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Brit: Carpet Matches Drapes & She's Wearing Both

4/5/2008 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney has almost completed her transformation -- into an old freakin' lady...

The once pink-wig wearing, pantyless wonder ate at Peppone last night in Brentwood -- wearing a dress made from the curtains at the Shady Pines Retirement Home. BTdubs, the jacket is from the berber wall-to-wall in the mess hall.

Brit raced to watch a "Murder, She Wrote" marathon.


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TMZ. Leave her alone. Your sarcasm isn't funny anymore.

2355 days ago


i looooooooooooove briiiiiiiiiit

2355 days ago


damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Lay off.

2355 days ago

Chency A. Roads    

Britney has completely lost all respect she has had....she didn't have much to begin with. Ever since her first music videos we've known she was messed up. Listen to the song "Give me more".....oddly she made this album during her custody battle. Not exactly convincing she is a good mother. And lets not forget her psycho freak-out.

2355 days ago

Pink to the Lee (formerly Pinky Lee)    

Hey sweet cheeks fix that mop before you come out and get your pic taken. Helpful hint: A hair brush. Start at the top and work the brush down through the hair.

2355 days ago


on my way out, just had to look at tmz. I think she looks good. but then what do I know? hay britney, go see yur boyz today girl. or soon.

2355 days ago


Who the h... is writing TMZ text this weekend?
Must be one with a bad toothache. Evil and unpleasant. Not interesting at all to read. Make a staff chance. Send home the stingily one.

2355 days ago


A Precious Baby Boy
© By Connie Cleveland

A baby boy will soon be here
And we know for sure he will be a dear.

He will be loved from his head to his toes.
There will be oohs and aahs whereever he goes.

Will he look like his mom or maybe his dad
All that really matters is that he will be a lucky lad.

His mom will kiss away boos boos and wipe away tears
His dad will teach him lots of things over the years.

Although he will grow up one of these days
He will give lots of memories in so many ways.

Now enjoy your precious gift sent from above
And he'll always remember how much he is loved!

2355 days ago


Did somebody forget to tell TMZ that the Britstir is back in cahoots with her old manager, Larry Rudolph?

2355 days ago


Damn, you guys suck. I am not a Britney fan, but come on. The girl can't do anything right in your opinion. And from what I've seen of the way you all dress on your TMZ television show, you could take a few fashion lessons yourself.

2355 days ago


Hahahaha...I know, let's see a pic of all the TMZ paps and workers dressed in their finest and then we can pick THEM apart!!!! Who cares what Brit wears (I think she looks actually quit nice) I mean really, who cares? She at least is getting better and really thats all that counts. I'm glad after all the crap of the last year that she is finally looking better and doing better. WTG

2355 days ago


Does your staff have a resident therapist? If not, it should. The woman looks fine. She's covered up which is 100% improvement. She is now looking and acting like a 26 year old mother of two should. You're just bitter because she isn't giving you what you want. Put on your big boy boxers and get over it.

2355 days ago


Britney looks great......she got alot of class....

Stay like you are Britney.........we love it......

2355 days ago

3E@UT!FUL @NG3L    

Seriously?!! Who writes this stuff? You sound like a little immature teenage boy who thinks he's funny??? I mean come on comparing her to carpet and drapes...oh how original!! TMZ really needs to reconsider who they have writing these damn things! Isn't about time you move on to another celebrity! Britney is getting her life together. Give the girl a chance!!

2355 days ago

Lenn K.    

I'm laughing at you TMZ, you guys can't caught Britney making a fool of herself so you act terrible things anyway. Looks like she on the road to recovery, not with any help from you pigs!! Her dad has done a great job!

2355 days ago
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