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Patricia Heaton Rips Autograph Seeker a New One

4/7/2008 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everybody loves Raymond, but Hollywood autograph hunters now have a reason to hate his on-screen wife Patricia Heaton.

On her way into Avalon last night, She of No Belly Button crumpled up a bunch of photos from a John Hancock seeker and ran inside the club. The autograph hound didn't just roll over though -- he called the cops, who ordered Heaton to pay the man back!


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No video!

2335 days ago



we click on patrica heaton, and we get some psycho chick with a million tattoos

2335 days ago


What was wrong with the photo's she destroyed? I guess they were old photo's and she didn't want them out! The way she went about it is wrong.

2335 days ago

Not True    

Okay, so you finally fix the link, and it's another "So what" story. There's no video of her taking the pictures, just the autograph seeker signing the papers and her rep paying the guy. The rep even said to the guy he shouldn't have had those photos in the first place. The autograph guy is obviously not a fan, but a person trying to make money off autographed pictures of celebs. If the photos were purposefully unflattering (like what TMZ posts), then her reaction was completely understandable. Perhaps not completely correct, but certainly understandable. And since we have no video of the actual incident or the photos in question, I'm siding with Ms. Heaton.

2335 days ago

Funny Answers    

She played a bitch on the show, and on her new show, what makes you think that is not her real personality. She has never been nice in any interview, and vain is her middle name. Not my favorite person on television. She is like one of the persons who love themselves more than anyone else, and believe their press. So sad, but she was a perfect bitch on Raymond.

2335 days ago


what's her prob??? she should be thrilled anyone is interested in her autograph!! cus I can't imagine many ARE!

2335 days ago


What is she doing? I don't see it. But I don't like her anyway.

2335 days ago


Patty is her own biggest fan. Compared to "real" actresses like Liz Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis,
you couldn't carry their makeup bags.

2335 days ago


Had to be of her old face twice, thrice removed. Well then why not demand the reruns be stopped.. oh right now that's WHERE the money is. She has always been a self involved Bitch, most actors are. Trust me.

2335 days ago


Met her on the set of "Raymond" once...What a bitch !!!! Ray was very nice and Doris Roberts was just wonderful...Patricia should take her example....Self centered bitch..You'd think she had an oscar...

2335 days ago

Not True    

Sounds like some people just hate her because of her politics. I'm a Democrat, and I really don't see why someone's political party should matter when we are talking about acting. Good grief! Last time I checked, one of the great things about the U.S. is the right to one's own opinion in political matters. Multiple points of view is what sets us apart from some other parts of the world. It would be pretty boring if everyone believed all the same things.
Thank goodness for diversity!

2335 days ago


Fans! Ugh! How dare they ask for your autograph! They are just the people who made you a celebrity, and keep you working in television!

2335 days ago


This woman ha bothered me for years She was the reason I stopped watching Raymond. Glad her true colors are finally showing.

2335 days ago


Saw Patricia and Laura Bennett outside a Broadway show last year and if looks could kill, anyone within a thousand yard range would be dead. Laura was just like she'd been on "Project Runway"--radiant, all smiles...while Patricia looked pinched, pissy and miserable.

Make of it what you will...seems to be a pattern.

2335 days ago


They were probably photo's of her on the beach with no Belly Button...

2335 days ago
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