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Quentin Tarantino and RZA:

New BFFs?!

4/7/2008 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the running for one of the most random buddy pairings ever -- Quentin Tarantino and RZA from Wu-Tang!

Quentin worked on his street cred while RZA worked on losing his.


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What is so surprising about that? Haven't they been friends for years? If I'm not mistaken The RZA even scored the Kill Bill movies. Do a little research TMZ.

2358 days ago


not really too random....RZA produced the soundtracks/scores for both Kill Bill I and II.....he's a musical genius

2358 days ago


You guy's are stupid. RZA and Tarentino have been friends for years. RZA even helped out on the soundtrack to KILL BILL.

2358 days ago


He does the scores for Quentins movies. They've been friends for a long time.

2358 days ago

big whoop    


They have been hanging since 2003, not so "random" - I'm guessing the 16 year olds you've got writing for you were probably in bed by 9pm back then when they both rocked the red carpet at the MTV awards together...

and by the way, what's so RANDOM?? They are both in the industry, they both work on FILMS etc. Unless of course you are pointing out the OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE between the two which is funny because right now you are making a big old to do about nothing over Brand Davis' "racist" remark but in turn, by pointing THIS OUT you are doing the same damn thing...

It would have to be RANDOM for a White celeb to hang with a Black one???? Please explain :)

2358 days ago


umm duh they've been collaborating like the music in kill bill was wutang inspired

2358 days ago


These two have been friends for a LONG time. So surprised that TMZ found that so "shocking". You guys are EVERYWHERE and I'm surprised you just NOW saw them together!

2358 days ago


RZA did the music for the Kill Bill movies dumbasses. Some of the staff at TMZ needs to be fired for real.

2358 days ago


In a Playboy interview, and the Howard stern show, Tarentino admitted using ecstasy while filming Kill Bill.

The only films Tarentino has in the pipeline are "Inglorious Bastards" – a remake of the film “dirty dozen” and “Machete” a watered down version of “The Bourne Ultimatum”

The video shows Tarentino being managed by his personal drug pushers. I suspect his films are going to bomb. Tarentino appears to be addicted to ecstasy, whereby these 2 films are going bomb at the box-office.

2358 days ago


#11, how do you know that these are his personal drug pushers? Is that your assumption simply because they're black? Because it looks to me like he is just hanging out with his friend RZA (and i'm guessing RZA's driver and associate). Did QT say that he does extasy with RZA or are you just deciding to connect those dots yourself? Your comment was ignorant and probably reveals a lot about your view of minorities and your willingness to jump to conclusions.

2358 days ago

big whoop    

pie, you say "the only" films in the works and then you list THREE!!

This is a good thing considering how hard it is to get anything done in Hollywood these days - your priority's are all messed up sweetie.

and IF he was taking ex while Kill Bill was being filmed and it was HUGELY SUCCESSFUL how can you now base a probable FAILURE on those same terms??

What are YOU taking? lol it's got your mind twisted up something awful...

2358 days ago


Doesn't the TMZ staff have fact checkers? Seriously Rza has been producing music on QT's movies since forever. I think since Jackie Brown. Not to mention QT was raised by a black stepfather, so i seriously doubt Rza is losing street cred hanging out with him.

2358 days ago


Robert Diggs is like Goldie Hawn.

Goldie does not have a criminal record for possession, and or use of illegal drugs.

Ask Goldie's friends what drugs she does use.

2358 days ago


Do MORE RESEARCH!!! WOW!... These dudes have been friends for years and years. SOOOO FIRED!!! Morons.

2357 days ago

Pepper Murray    

HEY JACK A#@ # 10 QT HATES DRUGS and anything associated with DRUGS. He is a wonderful man who looks like all he wanted to do was go and hang with his friends. LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE TMZ!~ He has MOVIES TO CREATE!~

2357 days ago
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