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Val to Xtina: You Dirrty Beyatch!

4/4/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for bold? Valerie Bertinelli claims that Christina Aguilera copped major attitude with her backstage at a Van Halen concert in 2004. Watch it, skinny bitch!

Bertinelli was on Arizona radio's Johnjay and Rich Show this morning, where she talked about Christina and the dis. Aguilera was even gutsy enough to cop attitude backstage at Val's then-hubby's concert. Damn, diva!
Valerie Bertinelli: Click to Watch!


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Frank Olivo    

Ok, Valerie didn't bring up the comment, she was asked if she was ever let down after meeting a celebrity....after a moment she said yeah, and it was CA. Christiana was at a VANHALEN concert...y'a know...her husband's BAND? If you are fan enough to be at the concert/backstage, you are fan enough to know how to behave! I know most of you young guys refuse to believe that anyone or anything relevant has happened prior to your's just not the case!

2332 days ago


I'd cop an attitude with her, too, and I'm just a regular bitch (not a famous one)... Seriously, in 2004? And she gripes about it 4 years later on a morning show in Arizona? FIND A JOB.

2332 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Valerie is accomplished as an actress just as you are accomplished as a welfare recipient and has done movies and television movies and many things so the sitcom was a launchpad to a career. I would look up the filmography on Wikipedia for a nomenclature of accomplishments if you are truly interested or were you simply looking for an argument?

2332 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

A person with class would never bring up something that happened years ago.

It seems like a desperate attempt to get back in the spotlight.

Trashing someone on a radio station in an attempt to make a "comeback" is not what you call class ......

2332 days ago


I remember Val from her HIT show years back. She was awesome. Christina...sings.....ok...
both are the best for their own age group...but should show RESPECT to others.
I partied with the band Van Halen in late 1980 and they were great....

2332 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

Come ON PEOPLE... If you'd met someone you admired and was famous and THEY acted like an ASS to you.. Wouldn't you still be smartin from it if it was 4 years later? Give Val a break.. She's human too.. Judging by the comments posted by most of you; ya'll can't be more than in your tweens. I'd like to hear of some celebrity dissing your butt and see if you didn't still relive that memory years down the line. Get over yourselfs and get real.

2332 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Val, not so classy,
That is your clearly biased and subjective characterization of the incident and conversation to which you were not a party.
How do you know what her motivation was? Is she selling something? and if so, so what. There is no crime in that.
It's not immoral or illegal to do that. Nor to recount someone else's improper conduct or an event that took place in one's own life when having an informal conversation with someone else.
You clearly don't like Valerie and want to impugn some impropriety or assertion upon her when there is none to be had.

2332 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I've always liked Valerie and for xtina to ditch her like that was uncalled for. xtina should know how it feels to be treated that way. Never buying anything of hers again. Can't stand bitches who are self centered. She can sing, so what, so can about a trillion other people. She should stay home and raise her child.

2332 days ago


For all you people that say Valerie Bertinelli is so 'classy', you've obviously not read her book or watched her on Oprah. She admitted she cheated on her husband and did drugs. That's not classy. But, that was years ago and it appears that she has changed since then. Perhaps Christina has also changed since then.

2332 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

TO: Val, Not So Classy.. If you had listened to the radio response. It seems to me that Valerie was ASKED and she didn't just out of the BLUE volunteer that info on her own. IT was an incident that transpired and she commented about the matter. Simple as that. No matter what Valerie will always have more CLASS than Xtina anyday!

2332 days ago


The Dj's instigated the conversation...Val was just telling it like it was.

2332 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Val, not so classy,

See? you weren't there... were you?

You were attempting to package something for your benefit and sell it to fit your needs....when you knew nothing about it at all....

2332 days ago


TMZ -- Why are you so mean and nasty to some people? I don't see any halo over your head, babe.

2332 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

TO: Let It Go.. Oh so your OWN backyard is squeeky CLEAN TOO??? The point of this thread was the fact that XTINA was rude. This isn't about Valerie's personal DEMONS..Who here hasn't freaking made bad choices in their own personal lives. I'd be curious to see if anyone of you would write a book and show all your flaws like she did and then take it to the next level on a talk show. You don't think she knew she'd be judged and pointed at? Takes a strong person to bare their soul and admit their faults to all, knowing that they'd be judged regardless. Let the first one of you come forth and propose that your own life is so perfect and that you never made damaging mistakes. Stick to the THREAD man and stop defusing it with other crap. The point of this thread is the fact that Xtina was rude to Valerie on Valerie's own turf.. Get over yourself's and deal with what the ISSUE of this thread is....FFS!! ..

2332 days ago


You guys are retarded. Valerie B. didn't volunteer the info, the DJs asked HER the question. After she thought about it for a second she recalled the CA was a bitch to her. Doesn't effen matter if it was 4 years ago, last week or 10 years ago, a bitch is a bitch, no matter how you slice it.

2332 days ago
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