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Forget Firecrotch: Greasy's a Racist, Homophobe

4/4/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting taunted by the paparazzi sucks -- but it's still no excuse to attack someone with some of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Paging Michael Richards!

One photog was definitely laying into Brandon Davis outside Foxtail last night, but Brandon took it to another level by calling the black photog a "nigger." The pack of photogs was shocked -- and ripped back, calling him "Greasy Crotch" and "d-bag."

Around an hour later, cameras caught the scumbag oil heir still fuming outside of Villa, where he called TMZ's photog "a faggot." Classy.


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he's a fat ugly man who has to pick on others cause he a fat ugly man! lol.

2391 days ago

Insert comical name here    

No one is really defending him, just criticizing the paps. And when was the last time you became incensed when a white person was slurred? I understand blacks are easily offended but they don't hold the monopoly, whites can get their feelings hurt also. Do unto others and all that.

2391 days ago


I don't agree with those kind of racial and homophobic slurs whatsoever, and I don't care for Brandon Davis either, however, you guys can dish it but you sure can't take it. Taunt someone to the brink and that's what you're going to get. You asked for it..

2391 days ago


Lets see the guy deosnt have alot of class and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Then again the Photogs were baiting him looking to instigate something. Personally speaking my father always taught me that anyone could be a n****r that it didnt matter if u were white pink blue or black.... If your gonna throw insults at a guy (who probably deserves some) who u know isnt the poster boy of political correctness then u better be prepared to hear something non-politically correct. The photogs were acting just as infantile as he is so he probably described them pretty close to what they are.

2391 days ago


Wow...I can't believe some folks are on here actually defending Greasy. It's repulsive. This is what's wrong with humanity today.

2391 days ago


setting aside the trash that came from his mouth. I guess they deserved it.

I mean why else would you waste your time following a NOBODY unless you really had nothing else to do or follow

2391 days ago

Frank White    

Paris Hilton has used the "n" and "f" word on video. She has also used derogatory terms about Jews. Did you call Paris Hilton an "anti-Semite" or a "judeophobe" when she was seen on video saying "jappy Jew"? The answer is "NO". Probably because you know that Paris isn't really racist, homophobic, or most importantly, anti-Semitic. She has friends and associates who are Jewish who remain close to her even after that video was leaked. The same applies to Brandon Davis. Just because he used those words doesn't make him a racist or homophobe. Stop reporting this BS!

2391 days ago

Pepper Murray    

This guy is a big fat pig! TMZ is worldclass. Dont even photograph this sleezbag anymore the world doesnt want to know him! PepperMurray

2391 days ago


Here is just another example of why his Grandfather disinherited him.

2391 days ago


i dont brlirve brandon davis is racist i think he was just really angry and wanted to be really hurtful and offensive so he choose a word that he knew would really offend the pap.I am not defending his behaviour in any way but just putting reason behind it it doesnt mean i think what he said was right

2391 days ago


Oh, TMZ, really!! You need to stop. Your transparent hypocrisy is soooooooo tired. This clown may be a pig but he's just acting naturally. You all misbehave for a paycheck. Please.

2391 days ago


totally not cool. Him calling Lilo a name no man should call a young girl is bad. Then he went there. I hope his
parents are proud of him. He is not Irish trust me. He is part Turkish! Davis is not his legal last name. His mother
is a Davis. What an arse hole. Somebody is going to knock him down. He's a thief too. Stole his friends 100,000.00
watch remember that. Thief! Then he cried like a baby! Wahahah! What a wuss. Greasy nasty little man.

2391 days ago


What makes you think we care what this azzscratch says? And what makes you think we care what paps are called? Step up and take your medicine, boys. Nobody likes a whiner. What......not as much fun being on the receiving end of

2391 days ago


He's an ignorant idiot who should not be allowed to speak...enough said.

2391 days ago

Area 51    

It's funny that sleaze merchants like TMZ are questioning someone's "class".

2391 days ago
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