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Janice Dickinson -- Seven Years Bad Luck

4/8/2008 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janice DickinsonThe lawyer and one-time friend who negotiated three of Janice Dickinson's book deals is still waiting to get paid by the Jurassic catwalker -- and he's been waiting for almost seven years!

The self-proclaimed world's first supermodel and reality show crazy person allegedly owes her lawyer John K. Pierson nearly $20,000 - and if she doesn't pay up - he's going after her ass(ets).

TMZ spoke with Pierson who says he initially gave the super enhanced model the option to pay him a percentage of her book advances and royalties in lump sums. She agreed, but then pled poor. Since they were friends, Pierson says he let it slide, several times. He also claims he gave her money to pay her rent and buy groceries. WTF?

Pierson says Dickinson would pay him sporadically, but eventually stopped altogether. "It's just Janice being Janice," Pierson says.

Pierson filed suit about a year and a half ago and the stipulated judgment is now being turned into a formal judgment, which means Pierson could come after her via her bank accounts, royalties, and personal properties. She better hide that eye cream and fake tanner.

Janice's lawyer (the one defending her) had no comment.


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Gack. Janice should retire from public life and be shot into space to orbit the moon. As in barking moonbat.

2387 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

She has plenty of money for cosmetic surgery and botox.

2387 days ago


Janass should do volunteer social work for the citizens of Baghdad, Iraq. I know they would just love her to pieces!!.....wasn't she a "tent lady" for Saddam, so many years ago?

2387 days ago

Tyra Banks    

Janice is a tired, OLD, jealous biiitch.

2387 days ago

John in San Diego    

The old cow needs to stop wasting her money on booze and drugs, and start paying her debts.

2387 days ago

Vicki in Canada    

She is a god awful mess and should really learn how to fade into black!

2387 days ago


Hey, i like this crazy bitch! ;-)

2387 days ago


This guy was FRIENDS with Janice and he actually believed a book about her life would SELL? What an IDIOT... he deserved to get stiffed! moron... She is a washed up blow hole, that is more full of herself that say... Shauna Sands or Mary Carey... LORD the things people won't do. I can believe she is in the poor house - what are people going to PAY HER FOR anyway? Her expertise? She sucked on ANTM, which is why she is no longer with them... not to mention she couldn't STAND another person being more beautiful and successful than her... GOOD LUCK Janice... time is OVER

2387 days ago


Janice doesn't know how to be a friend. Tyra brought her into the lime-light, cuz nobody had heard of her before that, and then she dogs Tyra on national television calling her fat. I guess it's better to be fat then old, ugly, washed up and sued......

2387 days ago


Janice is Great, she knows all the ups and downs that a person can experience. She trys to help others!
She doesn't deserve the crap written and.... P.S. everyone ages, we should be so lucky to age like Janice......she is a great soul and has a wonderful, fun, I say everyone else is jealous that Janice speaks her mind and it is her right! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!
You know the old saying.....God Press, Bad WORKS!

2387 days ago

Los Angeles    

I believe it!!! I was at a book signing of her's at Book Soup on Sunset a couple years ago and she got served! This big process server just walked right up to her while she was in mid speech - handed her papers - and walked out. Janice went nuts! It was classic.

2387 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Janice was a top model, haute couture or otherwise, and frequented top salons in Europe and elsewhere as well as international shoots and moneyed affairs for all of those years, why does she constantly behave like a common fish wife?
Why did none of that class, diplomacy and elegance she must have encountered in her many purported top circles during her 'top model' career actually sink in and influence the way she presents to the world? Perhaps she's a bit slow, and didn't pick up on the way others dealt with things, or she simply mugs for the camera intentionally now as it's a reality freak show world. I have yet to see the classy Janice. It must exist somewhere. Maybe. A supermodel would pay her bills. She probably doesn't have it, or is simply doing the Hollywood invoice wriggle.

2386 days ago

emma hebenton    

look people just leave her alone she has never done anything to harm you or anything for that matter
she is just a normal person like you and me are except she is the worlds first super model but still that
doesnt matter she is just a humanbeing like you an me so back off an leave her alone because she is
a very hot hip gorgous person adn if you could relise what she went through as a child you would respect
her more like i do so sit down and read her books and you will relise how much pain she had to keep locked
inside her from when she was really just respect her like i do....

love you janice


by emma hebenton

age 13

2374 days ago

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