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'Real Housewives'

Real Pain In Ass

4/5/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Wall Street management company may learn the hard way -- skank is now a protected class in the US of A.

Jason Colodne is suing Patriarch Partners for $55 mil, claiming he was wrongfully fired because he appeared on the TV show "The Real Housewives of New York City." NEW YORK CITY!

According to the suit, first reported by Page Six, Jason's GF, Bethenny Frankel, is a cast member, and he appeared on an episode to promote a charity that raises money for neurofibromatosis. By the way, Jason wasn't working in the mail room. He was Prez of the frickin' company.

Apparently, the firm values its privacy and felt Jason boy was out of line. Since he's now unemployed and into charity work, we're thinkin' he should try out for "Oprah's Big Give."


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in regards to "oh-please"... this is TMZ, it's the freaking internet. this is where face-less and name-less people you don't even know come to post comments. if something that is said in NO regards to YOU can upset you, then you have some serious sensitivity issues that you need to deal with. in other words, you're a pu$$y.

2358 days ago


people actually watch these "real-wives" shows? hell..i'd rather watch TMZ than this CRAP!

2358 days ago


News Flash! long Beach Ca resident Josh Starer is busy bangin Alex's husband New York City Housewives.

2358 days ago


Jim-bob , How do you know this about Alexs' husband?! I live in NY,not NYC, and Alex and her husband make me sick . They are SO pretentious (sp?) and snotty , fake and phoney, for NO REASON... SHE IS FROM KANSAS FOR PETES SAKE...ALEX CREEPS ME OUT . All she is is just a visual merchandiser for a retail chain!!!! Big deal... No one with REAL MONEY acts the way they do....In fact, people with real money are so down to earth, you would be shocked, NOTHING like these people....DISGUSTING...BTW, NEWS FLASH FOR ALEX , "WHO WOULD RATHER DIE THAN LIVE IN THE SUBURBS..." WE DONT WANT YOU HERE IN THE BEAUTIFUL SUBURBS SURROUNDING NYC. YOU CANT AFFORD TO LIVE HERE WITH US, AND BESIDES, YOU ARE TOO TACKY,. PS It is IMPOSSIBLE to compare the two Housewives shows, Apples and Oranges....It should be more like CA vs TEXAS or NYC vs CHICAGO ......Now THAT would be comparing the same my opinion...

2358 days ago



2358 days ago


The title has it right. I hope Jason collects every penny of the $55 mill, and Ms. Frankel finds herself suddenly single.

2358 days ago


i don't know what the problem was with his company. in fact, i think they, not jason created bad PR for themselves. i saw the episode he appeared in for this particular illness. i'd never heard of this illness before and i am sure many hadn't. he brought it to the public and that was a good thing. i can't believe he got fired for doing something to create public awareness of an illness. his company should be ashamed.

2358 days ago


Sheri----yes, 47 IS old. I know you're older than that or you would not be so offended hearing it. Most 50 year olds DON'T look like Sharon Stone. She wouldn't even look like she does if not for tons of plastic surgery. Nothing wrong with long as people do it gracefully and don't try to act like teenage skanks when they're 50. Nothing is more embarasisng to witness. Get over yourself GRANNY!!

2358 days ago


Only Jason and the 4 kids from three of the housewifes seemed nornal. Are all those ladies on crack of whaat???????

2358 days ago


Who really gives a rats ass!!!!!

2358 days ago


It was his sister and I dont think he did anything wrong, but I dont know what his employer's policies for appearances. If anything its in bad taste for the firm but big PR for all involved!

2358 days ago


Fred is obviously an unemployed low-life piece fo white trash thta used to make $6.00 an hour

2358 days ago


To # 52 A rats ass don't look bad compared to Alex. Ugh...what a troll.

2358 days ago


Are you freakin kidding me? I caught the episode and was touched by his sister's illness - and the awareness brought by that charity event. From what I could tell that guy was the only normal person on the show.....

2358 days ago


The women suck on this show. They are shallow and self centered and have no style. The one in Brooklyn nasty inside and out. Don't blame a company bagging anyone who would appear with these trashy woman. I live in NY and don't know women like this. Thank God.

2358 days ago
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