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MacLaine and Greasy Joined at Artificial Hip

4/5/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to believe -- but Team Greasy/Racist/Homophobic Bear may have another member!


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New day, new world    


2355 days ago


OMG! You really are going to try and bore us to death with this story, aren't you?

2355 days ago


Not to mention that you have access to the great Shirley McClain, and this is all you can think of to ask her? Children, children, children, you have much to learn before you should be playing "journalist".

2355 days ago



2355 days ago


Shirley wasn't even listening guys.... She did not know what the question even was. Don't make a story out of this. This video it gives no credence whatsoever. It is a NON story. Shirley was not making any kind of a comment. She only agreed that paps were a problem not that she agreed with anyones remarks. TMZ is trying to make a story where there is NONE. TMZ is flushing itself down the toilet with this kind of non story.

2355 days ago


This is making something out of nothing. Think about it. Shirley doesn't know anything about what happended. Only if she read TMZ yesterday. And if she did, she would have known immediately what the pap was tallking about. It was only after the pap mentioned the word "paporazzi" that she immediately said, "Oh, I agree with that." Think about it. Shirley is very progressive and liberal, and far from racist.

2355 days ago


Homophobic Bear. Now THERE'S an oxymoron!

2355 days ago


God you people are losers!! First you miss the biggest wedding story of the year. "We're not buying it, Beyonce and Jay z's wedding isn't happening"! People are showing up and floweres are being delivered but it's all BS. Then you harass Shirley MacLaine? L O S E R S!!!!!

2355 days ago


she's an old racist hag "i agree with it" ??? WTF?
love u tmz!

2355 days ago


did you ever watch the "Children's Hour" starring Shirley MacClaine? Of course you didn't, you ignorant fools. She was sticking up for the Gays back in the 50s for god sake. i hope they succeed in reining in the blight on society that you have become.

2355 days ago


It's time to face reality, TMZ. In the court of public opinion, paps and gossip rags are considered among the bottom rungs of society. To try and paint Shirley McClain as a supporter of racism and bigotry illustrates why. The day is coming when playing footloose and fancy free with truth and civility is going to evoke dire consequences. You're killing your own golden goose, so have fun while it lasts.

2355 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

it becomes very clear, that without tmz, none of these stars would have a career!!and no- i'm not a poet.

2355 days ago


The minute she heard "paparazzi", she agreed that they got whatever they deserved. She was clearly trying to avoid the paps. It's not as if they are all related or they even care, so why ask them questions like that?

You're simply trying to "make" a story where none exists.

2355 days ago


She agreed with the idea of calling YOU ass holes racial and homophobic slurs. Shocking? NOT! You have the chance to have a few words words with a true Hollywood Icon, and all you can bombard her with is crap about some loser? You are turning Hollywood into a joke... what happened to the good old days of "can I have your autograph"? Oh, there weren't aholes like you back then!

2355 days ago

Las vegas    

Does anyone really believe Shirley MacLaine even knows who the Davis's are? Or cares? She agreed with paps getting whatever was sent their way. Ms. MacLaine has been working for equal rights for gays and lesbians for most of her professional life and doesn't deserve a headline like this. She obviously wasn't even paying attention to what the guys said, and besides ,why would anyone even ask this question?

2355 days ago
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