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Blige Blabs Jay and B's Nup News

4/7/2008 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs publicists when your pals will break your big news to the world?

Whatevs: TMZ watched all Friday night as guests mingled at Jay-Z's joint in Manhattan, but Mary J. Blige basically just blabbed to a sold-out crowd of thousands in North Carolina that Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles got married, by congratulating "my man Jay-Z" and "my girl B" and dedicating a song to them. The couple haven't officially acknowledged their nups.

Jigga teased the masses with a couple notes from "Crazy in Love," his duet with B, but didn't say anything about the wedding. says that Beyonce might join Jay-Z for a duet on Thursday night when her man's tour hits Houston. We'll see.

McCain Loses Heidi's Vote -- For Now

Republican strategists will be scrambling to cover for a new setback in John McCain's campaign – turns out that Heidi Montag can't vote.

No, not because she can't read the ballot: She's not registered! Radar checked out the registration records in Colorado and L.A. County, but no one called "Heidi Montag" exists in the voter database. Her rep didn't know whether H-Mo was registered.

McCain could use her help in Colorado: He lost his primary there.

Party Favors: Times Takes Tupac Story Down ... Hathaway's Honey Haggard After Arrest ... Pam Makes Hef's Bday with Birthday Suit

The Los Angeles Times has officially retracted its story about the Tupac Shakur shooting from last month after it concluded that its source and source materials were "fabricated." It's taken the story completely off the web. ... The New York Daily News says that Anne Hathaway's boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri looked "miserable and haggard" on a shuttle flight back from Boston. Wonder if that had anything to do with that arrest TMZ broke last week? ... Vegas Confidential says that Pam Anderson surprised Hugh Hefner on his 195th 82nd birthday by showing up to his eponymous Palms Fantasy Towers suite wearing only high heels. No word if she was carrying a defibrillator.


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Hef can look at his own wrinkles. He doesn't need to see Pam Anderson's wrinkly bits.

2353 days ago


Not all mixed people are pretty. I have seen so real dogs in my day. Just go to Lansing, Michigan.

2353 days ago



2353 days ago


and you were calling BS on this. HA!

2353 days ago


Pam Anderson will stoop to any level, no matter how low to keep herself in the media. I am sure Holly had a fit but then Holly is so obviously the most insecure bimbo of Hefner's harem. I laugh every time they show Hef's ex girlfriend Barbie Benton around Holly. She just cannot stand it. It is comical. And although I dislike Kendra at least you can see she is just along for whatever she can get out of it all. Bridget I just don't understand at all.. in her mid 30's and acting so childish. Holly is just delusional. looking for marriage with a married man, who's wife and sons live right next door. As for Anderson, Hefner obviously will take anything bleached blond...even if she is diseased ridden and worse than any tramp.

2353 days ago

just me    

Now there's something that is sure to be a setback to John McCain's campaign... an endorsement from batcrap-crazy-Britney-wannabe Heidi Montag! Have you heard little Miss Heidi's fake duet with Britney? Here is the debut release of Miss Heidi's fake "Dramatic" duet with Britney when it aired on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

Poor Britney has been cloned by popwhore-wannabe Heidi! Isn't John McCain against human cloning?

2353 days ago


Beyonce is mixed. Her mother is Louisiana Creole (a mixture of French, Spanish and Black) and her father is Black (credit Wifkipedia). #15, I agree with you. I'm not sure if MOST Black American women are mixed, but MANY are. Many have Europeon or Native American blood. Watched a PBS special about a year ago during Black History week where they DNA tested many Black Americans, and some of the people where shocked to find out a significant percentage of themselves was of Europeon decent.

2353 days ago


Diana Camilla - You my sister are delusional! We are black, we are not from Africa and I frankly want no part of being called African American. So if you want to continue to sound ignorant, go ahead and tell everyone you are African American!

2353 days ago


Take a hint people/TMZ: Beyonce and Jay Z want their private life P-R-I-V-A-T-E

They've gone through great lengths over the years to protect their privacy, why not give it to them? There is no point in staking out and abusing your journalistic rights to get information on them.

Find out what it means to me (or them)

2353 days ago


Ok. Why is this news. They have been dating for six years and have got to be the most boring couple. I just don't see the chemistry. It almost seems like he is one of those guys who just wants a pretty girl on his arm.

2353 days ago


Beyonce IS gorgeous regardless of whether she is mixed or not...who cares anyway? Pam Anderson is really a sad case. I bet Hefner was embarrassed that she showed up naked at his door. He doesn't give a crap anymore who is naked...he's seen too much and now they all look the same. Pam is sad, sad, sad.

2353 days ago


I tell you one thing, Hef probably LOVED that Pam showed up. She was on the cover of Playboy more times than any female. He loves her. You people have no idea what your talking about. I think Pam still looks fantastic! ;-) And please, if Holly doesn't understand what type of business Hef is in by now, than she's obviously as in the dark as some of these know-nothing posters... What Pam did is not out of the ordinary for Hef's world - and MORE than appropriate to do for Hef's birthday.

2353 days ago

HI YaLL    

Many blacks and African Americans are mixed. Many don't even know it. SO WHAT! I'm mixed and I have family members of just about every race. AND WE ALL BLEED RED! Even blacks and African Americans that aren't mixed come in every shade, just like many other races do. Get a clue.

Heidi and the Hills are getting too desperate for attention. She can't vote. CLASSIC.
I bet within the year Heidi will pose for Playboy or some knid of nudity mag, for artistic reasons of course.

2353 days ago


first of all it doesnt matter if beyonce is mixed or not..african americans come in all shape, sizes and complexions..

but Beyonce is mixed.. her maternal grandmother is jewish..

2353 days ago
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