat, or not quite perfect all ready. Jenny Craig makes allowances for the occasional night out. What are they supposed to do? Stay home every night sipping bottled water and running on a treadmill? Life just doesn't work that way. You guys need to realize that calling attention to people who are really trying to make healthy life changes like this doesn't benefit anyone, and really frustrates your readers. Grow up.

2391 days ago


Dayum! Queen Latifa looks like a heifer with big old tatas full of milk.

2391 days ago


Can anyone work for TMZ? I mean, what is your criteria? Evidently you don't need any type of journalism background, let alone a high school diploma. Your staff really needs to improve the quality of there work. These ladies are practicing a healthy lifestyle, it doesn't mean that they are locked up 24 hours a day in Jenny Craig prison. Part of the weight loss program is maintenance and being able to live a normal social life and function in public. What are you guys, the DIET POLICE?

Start in your own pig pen / newroom.

2391 days ago


I think Jenny Craig teaches you how to eat sensibly when you are eating out as part of their program. Even if they didn't eat sensibly, who the hell cares? One "splurge" meal will not ruin a diet or the results that both have achieved. TMZ is sounding like a bunch of 4-year-old tattletales...

2391 days ago


As much as I think Valerie Bertinelli is waaay to full of herself, I have to go to her defense and wonder what the heck is wrong with the picture of her OR Q. Latifah? They look like WOMEN and not candidates for anorexic posters. Thankfully I come from a place where our guys like WOMEN rather than boards. Grow up.

2391 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Queen Latifah never claimed she wanted to get skinny. She said she wanted to lose just a little weight to be healthy. Nobody owe's Jenny Craig an appology.

2391 days ago
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