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Doogie to Brit

You Stunt My Growth!

4/11/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is popwrecka non grata on the CBS sitcom she just cameo'd on – at least according to one of its stars.

In exclusive interview with AP, Neil Patrick Harris says he doesn't want Spears back on "How I Met Your Mother" – nothing personal, he just doesn't think they need recovering celebuwackos on the show for cheap ratings' boosts. "I'm in the minority that our show does not need stunt casting in order to succeed," says Harris.

There were rumors that Spears might make another appearance on the show after her first one -- and producers have reportedly been receptive to the idea.

Rihanna: Cleverly Dumb

Inadvertently or not, like NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg, Rihanna also just confirmed the worst-kept secret in the celebuverse.

"I didn't know!" Rihanna told People at an event. "No one knew!" Knew what, exactly, Rihanna? Apparently she wasn't invited to the wedding or the party – maybe because it had been rumored that she and Jay had gotten together at one point, which both denied.

BeJay were in Houston last night – Beyonce's hometown – but no word yet if there was any confirmation of the nups.

Birkhead and Stern's Skirt-Chasing Thwarted

A tell-all book by Anna Nicole Smith's ex-dress designer has gotten the go-ahead for publishing after a judge ruled it's ok.

According to Gatecrasher, "Anna Nicole Smith –- Portrait of an Icon," written by Pol' Atteu and Patrik Simpson and published for a former H'wood madam, had been in the midst of a legal tussle after threats to sue over material in the book.

But a judge has given the book the green light, saying that Atteu has the right to publish.

Party Favors: New OJ Heist Witness Emerges ... Remy Ma Needs Burned Matches to Make Her Wedding Pretty ... VH1 Births New Pseudoceleb Trainwrecks

A limo driver who took a snap of OJ Simpson with Thomas Riccio in Vegas has been named as a witness in his armed robbery case. Lowell Katz says he met Simpson briefly the day of the robbery and took the pic in question. ... Convicted felon Remy Ma wants to get hitched in the big house, but she won't have the usual make-up to get pretty. So celeb make-up artist Ashunta Sheriff has some useful – and hilarious – tips for Rem, including using soot from burned matches for smoky eye shadow and cherry Kool-Aid from the cafeteria for blush. ... Does the world really need more potential popcrazies? Yes, it does. And VH1 obliges with the contestants of "Miss Rap Supreme," an MC-battle-cum-surreality show unfurling April 14.


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Save Brit from Herself!    

I'd rather watch Brit anyday than that milk toast Neil Patrick Harris - couldn't stand him as Doogie Howser either. It's only a matter of time before he crashes and burns and it all gets caught on tape by the paps (what goes around comes around).

2365 days ago


Doogie, STHU!

2365 days ago


If the above article is true, then Harris is absolutely correct. I believe Britney should not be back on the show. I didn't want her there in the first place. Her behavior should not be rewarded.

I find it hard to believe that you have ever watched the show. Without the Barney character, which is played by Harris, this show doesn't last one season. Barney is what makes that show work.

2365 days ago


Just what EVERYONE needs..............a tell all book about Anna Nicole. I'll pass!

Neil Patrick sounds a little jealous! Brit getting more attention than he is.

As long as Jay Z and Beyonce can milk the nuptuial thing, they will! They are getting PR that would cost millions, the press has been talking about them for the last week!

2365 days ago


It is so obvious that Neil Patrick Harris is threatened by Britney's presence on the set, he must be afraid that she is upstaging him. Get over yourself already Doogie, you're not all that!

2365 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

Did TMZ go into their archives and tried to find the most unflattering picture of Britney?

Why didn't they just use the promo shot for HIMYM?

What is their point?

- Pathetic!

2365 days ago


So I call the blog owner on his penchant for taking cheap sots at Britney at every opportunity a few minutes ago, an he immediately removes my post. Don't ever complain again about your 1at amendment priviledges when your paps get sidelined for violating people's privacy.

2365 days ago


I find this hard to believe because Harris himself said she is great to work with...

2365 days ago


He is just a almost washed up child star, I don't like him on the show, they need to replace his A** with Brit Brit.

2365 days ago


You know? Hollywood sure has changed. There was a day when in order to be a star you had to have something called "TALENT". Nowadays anyone willing to pimp out their lives is an instant celeb. They get their names in the mags and entertainment shows. Our children are idolizing spoiled, self-absorbed brats. It is a travesty. You've got the older sis Britney acting crazy, being a disgusting slut and you've got Jaime Lynn following in her sisters footsteps and getting knocked up. Also, it really sad that now Casey has allowed Jaime to trap him saying he is the father when in fact it could be any number of guys. Then there's shows like the OC and The Hills. OMG!! When is it going to end?

2365 days ago


number 10 You act as if this has just started, It's been going on for 25 years or more, we just didn't heard about it. Look around in your city and tell me how many under age girls running around having sex and baby's that the tax payers have to keep up and don't forget about the drug heads. At least Brit has her own money. How do you know Brit is slut, how many men have you been with?? sounds like you may be a bit jealous of Brit

2365 days ago


Thank you, sandykay. I sick of all the self righteous people!

2365 days ago

Funny Answers    

Seems that Neil Patrick Harris is a little upset that he is not the main attrection for one show. He has an ego, and to share the light with anyone is not who he is....grow up Doggie, your not all that. The program is good because of all six of you, not you and you alone. Let others in or the show will end. Have you not learned, group shows last longer than one person being the center of attention. Shame on you, your self serving will only harm you. Now shut you mouth.

2365 days ago


Mary, why must you assume I've never watched HIMYM (BTW you are incorrect) Stop behaving like an alabaster Saint.

2365 days ago

Patrick you're an idiot    

No. 10 you have issues The woman has been diagnosed as being bi-polar and was being over-medicated during her "crazy" stage, you read way to many "trash" magazines.

Try getting a life - look out your windows - there is more to life than your self-riteous outlook on celebrity lives.

2365 days ago
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