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'Real Housewives'

Real Pain In Ass

4/5/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Wall Street management company may learn the hard way -- skank is now a protected class in the US of A.

Jason Colodne is suing Patriarch Partners for $55 mil, claiming he was wrongfully fired because he appeared on the TV show "The Real Housewives of New York City." NEW YORK CITY!

According to the suit, first reported by Page Six, Jason's GF, Bethenny Frankel, is a cast member, and he appeared on an episode to promote a charity that raises money for neurofibromatosis. By the way, Jason wasn't working in the mail room. He was Prez of the frickin' company.

Apparently, the firm values its privacy and felt Jason boy was out of line. Since he's now unemployed and into charity work, we're thinkin' he should try out for "Oprah's Big Give."


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neu·ro·fi·bro·ma·to·sis (nr-fbr-m-tss, nyr-)
n. Abbr. NF
A genetic disease characterized by the formation of neurofibromas, sometimes accompanied by physical deformation and a predisposition to brain tumors and various forms of cancer.

2387 days ago


3 kids and no job. Maybe for the best so Bethenny can move on as this guy is not for her..not her type plus he has 3 kids and doesn't want to support anymore.

What is with Tarzan and Jane on this show. What a tacky get up they wore to the opera. You notice no one talked to them and they knew no one. Why did I think this was all staged for tv to look "important" These two need a life of their own instead of wanting to be wannabees.

2385 days ago

R u nuts?    

I love luanne... she is awesome

2381 days ago

R u nuts?    

I hope jason leaves bethenny... she is awful! I hate the way they talk... thier accents sucks ass!

2381 days ago

Hugh G Rection    

Alex looks like Skeletor. The Aussie is obviously gay and their spoiled little brat with the long hair Francois will also be gay. Ramona is cool-she tells it like it is.

2377 days ago


For someone who says they wish everyone had a life like she (JIll) had growing up then what the f...makes her so mean. That women is as nasty as it gets--"I want to sit in the front row or I am going home" and home she goes---what an idiot. Why does she treat Ramona so mean and always fighting with her. Hello are we a nasty little high school snob here? I think Jill needs to be replaced if this show continues. I can't stand to watch this show with Jill and Alex and Simon. The Dutchess skims in next. Jill and Alex should have tea together and talk about how wonderful they are and how much better they are than anyone else as their "station" is so above everyone.

2373 days ago


It just occurred to me..... How is it possible that Simon, the Husband of the Pretentious couple "Alex and Simon", has a BRITISH ACCENT!! HE HAS STATED HE IS AN AUSSIE (FROM AUSTRALIA) ....WTF ?????? They are 2 different, very distinct accents.....Could it be that there is much more prestige and class with a British accent as opposed to a common Australian accent???!!!! And so the neverending fakeness of this POMPOUS couple continues....Btw, your precious, genious child behaved like a SPOILED BRAT during the dinner party at the 21 club in NYC. It is NOT OK to let your child SCREAM at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS for a long time while in an elegant restaurant. Go to Mc Donalds.....OH thats right, you dont go to low class restaurants like that, your children are being raised to be better than that. And yeah, it is NOT OK to live in a "work in progress" sloppy home such as yours. IT IS UNSAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Those THOUSAND OF DOLLARS THAT YOU SPENT ON YOUR CLOTHES COULD HAVE PURCHASED A NEW FLOOR FOR YOUR HOVEL...AND NO, IT IS NOT OK THAT YOU POSE NAKED...YOU THINK WAY TOO MUCH OF YOURSELF...Real people with real money and status would have nothing to do with you or your family..You are too arrogant, too pretentious, and way too fake---mentally... Please go back to Kansas or Australia , you are too phony to ever be TRUE New Yorkers...

2372 days ago


Since the show is called "real HOUSEWIVES of nyc", why is Bethany on it anyway? She's neither married nor has children!

2371 days ago


I feel bad for Bethenny, you can tell she's really hurting inside and deserves better. Sounds like she's been treated like crap all her life. As for the others, I really pity them - they're leading a meaningless existence - what do they really contribute and how grounded are their friendships?

2368 days ago
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