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Rob Lowe Ex-Nanny Wants to Clean Up

4/11/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the ex-employees making wild allegations against Rob Lowe and his wife has money on the brain.

Sources tell TMZ that Jessica Gibson, a former nanny of Lowe's who claims she had an affair with him, has lawyered up, and her mouthpiece has been in touch with Rob's peeps, demanding this and that -- in particular, money for OT, meals and vacation. We're told Lowe has already told her if he owes moolah, he'll gladly pay but it doesn't seem that's gonna make her go away.

And we're told the other two employees have lawyered up as well, so a fight is a-brewin'. There's also talk the three may consolidate with one lawyer, and you'll never guess who......

Lowe says he's the victim of an extortion plot and that the three employees have engaged in a variety of misdeeds -- including sex on his bed while he was gone.

BTdubs, we're told if this gets ugly, some of the people who have been "involved" with Gibson in the past are willing to talk, and it ain't pretty.


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Knowing his past excapades, and knowing he's got a hit show on TV, this piece of white trash posing as a nanny is out for the money and Gloria Alred will be hard pressed to prove otherwise. If she's done it to this employer, she's done it before. As for his being Jewish, you bigots need to grow up. There's nothing in this story about being a Jew and should not have been brought up in the first place.

2351 days ago


rob is a slime ball..he is a lying, low, evil lookin creep..His Mrs is a piece of work..what a weird place hollywood has become...he LOOKS nasty and EVIl..His wife must come from BIG Money..She is NO LOOKER..I think rob has a very tiny tiny insignifif penis ISHHHHH ISHY rob low

2351 days ago

Over It Already    

# 17 - AKA "Natlie Goldwasser"... you should check into your nearest mental health facility... we've got some issues there do we? 'His wife is No Looker'... I'd like to see your pic....

2351 days ago


I don't see that anyone in this mess will want a public airing.
Jessica Gibson will be thought of as immoral and unemployable for life.
That will cost.

Lowe did play the religion card. Dr. Laura has advice and you can ask her what works.
Like Lowe, she was a forerunner of the scandalous celebrity images. What works for her is to tell fans she was an atheist. That's it. Being an atheist before you go into the right religion. A sure fire moral remedy and good public relations.

I'm perplexed by the chef, who I've learned lives near me. He's not someone you'd think of as Lowe described. I think he's worked with Wolfgang Puck and has a distinguished career. That doesn't clear him of misdeeds, it does give pause. I admit, when reading the first accusations I thought they'd hired unruly adult children.

Whatever happens Lowe has destroyed the reputations of three once non-celebrity helpers.

2351 days ago


I live in Santa Barbara, and let me tell you....this man and his family have been a laughing stock since moving in. He been described as the worst of the worst of a combination of overinflated self-importance and nuevo riche. It is also legendary that he has moved here to try and be a bigger "star" in a smaller pond, if you know what I mean. He's apparently an even bigger laughing stock in LA.

All that has happened here is that he's made enemies at every turn with his ridiculous demands to be treated differently than every other person in town, after being here five minutes. I've never seen one family go through so many false accusations, lawsuits and problems with neighbors, staff and local businesspeople. It started even before he moved in. He's a troublemaker without a cause.....unless you consider vanity a cause.

In my opinion, it sounds like he and his wife are too stupid and classless to hire normal people and that some of both sides' versions are probably partially true. I also think that there's somehing really suspicious about a "celebrity" issuing a press release or granting an interview BEFORE a "scandal" breaks. Not to mention refusing help from the authorities. If he has nothing to hide, then he'd be a smarter man by not saying a thing and letting his lawyers sue these people. Methinks he doth protest too much (Note to Lowe: That's Shakespeare, baby.)

2350 days ago


Apparently the suit against Laura Boyce is a mistake. Don't see any retractions or apologies. If I was Boyce I'd file suit for slander and defamation of character! Lowe's preemptive strike was careless and reckless. The legal camp for Lowe is not well-informed. Can't wait for the court proceedings!

"Me thinks thou doth protest too much!," Shakespeare.

2348 days ago


I went to school with Jessica in Minnesota. This girl is a piece of work. She left 3 weeks after sleeping with my boyfriend to Santa Barbara where she continued to call him for the next 3 years on a regular basis. She is known as a vendictive, manuplitative slut in her home town. Don't fall for her stupid, poorly displayed victim act she doesn't deserve a dime.

2341 days ago
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