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"Idols" Will Inspire ... Mass Nausea!

4/8/2008 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tonight the "American Idol" karaoke all-stars will be trying their best to not massacre the songs that inspire them. TMZ moles have once again uncovered the tunes responsible for motivating the wannabes all the way to Hollywood and to your TV screens. Hold these accountable -- not us!


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Castro and Archuleta? Nice job. Michael Johns' choice? He's not Tyler. Syesha? After last week, you think she would have figured this out...don't pick someone that they'll immediately say, "You're not her." Duh. Carly Smithson? Ugh....what was she thinking? And that last one? Simon got it right....we're just going to snooooooooooze out of here .

2397 days ago


Honest Kristy bashers have to admit her performance tonight was at least in the top 4. Hope to see her again next week.

2397 days ago


love david cook!!

2397 days ago


Okay forget the contestants what the hell was up with Paulas outfit??? Don't these shows have stylist? That boustier top could NOT have been any tighter and it looked like her little tiny boobs were totally squooshing out the top! Totally disgusting!

2397 days ago


I have to say, hands down this is the worst year.

Last year wasn't great, but I had at least 2 favorites that kept me watching, and the pre-show auditions were funnier. This year it was depressing. And I'm talking minus the sad "My dad just died the day I had to euthanise my cat" stories.

Its all just depressing. The auditions weren't as funny, a lot of the contestants were depessing and brought everyone down, the top contestants have the most attitude this year, and I'm not talking Self Confidence, I'm talking diva-tude... Randy is too down, Simon is too nice and Paula isn't as funny wacked out as she usually is.

When that one deer in the headlights blonde girl made it through yet again, I stopped watching. This is the first time since season 1, I have missed the show several weeks in a row now.

They need to do something to spice next year up, or the next season could be their last.

As for fantasia... I still don't understand the hubbub about her. I never really thought she was that good. I never hear her on the radio... and if she has been played, then I was giving another singer credit for her song... and that's not a good thing for an artist.

2397 days ago


I love David Cook, but Michael Johns rocked it tonight tho!

2397 days ago


I love David Cook, but Michael Johns rocked it tonight tho!

2397 days ago


I think if three of these contestants have had recording contracts in the past, they should be excluded from the contest. Give the "average joe" the chance to make something of themselves. What about the girl who was a single Mom and had a child with learning disabilities? SHE WAS GOOD! She should have made it, in place of these three who have HAD the chance!!!

2397 days ago


KK I agree with the James Taylor song. He IS the only one who can truly do it justice and she didn't...'nuff said!!

2397 days ago


I agree with Mayu...this season is not like the's BORING!!!!! There is noone who stands out that anybody can root's a very dull season. As far as the judges saying its the best yet...well, of course, thats what they get paid for!!

2397 days ago

red head /not dead    

very dull season there getting worse when they should be getting better david cook i like though and carly

2397 days ago


Did anyone else notice that when the clips of all the contestants were shown at the end of the show, the audience was doing their goofy little "clap along" with Jason's Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but during the live perfornance that we all saw, the audience didn't clap along? The producers obviously talked to the audience in between the preshow rehearsal and the live telecast.

Too bad they couldn't do anything to stop Sayesha from butchering another song.

2397 days ago

Dave the pig    

Tonight's best were David Archuleta, Jason Castro and Kristy Lee Cook. They all chose great songs and gave amazing performances!

2397 days ago

Give The Irish Girl A Break    

You know, I don't know why the judges were so harsh on Carly...I thought she did pretty good. I "felt it" as Randy would say. was nice to see David Cook brought down a peg. Bout darn time "Creed Boy".

2397 days ago


David A - As a Brit I protest that you even think you are that good to try to sing Angels - Its time this little pop prima donna
knew his limits

2397 days ago
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