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Archuleta Saw "Angels" Way Before Idol

4/9/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta made it seem like he just found the song "Angels" for his performance last night -- shame, shame, everybody knows your name -- it's been in his repertoire for years!

Check out a pre-"Idol" David singing (and perfecting) the Robbie Williams song back in 2005. This isn't the first time he's pulled out one of his old standards either -- he did the same thing with "Imagine."


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For all you haters, we all have differing musical taste. Why don't you leave it at that and put more of your energy towards supporting your favorite? I don't go around bashing the others, even though they are not my taste. They're all great and have their own fan bases for a reason. If you're mature you'll see that and leave the negativity in your head.

2355 days ago


If anything, THANK YOU to TMZ for showing the world this awesome video. His fans have enjoyed it so much the last few months, and FOR SURE he'll be gaining a lot more fans when the world gets to see it, thanks to the David Archuleta lovers over at TMZ!! Good job!

2355 days ago


Maybe if I got on American Idol and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, everybody would be as snowed over me as they are about David????

2355 days ago


And I'm sure last night was the first night Cook ever performed Innocent, right? Since that's his favorite band? Come on. You guys are so naive. Carly sang Come Together earlier this season. She said she sings that EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT at the bar she works at. All these contestants if given the chance are choosing songs they've sung before. Wouldn't you? This story is a complete misrepresentation of what David said on the show last night. And it is trying to create controversy where there is none. Not that I had any respect for TMZ before, but this just shows how shallow you guys are in what you do. Your logic doesn't even compute. Shame on you guys. If you're going to "create" a story, at least look at all angles. You seriously dropped the ball on this one. What a bunch of hacks.

2355 days ago


Yvie: He made it appear as though he'd just come across the song. If it was such a huge, inspirational song to him, why'd he have to "come across it" to have it jog his memory? He was well aware of the dramatic impression he left. That said, I couldn't care less if he sang it before. Pffffffffft. Makes no difference to me.

Carol P: Geeeeeeeeeeeez. Settle down, girl! LMAO! Admit it: You're Archuletta's aunt or something, aren't you.

2355 days ago


Reality Check: David A. is 17 years old. He hasn't been in a concert performance situation like David C, Micheal, and Carly. He is from Utah, where singing for church and school groups is the most usual venue for amateurs, and a ballad is a popular choice. (I lived there for 5 years.) He is required to spend four hours a day doing school work, so he has 20 less hours a week than the others. Past competitors say the high school kids work the hardest and he is a straight A students, so he probably is taking the schooling seriously. He loves the ballad type of music. Why not stick with it? This isn't a talent show. This is a popularity contest and the challenge is to get votes on your own and pick up the votes of others. So you take some risks and not others. David isn't going to take a chance signing a song he doesn't know. Last time he did that, he muffed up the lyrics. People had a field day with that. For the record, I would like to see more range. I'm getting bored with ballads. But this contest is David's to lose. He should play it safe. I'm also getting bored with the others. I am longing for Chikezie. He was interesting. But David needs to worry about winning and he probably will if his ballad-loving fan base stays. What will his future be? Well with record deals, he has all the time in the world to get the song right, sing new songs and styles, and rehearse his performance. If he does a video and screws up, they just do another take. If he goes on stage, then he still rehearses the show as long as he wants. But one thing David has is an amazing sound to his voice, and if this contest is about who you want to win a record contract, because you want to hear the person's voice on a CD, then he has a great voice to use. If you don't like his song choice, don't buy his album. But TMZ seems to be trashing David for the entertainment value of trashing someone. That's not entertainment. That's being an adult thug...picking on a high school kid...and being loose with the facts while doing it. That's just old-fashioned lying.

2355 days ago


This is another lame attempt by TMZ to stir stuff where it's not there. Do you think last night was the first night Cook ever performed Innocent? OLP is his favorite band! Or when Carly performed Come Together? She performs that song every Saturday night where she works! This story is irrelevant and trashy. And it completely misreprents what David said on the show last night. You guys are just looking for anything. And TMZ is nothing but a bunch of hacks who probably couldn't even get a college degree which explains why they work for this trash mag. Shame on you guys. And shame on the posters for not thinking about this story from all angles. If you point the finger at David for this, then you better point it at your own contestant. THEY all choose songs they know much of the time.

2355 days ago


This is a very STUPID post. Do you believe ALL the contestants are singing ALL their choices for the first time? HE DID NOT SAY OR PRETEND THAT HE IS SINGING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. All he is saying is that he had a hard time selecting the RIGHT song for the inspiration week, as there were several he thought would fit to be 'inspiring'. At least, he knew the meaning of the word inspiring and to choose an appropriate song unlike several others...
Anyway, it is time for you to stop hounding the good people and go do your stories on someone else....

2355 days ago


He IS an angel...

2355 days ago


Robbie Williams sang this song origanally....I love this song by him and David did a good job also!!!

2355 days ago


Virginia5, Agree with your comments. Thanks to TMZ we can now see, how David Archuleta has changed his 'repertoire' from the one he did about 2 years back, and his talent shows through in not just singing beautifully with emotion doing all the high runs, but also that he is playing the piano (it was not there in this previous perf video, was it TMZ?).

2355 days ago


REALLY? I didn’t know he sang the song before!!! Do you think people are stupid?
TMZ should get awarded with this HUGE DISCOVERY. Don’t you have any shame? I suppose not. All you have is jealousy and emptiness. Leave the boy alone, nobody‘s forcing you to listen to his music, if you don’t like him change the channel when he‘s singing.

2355 days ago


Man you guys are really reaching with this one. He clearly NEVER even implied that he had just FOUND the song - he said he had a few to choose from. Plus you know perfectly well the show makes them do all that for the clip - he probably planned on singing it for months. And all his real fans have seen those videos a thousand times, so why don't you try to find a REAL story somewhere. You know there is just no dirt on the kid so you have to try to make it up. Shame shame shame on YOU.

2355 days ago


put all the cookies you want must have learn about David singing this song beforer because it shows it on youtube you not smart enough to find it yourself TMZ...

2355 days ago


Too bad Robbie Williams couldn't have gotten a little exposure by them mentioning his name as the original singer (or did they and I missed it?) Please correct me if I am wrong. Everyone else got a nod they all said this is a Queen song, or a Carol King song, etc. Someone really does not want Robbie to get any American exposure. Strange. I bet if it was a Justin Timberlake song they would have mentioned it.

2355 days ago
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