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Brit -- No More Wiggin' Out

4/6/2008 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit busted a load of cash on lawyer fees and wigs over the past year and reports say she wants to hit the road and start working again. Operation Infinite Chances reportedly involves a $100 million payday for the recovering poptart for a world tour, according to Showbizspy.

Brit Brit wants to leave on a jet plane and hightail it out of La La Land and away from her troubled past. Sources say Britney is ready to work her way back to the top and is even finally trying to get her post-baby mama body back in shape.

Party Favors: Desperately Seeking Madonna on "Dirt" ... Elton Puts Out for Hil ...Meredith Vieira Shatters Glass for Charity

We hear that Rosanna Arquette -- Madonna's co-star in 1985's "Desperately Seeking Susan" -- will be turning the tables, playing a Madge-ish type on tonight's installment of FX's "Dirt" ...Hillary is having a hard time competing with the nation's crush on Obama and raising cash. Her #1 -- Elton John -- is throwing a $1 million fundraiser concert for the wanna be president at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday. ...Meredith woke up early on Saturday to do karaoke and help raise money for a non-profit that helps end violence against children. has her "special" performance. She should definitely keep her day job.


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I just read about charlton heston passing.Hollywood has lost one of it legends and I hope he rests in peace.

2289 days ago


As someone who's experienced a family member with Bi-Polar problems, I find it hard to believe that she's going around the world. She's not ambitious enough (for one thing) to ever withstand the rigors of a tour. And, once again she forsakes her children. Lovely.

2289 days ago


Wow I see that TMZ is still up on the latest news stories--------- I mean a hollywood legend dies and we are still worried abt Britney wigging out, Clooneys comments on Paul , and oh wait the greatest tidbit of them ALL Roseanne Arquette... Omg who needs to hear abt a hollywood legend dying when we can read these great morsels!!!!!!

2289 days ago


RIP Charlton Heston, and please take all the guns with you.

2289 days ago


Clooney = Box –Office poison.

2289 days ago


Okay........if all TMZ is going to do is take stories off showbizspy and put them on here, wouldn't it make more sense to just go there? After all, they're reporting on Charlton Heston, but apparently TMZ doesn't consider that important enough to report on. You guys are not only mean-spirited, you're lazy as well.

2289 days ago


Go Britney!

2289 days ago


I don't think this poor girl will ever find anyone to act in HER OWN BEST INTEREST. Money is great, it pays the bills and buys heathcare, but there is more to it than working and not filling up that ache inside.

2289 days ago


I am a Spears , work for myself as a painter. Do I get chance after chance, NO. Why give her anymore chances. I am barely getting by and shes loaded for life? I know stfu and stop whining and keep diggin boy!! Just have to shake my head in bewilderment.

2289 days ago


I despised C.Heston and everything he stood for. Anyone that will defend him, I hope you never experience what we have.
Cassie Bernall
Corey DePooter
Matt Kechter
Daniel Rohrbough
Rachel Scott
John Tomlin
Isaiah Shoels
Steve Currow
Kelly Fleming
Daniel Mauser
Lauren Townsend
Kyle Velasquez
Coach Dave Sanders

2289 days ago


i think it may be good for her do do a tour but what about her kids she gonna keep flying home to see them lets wait to see what happens about custady case first good luck to u britney

2289 days ago


Now maybe someone can pry that gun from his "cold dead hands."

2289 days ago


I am one of those family members who took care of a parent who had Alzheimenr's, believe me it was not easy. I had a care giver too but even with the help, it was not enough. I went to help the loved one while my child was @ school, went to pick him up then went nback to help my loved one till late in the evening. I had done this for 2 1/2 years, it took a big toll on me. my body but most of all my family. But lucky enough my family was a blessing, if it wasn't foir mu husband & son, I would have had a nervous breakdown. For those who think this disease is nothing, think again, I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Sadly my mother passed away 1 year ago, she is longer going thru the pain of remembering or fighting with loved ones. RIP Charleston Heston, you're @ peace.

On to Britney, if she dsires to leave Los Angeles, then so be it. it would be a great move for her & to start all over again. We don't know if she is forsaking her children. Alot of stars/musicians don't take their children with them when on tour or working, they're home with a nanny or loved one. Maybe she is going back to her hometown, we don't know. Back when she was going all over town, people on here were saying she should leave Los Angeles & start anew. Now, she wants to do that, she gets bashed. I wish her all the best, she is trying.

2289 days ago

Grace E.    

Posted at 9:26AM on Apr 6th 2008 by Friend of Columbine victims

One of the most pathetic postings ever. Charlton Heston had nothing to do with Columbine what so ever. The rejected marine kid and his half Jewish accomplish killed their classmates on Hitler's birthday. No relation to the American Hollywood legend Charlton Heston what so ever. In fact high schools in Washington DC installed metal detectors in 1996. Washington DC even has a ban on hand guns and still students manage to kill each other with guns in the nation's capitol all the time.

2289 days ago


I question the validity of the George Clooney story. If it supposedly happened during his latest trip to NYC to do publicity for "Leatherheads," he made it clear before he departed from California that Ms. Larson would not be accompanying him on the trip. So if she didn't accompany him on the trip, how was she present when he made his tacky comment about Paul McCartney's new lady friend? Also, Paul has been in some sunny, oceanside locale vacationing with his new lady friend so it doesn't appear that George and this lady were in NYC at the same time, either.

Maybe this is old news and happened months ago when he, Ms. Larson and the woman in question were all in NYC? The only thing remotely interesting about this story is that it shows George Clooney as the womanizing louse that he is. Sarah Larson apparently doesn't conduct herself with much class, given the photos that have come out, but that's no excuse for a "great" guy like George Clooney to talk about his desire to bed another woman. What a guy!

2289 days ago
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