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Tim Conway: Third Time's a Charm?

4/10/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everybody knows Hollywood death come in threes -- and Charlton Heston's passing should be leaving some old-timers nervous.

But did it put bad juju out there to ask Tim Conway, 74, if he worries about being the next to bite it? Probably.


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WHAT? What a stupid question. and your timing is even worse!

2284 days ago


Someone told me the history behind the phrase "three time's a charm. In WW I if some soldiers lit cigarettes and used 1 cigarette to light the others ones, one at a time, if there was a sniper, by the thirdl lit cigarette, the enemy sniper would have a bead on the light. If your threesome lived through the third lit cigarette, it meant there was no sniper and you could grab a few moments and relax and enjoy your cigarette.

2284 days ago


Get a is sad when rudeness is the norm. The Carrol Burnett Show was the best. My fondest memories of my dad is when our family watched the show and laughed all the way through it. We loved Mrs Wiggens!! Some respect for those who are greiving and children would be appreciated. There is plenty of other stuff out there if you would just look.

2283 days ago


What an assinine question............"Thing's happening in 3's, does that worry someone like YOU"? Some of these papz have no CLASS. If Tim Coway would have been justified if he had knocked the hell out of him.

I love Tim Conway.............miss the Carol Burnett Show!

2333 days ago


Oh, very nice. I hear California is soon going to be declaring open season on paps. Can't be too soon to suit me.

2333 days ago

Mary Worth    

Death did come in threes, rtecently. The three were: Richard Widmark, Jules Dassin and Charlton Heston.

2333 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Can the death of paps come in tens?

2333 days ago


TMZ is just chock full if idiots...

2333 days ago


"“Death did come in threes, rtecently. The three were: Richard Widmark, Jules Dassin and Charlton Heston."

Dude go drink a bottle of draino for mankind. How pretentious, "Jules Dassin." Just for the sake of argument, lets say when you are over 95, you just pass, unless you're like Nicholson or Brando. You know the memorium at the Oscars?? Usually about 5% of those people are even considered a "2 or 3." I hope you were kidding.

2333 days ago


Seriously TMZ how rude and ill mannered can you be? That Pap should be reprimanded. I have little old grandparents who I help care for and it would break my heart to think of someone being so rude and disrespectful as to walk up to them with a camera and ask them such a question. You people are soul-less and should be ashamed.

2333 days ago


Stay classy TMZ...It appears your sinking deep into crap up to your knees....can't you have an ounce of professionalism and respect. You make the National Inquirer and Perez Hilton look like a Pulitzer prize winners.

2333 days ago


ckd - I completely agree with you about the show. I guess bad taste is the 'in' thing right now. At least some of the comments on here ARE funny!

I just love Tim! He made McHale's Navy hysterically funny (as opposed to just plain funny), I remember that some time in the 70s he had his own variety show, and of course, his appearances on the Carol Burnett Show. I had the pleasure of seeing him and Harvey Korman in Vegas in 2001. Those two STILL have it!!!

2333 days ago


What a truly mean-spirited piece. We should think good thoughts.

2333 days ago


Okay......a totally unimportant piece of crap pap asks an old man a crude, tasteless and cruel question and TMZ displays it on here as though it's actual news, and now TMZ and the pap feel really important that they made a successful, harmless old man feel bad. The TMZ staff sounds like the kind of people who when their "career" finally goes down the tubes, will all be sitting in watchtowers.

2333 days ago


His son (Tim Jr.) has a radio show in LA on KLSX. The show use to be good until Brian Whitman left the show a few weeks ago. Now the show is boring!

2333 days ago
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