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Gayle: Oprah's No $ugar Mama!

4/11/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah definitely spoils BFF Gayle King -- but, according to Gayle, the big O ain't putting a new roof over her head.

Last month, TMZ confirmed that Oprah bought a killer $7.1 million Manhattan penthouse (and supposedly for Gayle) but King tells TMZ she's not relocating to the city anytime soon. And we've asked peeps at the building -- no sign of Gayle or O since then.

Oprah's LLC, Sophie's Penthouse, did purchase the pad though -- so who's moving in?


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omg...the sexy woman seems i have seen her,oh...remember her now, seems she is playing on tall dating site :" ",but she is not tall ,why???

omg...the sexy woman seems i have seen her,oh...remember her now, seems she is playing on tall dating site :" ___Tallmingle.com___ ",but she is not tall ,why???

2389 days ago


Dear Oprah, It seems the rumors of Gayle's move are just that... rumors. I realize this could leave you in quite a quandary about what to do with your new $7.1 million Manhattan penthouse. Being the kind, selfless person that I am... I am willing to move into your new NY penthouse so you won't have to worry about it being empty. I am better at keeping a place clean than it might appear, and I wouldn't run up a big Pay-Per-View bill. I could make do with a telescope on a tripod, if you get my meaning. I am mature enough to handle living there without paying rent, and I would never expect you to feed me... although I am open to any ideas you have. Just remember, you can count on me!
Signed, If-This-Ain't-Opportunity-Knockin'-I-Don't-Know-Is.

2389 days ago


If you ever had the displeasure of watching Gayle and Oprah's Road Trip you would readily see that Gayle earned every penny her "friend" has ever given her. Tough to believe the fact that she remained friends with Oprah Windbag after that. If you don't agree with me just find a way to watch all of the episodes. It doesn't paint a very good picture of your precious Oprah. Gayle, however, seems like a nice person. Too bad for her.

2389 days ago


Trust me people....Oprah's a lesbian. No doubt. One lesbian can always spot another. Stedman's a beard. Her "BFF" is also her lover.

Face it white-out-of-shape-hausfraus....Oprah's queer. She's queer and she's here.

2389 days ago


I agree # 11

2389 days ago


If I had a billion dollars, I would buy my friend a $7 million penthouse too--whether she was just a friend or my lover. Most people would do the same. For Pete's sake, it's less than 1% of her wealth.

In other words, what's the big story here TMZ?

2389 days ago


She's going there.... Maybe Nate has to go there first, people!!

2389 days ago


i'll move in!

2389 days ago


I'm just wondering when Oprah is going to come out of the closet and announce to the world that Gayle is her lesbian lover.

2389 days ago

calling it like i see it    

How about NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. She can buy whatever she wants for whomever she wants and it wouldn't be any of our business. Way to go TMZ another fine reporting job done by your team.

2389 days ago


If Oprah is so excepting and open, why won't she admit she is a lesbian? I mean we know if anyone else did the things she and Gail have done everyone would be outing them. Why does the media steer clear of this stuff with O? Is it because she could buy your company and fire your ass??? Yes I think O has gotten too rich. She supports Obama and what he stands for , so she should split all her wealth evenly with the rest of us who do not have more than one home,car,TV,maid and butler. Michelle Obama just said the ones with the pie need to share with the ones with no pie. Well I don't have as much pie as Oprah, so lets get to cutting Michelle. Or does Michelle just mean the middle class pie and not her rich friends?????
THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!!! A free country or a socialist one?

2389 days ago


Oprah & Gayle go WAY back.. Their friendship is nothing new. I also remember Gayle from Channel 3 news from Hartford, and she always had something GOOD to say about everyone; NOT just Oprah. Oprah is a pretty normal person, she's NOT high & mighty as people may think !!!!!! She made something of herself, and deserves ALL she has, and any more than she can get.. What amazes me the most, is that she NEVER forgets where she was, or where she could be.. Gotta love a person for that. She can relate to everyone of us,and she does....

2389 days ago

big whoop    

"Oprah's LLC, Sophie's Penthouse, did purchase the pad though -- so who's moving in?"

hahahahahahah broke bastards!

2389 days ago


Everyone knows Gayle is Oprah's FLUNKIE!!

2389 days ago


I listen to Oprah & Friends on XM on a daily basis, where Gayle has her own radio show. She's said herself that she's got her house in CT on the market (or is preparing to put it on the market, I don't recall) and has bought a place on the Upper WEST side of Manhattan.

2388 days ago
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