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Archuleta Saw "Angels" Way Before Idol

4/9/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta made it seem like he just found the song "Angels" for his performance last night -- shame, shame, everybody knows your name -- it's been in his repertoire for years!

Check out a pre-"Idol" David singing (and perfecting) the Robbie Williams song back in 2005. This isn't the first time he's pulled out one of his old standards either -- he did the same thing with "Imagine."


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This is news? This video has been on YouTube for ages. Get over it. Go chase some celebutantes TMZ.

2388 days ago


At least he is not singing the same song over and over on the program, like Kristy Lee Cook with Amazing Grace.

2388 days ago

KR Love    

It's kinda hard to turn it off when he's on the show I'm watching...FYI...I do mute the tv now. Saves me the frustration.

2388 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    


2388 days ago

Carol P    

Listen to the haters ,,,, he doesn't have to be so sweet, peaches and cream blah blah blah. You people scare me when you trash someone for being nice? I guess you didn't do enough bullying in school or maybe you were the one that got picked on for all the zits on your face and now it's your turn to give it back.

David in my opinion appears to be nice young man that hasn't been jaded or brought down yet. Maybe if he becomes a drug addict or a womanizer you'll relate better

2388 days ago

Carol P    

NTL maybe your only happy when your complaining

2388 days ago


TMZ needs to not waste their time on stupid stories like this... Go write ANOTHER story about Britney or something!

2388 days ago


David has everyone in a spell like Obama, he looks good and sounds good but is he the best talent of the group No !!!

2388 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

This kid is either stupid or a liar. He started the season, all the way back during auditions saying...ooohhhh people really think I'm a good singer? I thought they just said that because I'm a kid" hhhhhhmmmmm is that what winning star search means? Is that why your daddy brought you to the very first AI auditions and you stood there in the hotel lobby singing to the contestants? Is that what being invited to another country to sing means? NOTE: He never mentioned about his early singing career until further in the competition, after giving the entire country the old gee golly I'm good? look. GET OVER YOURSELF DAVID or is it your daddy? He's a good singer but he's just a little boy trying to get away from his controlling father. He's been acting like he's so unaware of his talent and that makes him too young and naive for this competition. He thinks he's fooling everyone, every week. If he keeps relying on his father to pick his songs and tell him how to dress, he will end up like some of the other "Idols". The little girls who vote for him will tire of him quickly when all of his sound is the same, as it has this entire competition. Go sing for Disney David, you will always have a fan base.

2388 days ago

Thailand Supporter    

There is nothing wrong to do a song that he sang before. This is a competition where the audience choose and cast their votes.

If you do not like him, don't vote for him and don't watch the programme. Those that think the American Idols programme owe them a living, you are wrong! There are many others who like the programme and also like David Archuleta. ( As well as other contestants. )

All the contestants got what it takes to be where they are today. So let them be themselves and the winner will be born real soon!

2388 days ago


Geez Carol...

Seems like you're ever the judge of people too. Calling people haters, womanizers, drug addicts, pimple faced, bullies... What you're calling people on this board is worse than anyone has said of David. Way worse.

2388 days ago


At no point on American Idol last night did Archuleta say he just found this song, just heard this song or just learned this song. He said he was "thinking of a few songs" and had "trouble" choosing one. He said he was thinking about it and when he "got to" Angels, he realized it was the perfect song. Why are you making it seem like the kid is a liar? He is so talented and so adorable... and so likeable... you just can't find anything legitimately wrong with him, Leave him alone.

2388 days ago


D.A. is A.I. alright...."Artificial Intelligence", "Annoying Ingrate" and "Aguilera Impersonator." Overrated, fake and a Mormon closet-case to boot. If this is America's idea of an American Idol I'll turn my attention elsewhere.

2388 days ago


Seriously this kid is WAYYY to overrated I mean c'mon wow so the kid has a good voice so do millions of people around the world big deal he is a dime in a dozen the only thing he is good for is singing ballads which bore me to death!!! I Am sick of his stupid little smile and his dumb wave everytime the girls scream his name he says the freakin same lines every week "Ohhh thank you!! thank you very much! Ohhh" like he is so shocked when the judges say they liked his performance he is no where near as talented as David Cook who is my favorite contestant this season I would love to see a David Cook and Michael Johns finale this year but sadly I fear this kid will win the competiion with the majority of voters being immature stupid tween girls who think this ugly monkey faced kid is cute! David Archuleta just needs to go away he brings nothing new at all to the show and is very annoying!!! DAVID COOK TO WIN IT ALL!!!!! no more crackly huge stupid inhales lol!

2388 days ago


So what. Every idol wanna be on the show SHOULD HAVE "a repretory of songs" that they enjoy singing. It seems that no matter what a person does there will be someone standing by to try to knock them down and discredit them, David is a wonderfully talented young man. You got a problem with that?? If so then you REALLY need to ask yourself what your shortcomings are that make you want to highlight what everyone else does. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!

2388 days ago
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