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Faux "Entourage" Creator Preys on Chicks

4/8/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that there's a skeevy bastard out there who's pretending to be "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin to try to get into girls' pants -- and he's apparently gotten good enough that a note went out to agents and actors last month warning them against the skeezer.

One veteran manager tells TMZ that the fake Ellin called him back in 2006 wanting to meet a specific and very hot female client of his that very night for a role for the upcoming season of the show. "The guy knew more than enough about the show, and Mark Wahlberg, and particular members of the crew to convince me," says this manager. He also knew the name of Ellin's assistant, casting peeps and future storylines.

And when the not-Doug called prospective girls, it was all good for a while -- until he started talking about girl-on-girl sex.

We're told that he'd ask starlets if they'd be comfortable sleeping with another woman on camera, then whether they'd ever done that in real life -- and other very personal questions. A source says HBO hasn't tracked the guy down yet; the network had no comment.

We also tried to reach Ellin, but had no luck.

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2367 days ago


What #1? FIST? What is that? Hmm this guy is a pervert!!!!!!!!!!!

2367 days ago


UGH! Guys are so lame!!!

2367 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Now for something really important..Where is the American Idol song choice list for today TMZ???? Please Post!

2367 days ago

big whoop    

who else thinks it's a TMZ staffer? lol

2367 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

#4 Wow that was quick..Thanks TMZ!

2367 days ago

John in San Diego    

Good for him! Women in L.A. are out to use men to help get ahead in their acting careers, so why not let them feel used? The joke is on the bitches that fell for his act, lol!!!

2367 days ago


You know this guy is a Leykis fan. This is exactly what Tom tells his students to do. If a girl will sleep with a guy just because she thinks the guy will get her a role on TV, then she deserves to be lied to! Way to go Skeevy Bastard!

2367 days ago


Good for him. I hope he got to have some fun before people caught on. People gotta remember, the majority of women in LA are just horrible human beings. They wouldn't spit on you if you were dying of thirst, but they'll whore out for anyone who'll get them a part in a direct to video movie. So yes, guys, if you're not rich or super good looking and you want to hook up with a hot girl, do some homework and tell them you're a producer or a writer or director who's just sold the next big action movie.

2367 days ago


Its 4:15PM on Tuesday afternoon and on 97.1fm My dad is talking about this right now. And i agree with Tom Lykis, bitches who fell for this skeem....Good, makes me very happy....scanky whores...

2367 days ago


The girls did NOT sleep with him. They never met him - read the story! The girls weren't trying to sleep with him to get a role. They were being interviewed over the phone by who they thought was the real Doug Ellin (AND whom their managers told them it was Doug Ellin before they were called to be interviewed). Don't blame the girls.... This guy is a complete PERV!!!!

2367 days ago


OH MY GOD!! That is the guy that scammed me!!

No joke, a few years ago when I was trying to become an actress, I got a call from a guy who claimed to be the creator of Entourage. I was younger and obviously very naive. He said he was interested in me playing some kind of role as an Avril Lavigne type character and he said the part would contain nudity, which I said I was semi okay with. Then his questions got personal... He asked me to describe what I looked like without my clothes on, whether I'm shaved/waxed down there, what my breasts looked like. God, I was so stupid, I actually told him everything.

I remember him telling me that his girlfriend was Adriana Lima and I had no idea who she was. He explained that she's a Victoria's Secret model and then said that he would call me in a few days with a time for me to come in and audition. Obviously the call never came. He told me his "name" and I wrote it down but when I called HBO about a week later and asked for the guy they said they had never heard of him. Needless to say, I learned my lesson: I'm a nurse now.

2367 days ago

who dat    

" You know this guy is a Leykis fan" Oh please, have seen leykis, has a face for radio. His body looks like jabba the hut. No woman would F him, no matter how drunk and horny they were.

2367 days ago


Wow! This is SOOO much like what some skeeze-balls did where I used to work. Before I quit I stuck-up some video of a couple of their casting sessions. Insane (and wait till you see what the second girl does!): Srsly Cra-zazy!

2367 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Oh man that's lame. Telling them you are President of the United States works MUCH better! Oh hell, there was this one chick who let me put my cigar up her snatch!

2366 days ago
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