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Spice Baby Makes Pap Her Bitch

4/8/2008 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When babies drop other people's crap, it's the mom's duty to pick it up, right?

Yeah, someone should teach Geri Halliwell that lesson.


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What people dont think about is that the paper is dangerously close to the paparazzi.If i were with my child I wouldn't have gotten that close either.

2359 days ago

Area 51    

This could be the weakest 'story' in TMZ history.

2397 days ago


Stop using profanity with a child..

2397 days ago


As you can see she had her hands full. When i'm holding my child and they drop something someone is usually nice enough to pick it up for me.

2397 days ago


This site sure likes to use the word bitch alot.

2397 days ago


children should be left out of the tabloids all together, fine.. bother the celebs non stop, but it's not fair to the children. They should have a chance to have a normal life. Also, the profanity in the title is uncalled for.
Let me guess, some dumb pap is complaining about doing something that is actually useful?! I have a small child too, when your hands are full it's hard to grab something off the ground. I've had nice people lend me a hand too.... it's called being nice to each other.
That little girl is adorable by the way

2397 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Parents are supposed to be responsible and if their spoiled brat dumps stuff then the parent should pick it up. So what if it's "hard to grab something off the ground". You spawned the creature - clean up after it! Don't use "poor me" excuses to trash the world.

And you breeders that put your stinky diapered toddlers on counters and tables should be shot. No telling where that kid's been sitting (besides on the filthy floor) The world doesn't exist for you alone.

2397 days ago


#7 Lucy--You sound so bitter and miserable in your life. Just because Geri is pretty, financially well off and happy in her life is no reason to be so jealous and hateful. Nothing in that child's diaper could be more offensive than the crap spewing out of your mouth!

2397 days ago


i agree w/interpid.....
i dont let my child sit on the floor and abviosly neither does she you did see she was carrying her most of the time

her bottom is much cleaner than your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2397 days ago

Area 51    

Actually, although Lucy was a bit crass in her tone, I agree with her basic point. Quite often infants are noisy, smelly, and messy. Not everyone is enraptured by such 'cuteness'.

2397 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Not referring to whatever is in this baby's diaper, but this is a load of crap. First, you tease us with a story that implies a self-absorbed celebrity is not responsibly caring for her daughter and taking liberties because she is a celebrity. Then you provide a long video that one has to watch to find the crime that comes only in the last couple of seconds of the video. Otherwise, it is simply a long video of a woman trying to get through an airport with a baby. So we watch that whole boring thing, only to find at the end that the baby drops the leaflet she has in her hand. The person videoing this immediately goes to pick up the item, and the mother really doesn't even have time to react, whether she notices or not. When I was carrying babies in my arms and things dropped, kind people always helped me by picking the item up for me, as I now do for other people. I don't notice this lady seems to have any expectation of entitlement here, the item is picked up by the helper as soon as it is dropped. It was a simple act of kindness that happens millions of times a day by regular people. Now, if you guys saw something else, I must be watching a different video. You people at TMZ are really ridiculous, and I continue my assertion that as soon as someone else offers what you offer (and that will happen very soon), TMZ, like so many former stars that you make fun of, will have ITS 15 minutes up and will be a has-been. I look forward to that day.

2397 days ago


What? You just taped a poor tired baby and her mom trying to get out of an airport. She was trying to ignore you! Lame, lame, lame story. Cute baby,

2397 days ago


That baby is adorable and TMZ is still picking on kids, mamas and the elderly. I would be hard put to find a classier bunch.

2397 days ago


i don't like when people set babies on counter tops or change their diapers on chairs that people are going to sit on other people are going to use that counter besides you and not all people find everthing a small child does as cute and it dosen't mean that they are hateful or uncaring.

2397 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

"Just because Geri is pretty, financially well off and happy in her life is no reason to be so jealous and hateful"

I'm not jealous of some baby maker. I don't care who she is, what she makes, or how she looks. I was commenting on how breeders expect everyone else to help them care for their litters. I've seen the same carelessness in restaurants, malls and on the streets. Dirty diapers, juice boxes, kids slinging snot while sneezing, it's not cute. I'm just sayin' don't expect everyone to care about your rug-rat.

2397 days ago
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