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Artie Lange to Howard: I Know How to Quit You?

4/11/2008 12:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange stormed off the "Howard Stern Show" today, causing pangs of anxiety throughout Howard's loyal legions of fans that the bloated comic indeed put a fork in himself and would not be coming back.
Arite quits Stern?

The drama started when Artie and his assistant, Teddy, were heard fighting in the hallway. Howard later brought it up on air, causing Artie to lose his damn mind and at one point lunge at the assistant.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ that both the fight and the situation are definitely real. As for Artie never coming back -- we're not so sure.


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Harvey called into Sterns show a few weeks ago to appoligize because Stern didn't want to acknowledge one of the ex-con photogs harrassing him. I guess Harvey doesn't want Stern talking about him and his gay lover everyday on his show.

2205 days ago

Lenn K.    

I never thought he was funny and being known for being on the Howard Stern show is really all he has. Sounds like a troubled man that might be going over the edge.

2205 days ago


Lots of bloated, substance addicted comedians who can take his place...Eddie Brill ... Jimmy Shubert ... just two good examples.

2205 days ago

happy holiday season    

Artie to stern is like a condom to John Holmes, it doesn't quite fit but it is there if you need it. This guy should be in everybodys
ghoul pool list because he is definitely on borrowed time. We could win the war in Iraq if he went and entertained the taliban
and insurgents. They would probably disband and run for the hills if he had an encore. The only thing I think I would watch
him in is if he did a sitcom similar to three's company except the stars would be artie, Roseanne, and Rosie O'donnell. I can
only hope.

2205 days ago

fading fan    

This is just another genius move by howard to keep the fans on the edge of their seat while they are off for yet another "break". its amazing how many breaks are needed by people who work 5 hours days, 4 days a week. so tough. waaaaaaaaa!

2205 days ago

Anthony G.    

Artie is an out of control bully. And the worse part is he implies that all italian Americans are like him. Guess what Fat dirt bag, I'm an Italian American and I am not a fat bully, drug addict loser. And your only half italian wannabe!! Homophobe - dirt bag.

2205 days ago

fading fan    

I think Artie needs to go back and work on the docks for a few months so that he remembers where he came from and what it's like to work a "real job". he has a false sense of success. he's almost like eric the midget because he doesn't realize that most of his success is derived from his popularity on the howard stern show. and if he does realize it, he better start thinkin' about it. No income, No beach house. waaaa

2205 days ago

HD Radio Fan    

Wasn't this the same guy that gloated about losing all that weight on Trim Spa? What happened?

2205 days ago


This is very sad news. Artie is definitely an overweight, heroin addicted time bomb ready to explode. Is everyone else on the show so blind not to see him sweating profusely, calling in sick, easily irritated, thequick aggressive anger towards many and sleeping on the job within 30 seconds of being in conversation???? Come on people.
BUT...Artie should play this to his and Howard's advantage and pull the most amazing thing NO OTHER ACTOR HAS EVER DONE. That would be COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD. If the recent news item I read were correct, both Artie and Teddy are on their way to Amsterdam, albeit on separate planes. Keep spreading that news so people feel somewhat relieved. While in Amsterdam, Artie should fake his death (not so hard to do as it already happened in Vegas), have rumors spread it all over news late during their vacation, take on his dream of living in the hills of Italy for a couple of months (Godfather-style) and come back at the end of the year before the annual subscriptions end.
Hopefully Howard and/or Beth are reading these comments during this vacation rather than watching Dancing with the Faygs. Try talking Artie into pulling this off and not only will it save Artie's life and mental well being, but earn you the true title of King of All Media.
Artie likes money and is very generous with it. You should follow his lead. Pay him a BIG PORTION of your $500 million, so he doesn't tour so much and kill himself. He is the reason a few million of us listeners got satellite radio to begin with and I am sure that a few million will cancel at the end of their subscriptions, as I am myself.
Face it Howard, you have become pretty soft in the past few years and without Artie, or the writing of Richard, Sal and yes Benjy your done. Read the above comments. Get back to the old Howard, DATE BETH, DON'T GET MARRIED, and get back in touch with your listeners adolescent side.You should stay young by keeping us young. None of us are interested in Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and those other chick shows. Grow some balls and you'll have the listeners you used to.
Thanks and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

2205 days ago


i see you fixed it from morons to fans......jerkoffs

2205 days ago

Money Monkey    

publicity stunt and TMZ fell for it.

2205 days ago


Whoo...Whoo...I invented the self-important sidekick!
Tell 'em Fred! Linger Longer!

2205 days ago


Artie is a jerk, his father was full of excuses, and was once busted for conterfeit charges, then commited suicide. Artie treats people like garbage, is racist, and hates blacks, gays, and mexicans. In the end the STD carrying fat man just turned into a pathetic whiny bully who like his father was filled with a million excuses. Then fell asleep on Wednesday during the stern show. I can't wait for his replacement.

2205 days ago


Howard enough is enough no more Artie. As much compassion I have for him your setting the show up for that one day he is officially done with life. We all are expecting it sooner than later. He needs help and he has a F.U. to life additude. No more I can't take looking at him any more because he don't show his fans he is trying. Lets move on please. I love you Artie but grow up be responsible take care of you now, there is a good soul in you.

2205 days ago

The Central Scrutinizer    

Here's a theory:

I think Artie is only going to Amsterdam to do Heroin. That's why he told the other guys that he didn't want to hang out with them. And he probably started a fight with Teddy because he knows that Teddy is going to discover Artie wasted on Heroin, so he lashed out to keep him away, because he's having a hard time dealing with it. Plus, Artie may be stressed out about the thought and anticipation of his euro-heroin trip. He's was probably on Subutex today.

Hope he doesn't overdose this weekend! But if he does, I called it!

2205 days ago
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